25 People That Got Royally Screwed By Their Barbers

Many people go to the hairdresser to get a new look and start a new page in their lives. However, sometimes they don’t get the best haircuts. In this list, you will see unlucky people who couldn’t start well that new page on their life thanks to the horrible new look they got. 

1. Here you can see a perfect example of ‘Expectations vs. Reality’. The pictures from above were what this girl wanted, and the photos at the bottom show what she got instead.

2. This woman let her sister do her undercut, and she regretted later. Luckily, she had enough hair left to cover that mess. 

3. An unlucky Reddit user posted this picture and told: ‘I asked for a high fade, and to even out the top. This is what I got…’

4. This guy is clearly into maths because if it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have gotten that haircut. Or maybe he was just trying to memorize a formula. 

5. This is what happens when your barber tries to convince you about his skills, but later you and he realize that he isn’t that good. 

6. If you are feeling like having a bad day, just read the story of this guy: ‘I asked to have it edged up so my bangs would be straight. They proceeded to cut all my bangs off and my entire widow's peak…’

7. We don’t know who convinced him about getting this haircut, but it is so ugly that maybe it would be better to be bald instead.

8. Ah, undercuts. You probably already realized these haircuts aren’t so easy to make, and usually end up being a bit disappointing. 

9. Although it is a weird haircut, we must recognize that the barber did well his job. He can be proud of it. 

10. The wife of this man insisted too much on him to get a new look. Finally, he accepted, and when he got back from the barber, he came like this.

11. Read what happened to this poor man: ‘It’s been five days since my haircut and I just noticed that it’s abysmal in the back. I’ve had compliments, but now I realize they were sarcastic.’

12. This guy tried to save some money asking his friend to cut his hair, but in the end, he had to pay a high price anyway. 

13. Visiting a new barber is something very risky. Just look at what happened to this guy when he didn’t go to his usual barber. 

14. Do you want to read a scary story? Here it is: ‘A few years ago I paid for this. I had no idea until a day later because the hairdresser curled my hair. And they refused to refund my money.’

15. This woman is a professional stylist, but that didn’t stop her from burning off her own hair with bleach. 

16. This girl went to a popular hipster place to get a pink ombre, but she ended up looking nothing like what she wanted.

17. If this look had a name, probably it would be ‘if Dubstep were a haircut’. The people who convinced him of doing this are just evil.

18. This man asked his barber to make him the look from the left. What the barber didn’t know, is that the play button wasn’t included in the haircut.

19. We know that life is a circle, and despite there is no need to take it so personally, this guy got this haircut to remember it forever. 

20. This is what we call 'totally bald on top, party in the back'. We hope that someday he realizes that haircut doesn't work on him. 

21. Undercuts are a big trend nowadays, but people should be careful with the design they pick. For example, this girl didn't know what she was doing. 

22. Despite how weird this haircut looks, we must admit that this guy has the style to wear it. However, surely there are many other better looks for him. 

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23. It doesn't matter how much love or affection you feel for a person, you should never dare to do a thing like this. Or if you are decided to do it, at least choose a good barber.

24. Getting bald is something hard to accept, but the best thing you can do is embrace your destiny and stop trying to hide it with ridiculous hairstyles. 

25. There is no need to ask this girl what is her favorite food because her hair says it all. Every pizza lover will want to get this look immediately. 

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Have you ever got a haircut so bad as the ones from this list? If you have, please tell us more about it in the comments. Share this article to brighten someone’s day and stay tuned to keep reading more funny posts like this.

Source: Bright Side, Ranker


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