25 Instances Of People Who Had One Job And Still Managed To Mess Up Spectacularly

We all have heard the expression ‘you only had one job’ and is about those people who failed at doing the most basic things they had to make. This list is full of examples that show us how dumb people can be sometimes, and how they screwed significant works.

1. The person who did this wasn’t paying any attention to what he was doing, so this was the result.

2. Even big companies like Apple can fail at designing their products. For example, the plug of this mouse wasn’t placed at the most practical side.

3. They forgot to move the cone when they were pruning the garden, so when they finally moved it they found this surprise.

4. Just imagine being sitting there and then having all that water pouring over your head. So refreshing!

5. It seems like they couldn’t ask the owner of that car to move his vehicle, so they preferred to paint the lines over it.

6. This is why you should study a lot if you want to be an engineer because if you don’t, these things will happen to you at work.

7. If you consider yourself a perfectionist person, you will hate seeing this picture. This is so annoying that probably someone made it on purpose.

8. There is no need of saying that they terribly failed at placing this drain. The person who made this should be very ashamed.

9. This Pikachu figure is so poorly made that it should be considered as an exclusive, weird item. We would keep it.

10. It looks like the person who designed this shirt wasn’t so good at geography. He should have studied more in high school.

11. The person who bought this had to take a picture of it so his friends would believe him. You don’t find something like this every day.

12. Two possible situations are happening here: first, this supermarket is selling a different and exotic avocado species, or they used the wrong sign.

13. It looks like engineers who made this place forgot to put a door in that balcony, or maybe is a new architecture trend.

14. We won’t say they committed a mistake doing this. Actually, we think this is an abstract masterpiece made by a great artist.

15. Schools are getting more dangerous every time, and now kids even have to buy knives to protect themselves while studying.

16. It is very ironic how they failed at correctly placing this sign in the College of Architecture and Planning.

17. It looks like a big miracle happened here! That or someone just committed a huge mistake. The second option is more probable.

18. This bank should denounce the ones who placed that security camera. They made it so easy for robbers to be unnoticed!

19. We can’t understand the purpose of this. It was so hard to place the fence door where it should be?

20. This bathroom is a little too public for our taste. Maybe the person who designed this got inspired by the public bathrooms in ancient Rome. 

21. This is one of the most confusing pictures ever, but we are sure that there must be a really interesting story behind it.

22. We can't think about any good reason to have placed those stairs there. They don't take you anywhere, but at least they are fun to watch. 

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23. This must be one of the most dangerous roads. Why did they place that lamppost there? This could cause many accidents.

24. What happened here? It seems like the person who made this wasn't sure about what it was doing. This is not aesthetic at all.

25. This whole project went off the rails. We hope that no one uses this anymore (in fact, it is impossible to make this work).  

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Have you ever committed a dumb mistake like the ones from this list? If you have, tell us more about it in the comments. We hope you enjoyed this list. Remember to share it with your friends and family, and stay tuned for more entertaining content like this.

Source: Bright Side, Travel Funtu


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