The Masked Singer: Unicorn Revealed, Seven More to Unmask

Not many fans were surprised when Tori Spelling was revealed as the Unicorn on ‘The Masked Singer’, although the judges sure seemed to doubt it. Unfortunately, it’s time for the former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ actress to leave the show, and audiences need to guess who the remaining seven singers are in the following episodes. Let’s discuss the details about these mysterious people.


Unlike some of the remaining singers, it’s fairly clear that the Bee is a professional as evidenced by her performances on Episode 2 and 4. The judges tried to guess who she was, giving out names like Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, and Lil’ Kim. However, their final guess, Gladys Knight, seems the most likely for several reasons.

In episode 3, Bee said that she started her career in the 50s and quickly became successful. Knight won Ted Mack’s ‘The Original Amateur Hour’ competition in 1952 at the age of seven. She joined her siblings in their singing group called The Pips that year. She also said that audiences may call her “Queen Bee” but that “Empress” was fine too, and that brings it back to Gladys Knight who is known as the “Empress of Soul”.

Another hint Bee gave was the phrase “take me to court”, and Knight had several legal problems with her son back in the day. Despite her advanced age, it does not seem that Gladys will stop her music anytime soon. This leads fans to believe that The Bee is truly the Empress of Soul despite the judges flailing opinions.


Unfortunately, the Alien has appeared in three episodes already, and the judges have no idea who she is yet. They have certain clues and have thrown out names like Kate Moss, Bella Hadid and even Paula Abdul. However, there is another option that the judges said that seems much more likely: Latoya Jackson.

One of the hints given by Alien was that she liked privacy because her family was famous. Everyone knows who the Jackson 5 was and most of the children in the family are still doing music. Furthermore, Alien said that she let other people take the reins of her life before but now she has changed. Latoya’s father was extremely controlling of her singing career.

The singer was married to her manager, Jack Gordon. Another important clue was a police badge she showed, which reminded audiences of her reality show stint in 2007’s ‘Armed and Famous’ where Latoya trained and worked as a reserve police officer. It seems that Latoya could truly be Alien.


The judges have debated about him, and they could only say that he might be a former boy band member. The clues seem to suggest that Joey Fatone from N’SYNC could be Rabbit. He said that he would be the last Masked singer by using the words “It’s gonna be me” which is a famous N’SYNC song.

Another clue he gave was the words “Knocked it out of the park”. Back during N’SYNC’s beginning, they performed at a theme park in Orlando. Furthermore, Rabbit likes to have backup dancers during his performances, which references his glory days as part of a boy band. Furthermore, Rabbit’s strength lies in synchronized singing, and his former boy band was known for their great harmonization.

Additionally, Rabbit likes to cook, and Joey Fatone hosted a cooking show and competition at one point. Another hint that makes people believe that he might be Joey Fatone is that he once placed a carrot on a hot dog, and the boy band member owns a hot dog stand called Fat Ones.


Raven has appeared on two occasions and gave several hints as to her identity, but the judges do not seem to know who she is right now. There is a chance that she is Sherri Shepherd, Sally Jessy Raphael, Star Jones, Queen Latifah, or Raven Simone. However, some fans believe that it’s Ricki Lake, and she does fit with the clues. Raven said that she spent most of her professional career listening to others talking, and Lake was a talk-show host.

The masked singer also said that she went through a horrible loss recently, and Ricki lost her husband in 2017. Ricki was also known for ‘Hairspray’ which takes place in Baltimore, also known as the home of Edgar Allan Poe. His famous poem ‘The Raven’ is one of the world’s greatest. In another clue, she mentioned the phrase “cry baby” which might be a reference in her role in the movie ‘Crybaby’.


His performances on two episodes of the show have proven that he is definitely a professional singer. While the judges gave some credible guesses, they also mentioned Derek Jeter which was just ridiculous. However, there is a huge chance that the person under that weird ‘Monster Inc.’ costume is T-Pain.

Monster said that he became a monster because the world had labeled him, and labels are something T-Pain knows about because of his use of autotune. Furthermore, last year, he went to the Atlanta International Airport with a loaded gun, which led to questions from police officers. He also said that “he likes to keep his head in the game”.

T-Pain is known for loving video games. Monster also said that he wanted to rewrite his mixtape, and he used autotune to sing the words “I’m back” during his first performance on the show. Whether he wins or loses the show, people will just be glad to have guesses the hidden singer correctly, and it does seem like T-Pain is the correct choice.


While most of the contestants on this show are not really professional singers, Peacock might be Donny Osmond. When Peacock sang ‘The Greatest Show’ on his first performance, he said that it was exhilarating and it made him feel like a 5-year-old. Donny started his singing career at that age on ‘The Andy Williams Show’ in 1963 with his brothers.

Peacock also said that he was used to putting on shows which might be referencing the fact that Donny hosted a couple of television programs like ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ and ‘The Donny and Marie Show’ with his sister, Marie. He was also the host of the game show ‘Pyramid’ and ‘The Donny Osmond Show’ on the radio.

The masked singer also said that the audiences’ mothers might have had his poster on their walls. Donny was a teen idol back in the day. Another clue was the fact that Peacock has performed in Las Vegas which could also be referencing a nightclub show that he had with his sister or one of his concerts. He was also seen petting a dog figurine which could be because of Donny’s song ‘Puppy Love’.

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Lion is the audiences’ favorite remaining masked singer, and although some of the judges could not agree on whether she was a professional singer or not, her episode five performance proved it. She sang ‘California Dreaming’, shocking everyone with her amazing voice. Some people thought that Lion could be one of the Kardashians, but there is a better option.

Rumer Willis could definitely be Lion for several reasons. In the beginning, she said that some people call her Hollywood royalty, and Rumer is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, which explains the title. However, now that she “stands on her own”, Rumer can prove that being the daughter of famous people does not mean that you are not talented.

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Another clue is her birthday which falls on August 16. Therefore, her Zodiac sign is Leo, and she also has a tattoo of a lion on her left arm. Moreover, Lion said that she works hard to help others, and Rumer is known for activist work. Lion also showed a scrunchie and called it a “family heirloom” which references the fact that Demi made scrunchies popular in the 80s.

Do you think our guesses might be right? Who is your favorite masked singer and the most likely to win? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love competition shows, especially if there is singing. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/OSSA


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