Superbowl’s ‘Endgame’ Trailer Wowed The Entire World And The Amount Of Easter Eggs That Surfaced Are Ridiculous

Unfortunately, Sunday’s Super Bowl did not live up to most fans’ expectations. The New England Patriots won over the Los Angeles Ram 13 to 3, but it was the most boring match in recent history. Luckily, there is a bright side to everything and a new 30-second trailer for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was released, giving die-hard fans a bunch of new clues regarding April’s upcoming hit. Here are the details.


It seems that most people wanted to see the Los Angeles Rams, the underdogs, win this match, but even Patriots fans have to agree that the game was boring. Fortunately for audiences, the Super Bowl is not only about the football final, but also about the trailers and the ads released in the promotional moments. Furthermore, the halftime is even more anticipated worldwide than the actual game.

No one was shocked that Tom Brady led the Patriots to a win, but Maroon 5’s performance was even more entertaining, although some fans did not enjoy it. The band took the stage to perform some of their most iconic songs, and Spongebob Squarepants even introduced Travis Scott, and then Big Boi came up to sing part of Outkast’s song ‘The Way You Move’.

However, neither the match nor the halftime show were the most talked-about subjects of Sunday’s event. New trailers for several movies and TV shows were released like the sneak peek for the third season of Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, and of course, the most anticipated was the teaser for ‘Avengers: Endgame’, which showed a bunch of new things.


“Some people…move on. But not us.”

The first trailer of ‘Endgame’ was released last December, and though it showed a lot, it was not nearly enough for fans who cannot wait to see what happens in the battle against Thanos. Although the new teaser is short, it showed several brief moments that most people might have missed if they blinked.

Fans might have focused on Captain America’s scowl and the fact that he seemed to have his old shield back, but Thor might have been visiting the Mad Titan, as he appeared to be on the planet where Thanos sat down in the final scene of the movie to “see the sunrise on a grateful universe”. The first second of the trailer showed several of the heroes that were wiped out after the Decimation.

The Wasp, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Wanda, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Bucky Barnes, and Vision appeared before the Marvel Studios logo, and people have to watch the trailer several times to notice it. But, they don’t only represent those that were lost, but the big franchises that came together for the ‘Infinity War’ event.

Although the heroes from ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ did not appear in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, they also suffered from the snap, and it’s expected that they will be vitally important in ‘Endgame’. The only Guardian that was safe is Rocket Raccoon, and he joined the others for whatever plan they have come up with. Another exciting part of the opening is how they made it black, white and red like the Marvel Studios logo.

Furthermore, it seems that they showed the first appearance of these characters or a pivotal moment in the saga. For example, Hope Van Dyne appeared with the Wasp uniform from ‘Ant-Man’, Nick Fury’s shot is the one from ‘The Avengers’ when they found out that the Tesseract was going crazy. Then, it was Tom Holland’s first appearance as Spider-Man in ‘Civil War’.

Doctor Strange comes next, and it’s the moment when he truly became a master of the mystic arts, earning the cloak of levitation. Falcon’s image was the one during ‘Civil War’ where he had an awesome fight sequence, and the Scarlet Witch is shown protecting Vision in ‘Infinity War'. The Guardians’ image is the iconic one from the first film after they united for the first time.

T’Challa’s scene was the one from ‘Black Panther’ as he went into Shuri’s lab. Next up is a scene from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ where the Bucky caught Cap’s shield. Finally, Vision’s picture is the one from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ when he was about to face Ultron, and then, the Marvel Studios logo appeared. That is a lot for a one-second moment.

When the actual trailer starts, there is a sense of dread in the air, and it might suggest that some time has gone by since the snap because there is a poster on the wall that reads: “Where do we go, now that they’re gone?” There is even a scene of the Statue of Liberty with a bunch of seemingly abandoned boats around it.

Captain America appeared to be in some sort of support group for military vets, and it seems that they are talking about people that they lost. Luckily, they later cut to a more uplifting scene with Iron Man and Nebula working on something, and it is similar to the shot in ‘Iron Man’ when Tony was in a cave and worked on his first Mark One Suit.

Clearly, Tony has gotten his spirit back unlike the first trailer, and they will try to get themselves out of that tricky situation. The next part showed Bruce Banner, Captain America, War Machine, and Black Widow standing outside the Avengers compound and looking up at the sky. This might be the moment when Tony returns to Earth.

Rocket Raccoon seemed to enter a shed, and it could be in Wakanda. The next shot showed Black Widow practicing with a gun in the Avengers compound, and it depicts how she is seriously angry about their situation, especially because Captain America’s voice over builds up momentum. Then, Ant-Man and War Machine are shown putting their helmets on, ready for a mission.

Cut to Thor, who seems to have his two eyes, but it’s unclear where in the universe he is at that time. However, the next shot reveals that scene that suggests that Thor might be visiting Thanos wherever he is, but due to the greenery, it could also be Wakanda. The moment with Clint Barton is ambiguous, but he seems to be looking at a red light, and it’s important to remember that he does not know anything about the Guardians.

He might be witnessing a spaceship at that point. Then, there is a shot of Captain America, and his hands are shaking while he straps on his shield. The last time that Captain America had his original shield was during ‘Captain America: Civil War’, and he had to fight against Tony Stark because he learned that Bucky Barnes had killed his parents. Steve had to leave his shield behind because Iron Man said that he did not deserve it.

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No one knows if Tony might have given it back or if Rogers found it somewhere in the Avengers compound. On the other hand, some fans believe that the shield is confirmation that time travel plays a role in the upcoming film, which has been speculated for a long time due to some leaked photos of the reshoots.

It could also be the prototype for Captain America’s new shield that was mentioned by Happy in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. Then there is a shot of the remaining superheroes walking in a line through the Avengers compound’s hangar. They seemed to be Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man, and War Machine. There is another person behind War Machine that might be Bruce Banner, but Marvel could have edited him out.

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There is a considerable gap between Ant-Man and War Machine, so the studio might want to keep that person a secret for a while. It could be Hawkeye/Clint Barton/Ronin if he's back as an Avenger and Black Widow was able to convince to join them once again. However, there is speculation that the Hulk might look different in the next Avengers installment, so he could be standing there in the film.

Some fans even believe that Professor Hulk will finally appear in the MCU, and Marvel is not ready to show that yet. Furthermore, Iron Man and Nebula are not in the shot either, which could mean that it happens way too early in the movie for them to have returned to Earth. To recap, the biggest Easter eggs where Cap’s new shield and Nebula and Iron Man trying to build something like Tony did in the first ‘Iron Man’.

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? Are you even more excited about ‘Endgame’ with a second trailer? It might have been short, but it still gave us a bunch of new things to speculate about, and that is just wonderful. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love to find Easter Eggs. See you next time!

Source: Buzzfeed News, Youtube/Emergency Awesome, This Is Insider


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