15+ Photos To Debunk The Claim That The Earth Has No Chance For Survival

Our world is currently facing complicated environmental issues, and day after day bad news about our planet’s future fill the newspapers. However, there are still hope for us. This list is full of pictures that will cheer you up because they demonstrate that there are still people who care about nature. Let’s see!

1.  They built this highway, and they didn’t even think about wrecking that tree down. Instead, they skirted the tree.

2. We always hear about deforestation, but luckily reforestation is becoming a popular thing these days. Just look at what the Instituto Terra has made over an 18-year span.

3. Again, here we have another example of people respecting nature. They needed to build a wall, but that didn’t mean they were to cut the tree.

4. Here, the Renature Foundation turned a full degraded landscape exploited by logging into an abundant regenerative agroforestry farm.

5. The family who lives here didn’t think that the tree was a problem for them, so they made it part of the house.

6. Although this dessert in Haiti seemed irrecoverable, after years of hard work they managed to turn it into a forest.

7. In Costa Rica, 1,000 truckloads of orange juice byproducts saved a big part of the country’s rainforest.

8. The Eden Project worked hard for six years to reforest a rainforest in Madagascar, and the result is truly inspiring.

9. What is it better than having a tree inside your house? That’s something we would recommend to anyone.

10. This tree definitely won the battle against civilization, and he decided to grow up in the most unimaginable place.

11. What do you think about this idea? They didn’t want to cut the tree to install the wiring, so they found this solution that worked perfectly.

12. This is the greatest tree house ever, and we are sure you would love to live here. This gives us a lesson: ‘Build houses around trees, not over them.’

13. Architecture has changed over time, and nowadays buildings are very eco-friendly, not the concrete monstrosities they used to be.

14. There is no way of stopping nature because as you can see, trees will grow wherever they feel they need to.

15. We must congratulate the architect who made this house because he knew how to preserve the nature living inside it.

16. It doesn’t matter how destroyed a place might be, a flower can bloom from nowhere, and that is just beautiful.

17. Despite how dry is this place in Haiti, people managed to plant trees there, and now they have a growing forest.

18. This is a cylindrical forest house that has a giant tree in the middle. It must be great to live surrounded by nature.

19. These branches coming out of the fence look beautiful, and that demonstrate how much that family cares about trees.

20. This tree has stood on the border of Kalambist village for over 100 years now. It is called 'Devachi ves’, and it is the sacred mango tree of the village.

21. The supermodel Gisele Bündchen was part of this awesome project called Agua Limpa.

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22. This is the Grand Prismatic Spring. It is located in the USA and is the third largest hot spring in the world. Actually, it is even bigger than a football field!

23. Most of the people dream with dive into a cenote. This one is called Ik-Kil, and it can be found in Mexico. It is one of the purest places that still can be found on our planet. 

24. This is the National Park of the Channel Islands. Only around 500 people inhabit this place and cars aren’t allowed to prevent any damage or contamination.

25. The Mount Edith Cavell in Canada is a subalpine forest that will take your breath away. The lake is so clear and clean that it seems like a mirror.

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We hope that your faith in humanity is restored now. As you can see, it is never late to start making a change in our world and what surround us. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends so they can learn more about this as well. Also, we invite you to keep reading our others lists; surely they will interest you!

Source: Bright Side


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