No Fur, Pants and Pardons: We Collect The Weirdest Rules Royals Still Follow Over Important Reasons

The royal family is always full of interesting facts that everyone dies to learn more about. Many people think that being a prince or a princess must be one of the best things that could ever happen to you, but the reality is that you have plenty of privileges that royals can’t enjoy as you do. You probably will feel very lucky after reading these rules that they must follow.

1. Direct heirs aren't allowed to travel with each other.

The reason behind this weird rule is a bit dismal. In case you didn’t know, Prince William and his son George, to mention an example, shouldn’t travel in the same plane because in case something tragic like an accident happened, there would be a huge possibility of losing more than one heir, and that’s something the Crown can’t allow.

2. Kids can't open presents on Christmas Day

If you are a kid who belongs to the Royal family, you are forbidden from opening presents on Christmas Day. Instead, they have to do it on Christmas Eve because Christmas Day is dedicated to attending church and watching the Queen's address.

3. The Queen has to approve every menu

Basically, if you are a royal member, you will eat only what the Queen wants to eat. She checks every menu carefully and later approves it or not. This let us realize how big is her influence in every aspect of the royal life.

4. They seldom eat starches

If you love starches, being part of the royal family could be a nightmare for you. The Queen is not a big fan of pasta, rice, or potatoes, so in consequence, the royal menu barely has these types of food. That means you will have to sneak out for some hamburgers.

5. They don’t eat garlic

For what is life if you are not allowed to eat garlic? Sadly, members of the royal family can't eat garlic, and this food is completely forbidden from all the menus. The Queen thinks that having fresh breath is really important, and to be honest, garlic won’t help you on this.

6. They don't say ‘pardon’

Curiously, there are many words that the royal family doesn’t use because they don’t sound so good coming out from their mouths. Instead, they rather use some synonyms, and one example of that is that they don’t say ‘pardon’ but ‘sorry.’

7. They accept the gifts they're given, but the Queen decides if they can keep them

Take a few seconds to think about all the gifts the royal members receive day after day and don’t forget that the number of gifts increases in weddings or births. Unfortunately, if you are part of the royal family, you can’t keep all the gifts people give to you. The worst part: you are not the one who decides what to keep. It is the Queen.

8. They have to pack a black outfit with them wherever they travel in case they're required to mourn

Anything can happen while they are traveling around the world, so they are always prepared for any situation. That is why every royal member carries a black outfit in their luggage, so in case someone important dies, they will be ready to mourn.

9. They don't vote

According to the website of the UK government: ‘Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.’ Despite that rule is for the Queen only, in general, the whole family tries to stay neutral.

10. They must bow or curtsy to those higher in rank than them

It doesn’t matter how old they are, they will always have to bow to those higher than them in line to the throne. However, Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine don't need to bend to Princess Anne, Princess Eugenie, or Princess Beatrice when they're with their respective princes because they take the prince's rank.

11. And everyone is required to stop eating when the Queen is done eating

Can you imagine what must be like to be eating and having to stop because someone else loses their appetite or finished their dinner? Royal members know how it feels like. However, the Queen announces that dinner is coming to an end when she puts her bag over the table. Even kids have to obey this rule.

12. They may never reprimand one of the Queen's corgis

Basically, this means that this little dog can do whatever he wants (while the Queen is not watching). Being the Queen’s corgis has a lot of benefits, for example, they eat gourmet meals prepared by a chef and delivered by a footman. Sadly, this is an old rule because the last of the Queen's corgis died last year

13. You can't turn your back to the Queen

If turning your back to anyone it’s already rude, imagine how it is like to do it to the Queen. Instead of walking away, you must wait until she leaves the conversation for you to leave. Then, you finally can turn around.

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14. And it's considered bad going to bed before the Queen if you're staying in the same residence

This rule is similar to the one that says you must stop eating when the Queen finishes her food. It doesn’t matter how sleepy you feel, you have to wait until the Queen wants to go to bed as well, and according to many rumors, the Monarch is a night owl.

15. Coats are to be kept on at all times outside

If you decide to wear a coat, you must understand that you can’t take it off under any circumstance. Why? Well, it seems like it’s bad taste to do it, so it doesn’t matter if the day gets warmer, you still will have to wear it until you are in private to take it off. Also, royals aren't allowed to wear fur and the little boys of the family can't wear pants, only shorts. 

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Did you know all these curious rules that the royal family must follow? Tell us in the comments section which one of them seems like the most unusual for you and why. We invite you to keep reading out other articles and stay tuned for more curious content like this.

Source: Buzzfeed, Express


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