25 Celebrities That Forgot Courtesy And Trolled Their Fans With Photobombs

Having a picture with a celebrity is the best way to prove you met one, and the people from this list doesn’t only have a photo with a famous person, but a real photobomb. In this list, you will see the funniest and weirdest pictures of ordinary people with popular actors, actresses, and singers. Let’s see!

1. An Imgur user met Nicolas Cage and told: ‘So, Nicolas Cage came to our restaurant and ordered champagne. How could this happen?’

2. Evidently, Mr. Cage is not the best person to take photos with, because usually, he will make the worst faces of all.

3. And some encounters can be a bit awkward, like the one this Reddit user had: ‘Here's a pic of Bill Murray staring at my boobs. This is the only picture I have with him. Enjoy. Thank my aunt.’

4. But other celebrities like Peter Dinklage are the nicest of all, as this Reddit user told: ‘Met Peter Dinklage at the X-Men Days of Future Past NYC premiere. I'm 6' 6", so he decided to take a selfie with me when I asked for a photo. The result is awesome.’

5. This guy was so nervous about meeting Morgan Freeman that he just couldn’t stop sweating. Unfortunately, it was pretty evident.

6. This guy is like the lost twin of Adam Sandler, and he has the best anecdote: ‘Adam Sandler recognized me and took a picture with me when I made a post about me on Reddit. Guess who is who.’

7. In this picture, it looks like Rihanna was a bit uncomfortable about taking a picture with this guy. He took it anyway.

8. There is a rule that says that members of royalty can take selfies, so you must be very lucky of having a selfie with the Queen.

9. And here we have a story about an honest celebrity: ‘As I snapped the selfie, I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt about doing these kinds of things.’

10. How much luck do you need to have for this happen to you? This girl was outside a Broadway show when Daniel Radcliffe grabbed her phone to take a selfie with her.

11. It seems like some celebrities forget they are also famous when they see their favorite actor, and they freak out like any other ordinary person.

12. It is well known that Kanye West is not the kindest celebrity of all, so when these guys wanted to take a picture with him, he didn’t even smile.

13. Again, here we have another member of the royal family who got captured in a selfie. These kids are so lucky and they don’t know it!

14. For some reason, Ed Sheeran considered it was a great idea to take a selfie with this falcon. He probably is a big fan of it.

15. This restaurant made a sign saying that Liam Neeson eats there for free, but they never imagined that he would visit them someday.

16. Benedict Cumberbatch is super nice with his fans, and he always makes sure of giving them the best pictures ever.

17. This photo should be considered as one of the best selfies of all times. You must be really lucky to have a picture with the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast.

18. This guy took a picture with Robert Pattinson, but he couldn’t find the camera to look at it. Fortunately, Pattinson has experience on this.

19. It is great to see when a celebrity shares time with fans. In this case, we can see Andrew Garfield signing a lot of things while he takes selfies with the people at the same time.

20. Can we talk about how nice is James McAvoy? He doesn’t hesitate at taking pictures with fans; he loves making them happy.

21. A Reddit user shared this hilarious anecdote: ‘My friend was having fun at a bar and met Tom Hanks there. He took his glasses, put them on, and fell asleep.’

22. The story about this guy will make us love Beyonce even more than we already do: ‘My friend met Beyoncé in New Orleans. She said, 'Whatever face you make, I'll make.'

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23. We must admit that this is the most creative and original picture we have seen a celebrity with a fan. Piggyback ride is a thing that only friends do, and that is right what Elijah Wood and this girl are doing.

24. This couple was getting married in the beach when suddenly Jason Momoa appeared and photobombed their wedding pictures.

25. And here we have another picture of Bill Murray with a fan, but we must say that this wasn't a flattering picture for neither of them. 

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Have you ever met a celebrity? If you have, tell us more about it in the comments. If you enjoyed this list, share it with your friends so you can brighten their day. Also, we invite you to keep reading our other articles; surely you will love them!

Source: Bright Side


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