Following Meghan Markle’s personal assistant resignation, now her bodyguard quits as well, reports say

Things are not looking good for Duchess Meghan when it comes to her royal staff as it was recently known that another employee has resigned. This news arrives after a string of resignations from other members, so everybody is wondering whether there is something wrong in the relationship of the royal with the workers.

Being part of the royal staff seems to be anyone's ideal job; however, things are not always as they look, or at least that appears to be the case of Markle's bodyguard who decided to resign from her role after only six months. In this article, we're delving into this matter. 


It seems as resignations among the monarchy are a snowball, and it all started in 2018, the year of the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. One of the first ones to step back was Edward Lane Fox, who quit his post as Harry's right hand after 15 years.

And then we had Katrina McKeever, who was senior communication secretary until September. Later on, the world knew that Samantha Cohen, who had been working in the Royal Household for 17 years and is currently Meghan and Harry's private secretary, will soon be gone as Grazia reported.

However, Cosmopolitan explained that her position was intended to be temporary from the very beginning and that she will be leaving once the royal baby arrives. In fact, Cohen was supposed to resign last summer, but she stayed longer to help Meg. 


Although Samantha's departure doesn't seem to be that negative, we have Melissa Touabti's case, who is a 39-year-old French assistant who was hired as Meghan Markle's PA previous to her wedding last May. According to the Sun, she is a highly talented and professional woman who is fantastic at her job and who played an essential role in assuring the success of the royal nuptials last year. 

Melissa is not new at working with high-level people since she happily worked for Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Fields, for a long time. The singer and his spouse have close ties with the Royal Family as they are friends of Princess Eugenie and were even part of her nuptials' A-list last October. 

According to Grazia, although Kensington Palace has not commented anything on Melissa's departure, it did authorize a tribute to the personal assistant through a statement, something that is highly rare to do for employees. A source also told the media outlet that the Royal Household would miss her deeply. 


And as if four workers were not enough, news about a current departure recently broke up, and in this case, it is the Duchess' bodyguard. The female head of security, whose name has not been revealed for security matters, has decided to leave the post just after less than a year on it. 

Express reported that the officer, who is believed to hold the rank of inspector, might be leaving Scotland Yard, which is a metonym for the Metropolitan Police. The source also stated that the bodyguard's colleagues described her as brilliant and highly regarded in the force.


And this might be confirmed in her groundbreaking hiring as she is the first woman to hold the position. Express added that having a woman in charge of the team is something not common but preferential since these officers are by their principals 24/7. 

Moreover, Meghan is known to be an advocate in the promotion of women. According to News Australia, the unidentified officer replaced Sgt. Bill Renshaw, who had been Harry’s long-lasting head of security but retired after more than three decades in the force. 

Now, the new female was apparently working with Meghan and Harry on improving security at their new home in Windsor, on Frogmore estate. It is very likely that another woman will be appointed to take the bodyguard's place upon her departure. 


The blond officer gained some prominence on the Duke and the Duchess' tour around Fiji, Tonga, and Australia last October. As News Australia reported, the royal couple had arrived at a market in Suva, Fiji for a royal engagement.

However, the famous lovebirds had to leave abruptly due to an alleged security scare regarding crowd management. In some pictures, the head of security can be seen leaping into action to protect Harry and Meghan from a big crowd. 


The officer's departure is believed to be because of personal motives, according to what a source told People, but no official word has been commented on it. However, it seems that the reason is not any bad blood between them. "The Duchess is gutted — so the officer is also upset as she didn’t want to leave the team."

Daily Mail also completed this report with some other details from another source, affirming it is true the officer is leaving after her notice on Christmas but denying it is because of a feud. "It's for personal reasons and [has] absolutely nothing to do with the Duke or Duchess, who are hugely disappointed at losing her."

The source added that it was a real pity because she was a great addition to the crew and highly appreciated. However, it was a personal decision that hadn't been taken lightly. She was sad just like everyone else, so the news came as quite a blow. 


But The Sunday Times (via E! News) has total different reporting about the real reason of the blond officer's quitting. Allegedly, insiders affirm that Meghan Markle wants to be seen as "one of the people," and this desire has posed a challenge to her protection team. 

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Before entering the royal family, Meghan was a famous actress, but she could still go around freely and do what she pleased. Moreover, she was not used to having close protection from her first years, unlike the members who have grown up in the royal family. The source also told The Sunday Times: 

"But in her current role, she can’t go anywhere without her protection team, and that’s a massive constraining force on an individual like her."


The bodyguard's departure comes amidst rumors of feuds between Meghan and her staff. As for Melissa's case, it seemed that she was putting up with a lot. A Palace source told the Mirror that Melissa ended up in tears and explained that "her job was highly ­pressurised, and in the end, it became too much."

"She put up with quite a lot. Meghan put a lot of demands on her, and it ended up with her in tears." Daily Mail explained that Meg tended to have a 16-hour work day while she was shooting 'Suits' with impressive energy and work ethics. 

And now that she is a royal, her hectic agenda hasn't changed much. According to Daily Mail, Markle is an early riser who is up every day at 5:00 am. And right after opening her eyes, she starts bombarding the staff with emails and text messages riddled with new ideas and requests. 

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According to CheatSheet, the bride-to-be at that time was not easy to handle previous to the big day as she wanted everything to be perfect and had a sort of a "diva" attitude. However, royal commentator Omid Scobie has another story when he had a conversation with US Weekly

"I've gotten to know the people who Meghan has in her work world, and I've never heard a bad word said about Meghan. Everyone has a pleasurable experience working with her. They've really enjoyed her energy and personality. When you hear reports that she's demanding or a diva, it's hard to see where any of that comes from."

It seems that there are mixed opinions regarding Meghan Markle's relationship with staffers, but one thing is sure and that is she will have some new hiring processes soon. If you liked this article, share it with other fellow royal lovers, and don't forget to stay tuned for more articles about the royal family. 

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