Spider-Man Never Left the Bus in Avengers Infinity War (Marvel Theory)

Marvel fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the sequel to 2017’s blockbuster 'Spider-Man Homecoming,' especially now that the amazing Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has joined the ranks of Avengers. We saw as Thanos’ finger snap of doom disintegrated our hero at the end of Infinity War. This scene has left many fans confused as to where the sequel, 'Spider-Man: Far from Home,' falls in continuity. There has been an interesting new theory regarding that, and here it is.

The debut of the most recent trailers for 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' has fans on the edge of their seats hoping for a fantastic ride. And a lot of what we’re used to as far as Spider-Man movies go – some slam-bang action, a couple of villains from Spiderman’s comic book history – in this case, Jake Gyllenhaal as creepy fishbowl-head, Mysterio, as well as a superb supporting cast.

However, this left a lot of fans curious as to how Spider-Man could be in a movie after millions of Marvel fans watched their favorite web-slinger disintegrate in Tony Stark’s arms at the end of 'Infinity War.' Great question. But fans are even taking it a step further and based on evidence from the trailers, a lot of fans have come up with the theory that Spider-Man never actually got off the bus at the beginning of 'Infinity War.' Because after a vision to the time stream that we’re probably going to see in 'Avengers: End Game,' all the havoc that Thanos wrought with his finger snap likely never happened. 

Historically, Marvel movies have done a great job following in the legacy that Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby created back in 1961, by building a continuing story and an ever-expanding universe. And in the MCU, the stories in each movie have made that universe piece by piece and are still developing it. Each film was more or less a continuation or a parallel story to the film that came before it. 

Time in the MCU has always moved forward; there hasn’t been a single movie that’s ever taken place before the film that came before it. Even Captain America who had that whole World War II part had the movie ending in the contemporary universe so that Captain America could fit into the already existing timeline. And, we’ll probably see the same thing with Captain Marvel. This allows the most casual moviegoer to enjoy any Marvel movie as a stand-alone experience.

However, redditor, 'I see Canada' seems to think that we’re about to experience a pretty serious retcon and that Spider-Man never got off the bus to fight Thanos, because the Infinity War never really happened. The theory goes like this, 'Far from Home' is set just after the events of 'End Game,' but what if there is an unsnap in 'End Game'? One that doesn’t just see half of the universe turn into dust. But that instead, through the use of the Infinity stones themselves, reset the world to a point where Thanos never attacked Earth at all, thus erasing the attack, Decimation and everyone’s memory of it. 

This explains why Peter had the original Stark suit in the 'Far from Home' trailer instead of the Iron Spider-suit. Thanos’ attack never happened, so Peter never got off the bus on his way back from the field trip to the Museum of Modern art. As such, he never got the Iron Spider-suit from Tony.

This also adds a nice bit of foreshadowing to Thanos telling Tony, “I hope they remember you,” especially if its Tony’s sacrifice that makes the unsnap possible. Not to mention a relationship with Happy and Aunt May only happens in a world where Tony isn’t around.

It introduces one of those classic time-travel tropes to 'End Game' – “if you're successful, the only one who would remember any of this is you.” There are a few cool hints in the 'Far from Home' trailer and some more MCU films preceding it that give this theory a little credibility.

First of all, we see that Peter doesn't want to take his Spider-suit to Europe. That doesn’t sound like Mr. “with great power comes great responsibility” to us, but what if the Spider-suit is a reminder of his pal and mentor, Tony Stark who seems to be filling in for Uncle Ben as a moral compass for young Peter? Most fans believe Tony stark dies at the end of 'End Game' and they think the cryptic comment by Thanos, that whole “I hope they remember you” is Shakespeare-level foreshadowing of the untimely death of the invincible Iron-man.

One of the other things we know about 'Far from Home' is the romance between Aunt May and Happy Hogan. Now, we’ve seen Tony Stark’s obvious flirtations with Aunt May in her previous appearances in the MCU, but that doesn't count much because Tony flirts with everyone.

But consider this - if Happy Hogan is in a romance with Aunt May in 'Far from Home,' do you think he’ll be able to do that which he does with a handsome zillionaire superhero who has an electric heart there to block your every move? Maybe Tony survives and marries Pepper Potts and has that baby he kept talking about which would conveniently open the door for Happy Hogan, but we don’t see anything to support this one way or the other.

Now it’s pretty clear that time travel will be a big part of 'Avengers: End Game.' Theories are all over the place stating that the Avengers will travel through the past and pluck the Infinity stones from various points in time. They'll assemble an alternate infinity gauntlet (finally, there’s going to be one for each hand!) and also find a way to prevent Thanos from getting his hands on the stones in the first place. 

Set photos from 'End Game' that show our heroes in earlier versions of their costumes indeed indicate that we’ll be revisiting some old scenes and we’re confident that the end of the movie will undo Thanos' finger snap. But, questions remain, what’s the follow up from undoing history? And at what point are things rebooted?

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If the Avengers prevent Thanos from collecting the Infinity stones and thus prevent him from finger-snapping away half of everything, it’s also entirely possible that Thanos invasion of New York never happened. That non-aerodynamic space ship with its exposed circuitry never hovered over the East River, and if that danger was removed, then it didn’t trigger Peter’s tingling spider sense, and consequently, there’ll be no reason for him to get off the bus in the first place.

If Peter never got off the bus and fought Thanos, then he never received the Spider armor that he used to fight Thanos in space. This could explain why Peter is seen in the original Homecoming Spider-man suit instead of the ultra-super techie Iron-man-Spider-suit. This allows 'Spider-man: Far from home' to happen without ever even acknowledging 'Infinity War,' Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet, and the fact that Peter was dead or disintegrated. It also allows for Happy Hogan to start marking on every fanboys’ favorite cougar – Aunt May.

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We can’t wait to watch 'End Game,' at least, all loose ends would have been tied, and we can finally get all this “snap saga” behind us as we anticipate the next chapter in the MCU Spider-Man franchise. Do you think 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' takes place before Infinity War? Is there anything we may have missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Youtube/CBR


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