10 Times Kim Kardashian Straight Up Stole From Kylie Jenner

Two of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have taken their sibling rivalry to the next level and have been making massive impacts in their chosen fields – whether as businesswomen, mothers, models, or reality TV stars. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have become household names all over the world with the pair boasting more than 100 million Instagram followers each.

However, it appears that while Kylie has overtaken Kim as the most famous Kardashian, the latter is still making significant moves to claw her title as number one back. Over the past few years, fans have noticed striking similarities between the pair that it's almost uncanny. To put it in harsher terms – it seems Kim is copying Kylie’s style, or rather, stealing her hustle. Here are ten instances where Kim K straight up stole from Kylie.


Kylie started her makeup line back in 2015 with three lip kits and has since expanded into eyeshadows, blushers, lip glosses, and highlighters raking earning the 21-year old more than $41 million. On the other hand, Kim launched her KKW Beauty line in 2107 with the first product being a Crème Contour & Highlight Kit. There are quite some similarities between the two makeup brands.

In 2018, it appeared that Kim stole an idea from Kylie’s Cosmetics line – The Kyshadow Kit. Her favorite makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic heavily influenced Kim's palette. Many people quickly noticed that Kim's palette is identical to Kylie's Royal Peach Palette. Although the positioning of the palettes is different, they both have the same colors. The only significant contrast between the two is that Kim's palette is quite smaller than her sister’s.


Less than a month before the eye shadow controversy, fans noted the apparent similarities between Kim’s lip liner collection and that of Kylies. This prompted many to believe that Kim was merely dubbing her younger sister’s work. This was the beginning of the resemblance between Kim’s beauty line and Kylie’s. Initially, when Kim announced her eight cream lipsticks and three lip liners, she hinted that they were inspired by her signature nude lip.

However, many fans came out in full force on Twitter to debunk her claim with one user tweeting “Kylie’s already done that!” This has gone beyond healthy sisterly competition, and it's super-obvious that Kim is learning a lot from Kylie.


This is the final instance for the makeup saga before moving on to other ways Kim has dubbed her sister's ideas. Initially, Kylie’s Cosmetics was supposed to focus on the eyes and lip makeup, while KKW Beauty would concentrate on creating that signature flawless Kardashian base with foundations, concealers, and contour sticks.

However, Kylie launched her own concealers in December 2017 to fill in the void left in the market since her elder sister hadn’t set up hers. Not surprisingly, Kim released her own concealers in March 2018. Almost immediately, she received a lot of backlash from fans when she mentioned that she had the concealers “in the works” around the same time Kylie released hers. This led to further cement the already growing belief that Kim has been trying to steal Kylie’s hustle by launching her own makeup empire.


Kim K has always been synonymous for her signature brunette look unlike her sister Kylie. Kylie has been known to alter her hair dramatically and make daring fashion moves. So most people were quick to spot that Kim went through a phase between 2017 and 2018 where she rocked more than three different hairstyles and colors.

In April 2017, Kylie dyed her hair green for Coachella which began the green hair trend. It wasn’t until August 2018 before Kim joined the green revolution. A move which caught many unawares. In an interview, she revealed that it was just a wig and that wearing it made her realize how much she loves her natural hair. But this didn’t stop her from making some more dramatic alterations almost in tandem with Kylie’s hair changes.


In September 2017, Kim took the social media by storm by changing her hairstyle. And it must be said that her platinum bob is possibly one of her best looks yet. Again, fans and the media drew a line pointing to Kylie as the source of inspiration for Kim’s new look.

Kylie attended the Met Gala 2017 in May with a fresh platinum-hued bob, and less than four months later, Kim had already stolen her style. As always, Kylie’s bob/wig started a huge trend, and this time, it didn't take too long for Kim to join the party. Kylie seems to be the trend-setter in the family, and Kim is almost content to be right behind to get in on the act too.


The whole phase of Kim’s hair experimentation didn’t end in 2017. 2018 was even more interesting with the frenzy it seemed Kim used to copy every single thing Kylie did, including rocking a pastel pink hair. Kylie rocked pink hair in October 2016, but she seemingly loved the shade so much that she posted throwback pictures of the look in January and September 2017. Fast forward to February 25, 2018, Kim also rocked a pink hair. According to her, she had wanted to dye her hair pink ever since she did a fashion shoot and had to wear a pink wig.  


The number of outfits Kim has been accused of stealing from Kylie would probably be close to 70. From twinning with articles of clothing with their own faces on them to both wearing a white tank with a nude pencil skirt, and rocking that iconic striped pants look.

It gets difficult to know who is copying who sometimes. Both of them have worn similar variations of a simple white top with jeans, shared black dresses, sunglasses, and have both showed off the same white strappy Mikoh bikini.


The 37-year-old reality TV star once again copied Kylie when she finally joined Snapchat in March 2016. Previously, Kylie was the undisputed queen of Snapchat with her account reportedly being the most-viewed on the platform. Her presence brought a large number of following and a considerable increase to the app’s market value.

However, Kim left the platform after some time, and in 2018, Kylie followed tweeting “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh, this is so sad.” Not too long after her tweet, the company’s stock witnessed a sharp decline in market value of about 6%/ $1.4 billion. Both Kylie and Kim are more active on Instagram and Twitter these days. But it is quite evident that Kylie was a source of inspiration for Kim and the millions of other followers that joined Snapchat around that time.

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Coming to the issue of the selfie game, you would recall earlier in this post that the two had similar bikinis. In 2014, when Kylie and Kim were guests on E!’s Hello Ross, Kylie accused Kim of taking her stuff. Just around that time when Kylie’s bikini selfie went viral in 2014, she recalled a moment when Kim asked if she could borrow a bathing suit from her. Kylie then said that she walked in on Kim half an hour later “taking selfies” and she goes like “yeah, you’re not getting that back.”

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Most KUWTK fans would recall when the Kimoji app was released in 2016. Apparently, the emojis got their inspiration from Kim’s style and mannerisms, but it seems that it doesn't just end there. There are a couple of emojis wearing different hair colors much earlier than the actual time Kim rocked those hair colors herself. There’s a blue-haired kimoji that bears a more striking resemblance to Kylie’s blue hair than Kim K’s own. Did we miss any other instances Kim stole Kylie’s style? Let us know in the comments below.

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