25 Most Heinous Packaging Designs That Don't Deserve To Be On The Shelves

Packaging designs are supposed to be attractive so people will buy them, and despite the products of this list have great packagings, they are so evil and deceptive that you will hate them immediately, and you won’t believe how there are people who are capable of doing such things. Let’s start!

1. Of course, the first thing you will think after seeing this is that the bucket is full of markers. But you will be so disappointed when you open it.

2. This man got tired of this cheating brand, so he decided to reveal the truth.

3. Instead of saying ‘Pizza hot and delicious’ it should say something like ‘Pizza with only three slices of salami’. No one deserves this.

4. We don’t understand why they can’t have honest packages. This should be illegal if they appear to be equally deep on the outside.

5. Our advice is: if you want to know the real content of a product, remember to turn it upside down to see if it still looks full.


6. Instead of doing this, they should make smaller products so they can save that extra plastic and no one gets cheated.

7. This leads us to conclude that the designers who make this kind of things should be treated like any other criminals.

8. We can imagine the excitement of the people who buy this and their later disappointment when they open them.

9. Besides being a dishonest product, this packaging waste a lot of plastic that could be used for other useful things.

10. We can’t understand the packaging of these pills. As you can see, the larger size contains fewer pills than the smaller one.

11. This roll of stickers looks like if it was huge but only brings 20 units, so this probably has disappointed more than one kid out there.

12. At first sight, you would think this was made in that way to reduce the use of plastic, but when you remove the paperboard part, you will find more unnecessary plastic.

13. This bag of pepperoni pizza snack rolls says it brings approximately 40 units, but when they opened the package and counted them, there were only 27.

14. This box only contains enough units to fit in the window. There is no need to say how annoying it would be to buy this.

15. Again, here we have another package where the part that is invisible from outside is empty. This should be a crime.

16. Oh, so you want to give a special Christmas present? What about some leftover chocolates with a plastic boot? That would be great.

17. This guy bought a box full of paperboard, and it was so annoying when he found staples inside of it… Joking. Actually, it was the other way around.

18. This package teaches us that instead of looking at the product presentation, you should take into account the weight product to see how much it really contains.

19. This one is more funny than annoying. Someone bought this piece of clothing made with 100% silk ‘feeling polyester’. Someone has an identity crisis.

20. The bottle of body wash on the left says it is a bigger size but actually has -17% than the regular bottle. Science mysteries.

21. The costumer doesn’t only have to deal with the false advertisement of this product, but also with the overprice of it.

22. A Reddit user posted this and explained: ‘To make this bucket of constructor set look full, they put a paper cone inside with some constructor pieces printed on it to make it less noticeable.

23. A Reddit user shared his daughter’s experience with false packaging, and it was too cruel: ‘My 6yo daughter spent her pocket money on this, cried that ‘It's not fair.’

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24. This package shows that there are three salamis inside of if, but when you open it, there are only two. That’s just sad.

25. Yes. As you can see, they use that huge cardboard package for that tiny bag with just a handful of chocolates.

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Have you ever bought something that at the end wasn’t what you expected? Tell us more about it in the comments. Share this funny list with someone to brighten their day, and also we invite you to keep reading our other articles, surely they will interest you!

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