Tyrion Will Backstab Daenerys In Season 8: Game Of Thrones Theory

Theories about 'Game of Thrones' finale keep on emerging on the Internet, and there is one that we found particularly compelling about Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister's bond. Thwacks on the foundation of their relationship were prominent in season 7, and they only add more fuel to the firm speculations that he will betray his Queen. 

If treason ever happens, the chances are that things will get worse, more complicated, and perhaps fatal for those involved. Today, we're going to delve into this fascinating GOT theory in an attempt to determine how the events surrounding it could unfold. Let's get started! 


Despite the endless macro-issues that season 8 is going to address such as Cersei's reign of terror, the war against the Night King, and Jon Snow's true parentage, it is very likely the finale will dedicate a significant amount of time to the two characters in question and the latent byproduct their quarrel could trigger. 

In seasons 6 and 7, we got to see how the Lannister proved his worth to The Mother of Dragons, like when he effectively ran Meereen or how his advice was helpful to plan the invasion of Westeros, although Jaime ended up anticipating everything, and that left Tyrion and his army with no prize. 

One of Tyrion's' flaws is to believe he's always the smartest person in a group (though this has been true on many occasions). But that pride led him to underestimate his brother's courage, and his failure to do so, later on, resulted in less influence on Dany, like the indication we saw in their dispute over the line of succession in 'Beyond the Wall.' 


The Unburnt's passionate moment with The King in the North might strain her relationship with Tyrion even more, and it remains in question how much credit she will give to the Lannister's counsel now that she has Jon. And if she is considering a romance with the bastard, her decision would make any advisor pause.

Moreover, Tyrion's preoccupied glance in the last part of 'The Dragon and the Wolf' when Snow vanishes into Dany's bedroom is understandable from a political and strategic viewpoint as an advisor, but there's more than meet the eye. 

We cannot help but address the fact that Tyrion also has strong romantic feelings towards his Queen. Season 7's scripts confirm that his respect and admiration are just a smokescreen to his true love for Daenerys, and now that we know it, his not-corresponded affections must be considered thoroughly. 

There's every likelihood he could find himself between his quest for Dany's attention and his need of own allies. And if Khaleesi keeps on pushing him aside, Tyrion's wounds will run deep, and we don't have to explain what a hurt man can do. 


In season 7, we saw the Kingslayer out of King's Landing and going up North. If he ever gets to Winterfell, things can turn messy. Bran could reveal that Jaime was the want who tried to kill him by pushing him out of a window when he was a kid. And we're sure Daenerys hasn't forgotten Jaime's attempt to take her life away on the Field of Fire.

Considering all that, it is safe to assume he won't have a friendly welcome in the North, but a poor reception might put Tyrion in a predicament between his beloved Queen and remaining affection for his older brother and the legacy of their family. 

To top it all off in Dany and Tyrion's rocky association, the First of Her Name hasn't yet found out about Cersei's gimmick about sending troops north to help in the battle against the Night King. All that could cast a cloud over Dany's faith in the Imp as it might serve as an inherent reminder concerning her doubts about Tyrion's attachment to his family.  

In fact, Daenerys forthrightly accused her advisor of being loyal to the Lannisters during their quarrel in 'Beyond the Wall,' and maybe she was not that wrong. Tyrion was clearly upset and kind of regretful when he was seeing his people being murdered on the Field of Fire.

Therefore, we can totally see Tyrion rising in Jaime's defense if he ever turns up in Winterfell, while Dany flies into a rage combining her hatred of the Kingslayer and her disappointment towards Tyrion. That, in turn, can draw the two Lannisters together in a unified front for the first time in a while. 


Incest is the least of the issues for Dany once she founds out who Snow is. The problem arises when considering that her lover's origin nullifies her rightful claim to the Iron Throne, turning him into a threat for her goal. Her legitimacy was the only reason the Dragon Queen had to win the hearts of the people apart from her armies and her firing babies. 

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Despite that, it is unlikely that The King in the North's family history would discourage him from being by Daenery's side, but Tyrion knows how the birthright of the "bastard" complicates his mission as an advisor. He'd undoubtedly take it upon himself as well to make sure Dany didn’t act rashly. 


So given the clouded relationship between Dany and Tyrion, Jaime's imminent arrival to the north, Tyrion's unrequited love, and the consequences of Jon's lineage, there is every likelihood that Tyrion will be torn between his concern about Dany's decision-making and his loyalty to her. Perhaps, he may opt for acting behind her back if it's necessary, and it is not hard to see how he could do it. 

Daenery's seldom irrational behavior could lead her to do something that the Imp knows will harm their cause, like going up north to save Jon and lose a dragon in the process. Therefore, Tyrion could find the motivation to do something behind his Queen's back if his counsel keeps on falling on deaf ears. 

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Concretely, how could Tyrion betray Dany? There are multiple and distinct ways that could play out. Firstly, he could protect his big brother at the expense of his bond with the Dragon Queen. Secondly, the Imp could push his own agenda if he thinks that The Unburnt is making terrible decisions for listening to Jon more than him. 

Tyrion could also be the first one to learn about Jon's origin and decide to keep it under wraps what could also be seen as treason in the eyes of the Dragon Queen. Therefore, one thing is sure, the once fantastic alliance between Tyrion and Daenerys will suffer more and could get worse before it gets better, having the potential to shape season 8. 

What do you think about this theory? Do you think treason is possible from Tyrion Lannister? We're dying to know your opinion, so please leave us a message in the comment section down below, and stay tuned with us for more exciting articles about 'Game of Thrones'. See you next time! 

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