What $1 Can Buy You Around The World

What would you buy with one dollar? Depending on the place you live, that would seem like a fair amount or the same as nothing. So today, you will learn about what you can buy in different parts of the world with approximately one dollar, and trust us, you will be surprised by some of the results.

1. In Indonesia, a dollar will be useful to buy you a good breakfast like Bubur ayam. This is a local and very popular dish.

2. In Japan, you can buy a Snickers with just one dollar. Isn’t that great? It is not a full meal, but it will help you to stay active.

3. A dollar in Tanzania can buy you a Chipsi mayai, in other words, a potato omelet. Now you know that it is possible to have breakfast at a low price.

4. In New York City there is a popular pizza that costs only one dollar per slice. If you want to vacation there without spending a lot of money, prepare yourself to eat tons of this.

5. If you are in Egypt, using a dollar you can buy a medium Koshare plate, which is a traditional dish.

6. In Peru, a dollar can buy you ‘Ají de gallina’: a chicken dish in a sauce. Peruvian food is known as one of the best in the world so it will be worth it.

7. In Nepal, a dollar will allow you to buy ten Momo dumplings. This could be a good breakfast, so think about trying this dish when you visit this country.

8. In Hong Kong, a dollar equals a bottle of Coke. As you can see, there are places where one dollar worths less.

9. While in some Asian countries you can buy a full meal with only one dollar, things are different in the United Kingdom. Here, you can only buy a loaf of bread.

10. Have you ever tried a Kurtoskalacs pastry? You will find them in Hungary, and they cost a dollar as well.

11. In South Korea, you can buy a vegetable Kimbap roll. If you are an Asian food lover, you definitely will enjoy this dish.

12. Shawarmas in Dubai cost just a dollar, so if you are into Arabian food, you will be happy wasting all your money there.

13. In Russia, you can buy 2kg of potatoes with one dollar. Imagine all the things you can cook spending so little money.

14. Baguettes are typically from France, and you will be happy to know that they cost one dollar each. Isn’t that great?

15. The situation with Canada is very different from the other countries from the list because with one dollar you only can buy a lettuce head.

16. In North Korea, one dollar can afford you a bottle of milk. This is essential for every breakfast.

17. This one might bring a smile in some of you. If you visit the Czech Republic, with just one dollar you can buy a glass of beer from a small shady pub.

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18. Do you like coffee? In Italy, you can buy an espresso with one dollar. There is no better way to start your day!

19. Probably, India is the best place to spend one dollar. There, you can buy a full meal: curries and naan bread.

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Which one of these dishes would you like to try? Also, we would like to know what can you buy in your country using just one dollar. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and family so they can learn something new as well.

Source: Bright Side


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