30 Years Since 'The Big Day', Woman Finds Out The Story Behind Her Costume Ring

People have found insane things are flea markets, and sometimes, valuable heirlooms in their grandmother’s attic. However, this woman bought a $13 ring that turned out to be way more valuable than that, but she didn’t discover its worth until 30 years later. How it got to a flea market is a mystery, but everyone can agree that the piece of jewelry was the best investment of her life. Let’s get into the details.


While most people think that treasure relates to pirates and fantastical tales, sometimes, people encounter previous things in real life. In the 1980s, a woman found an amazing ring, but she would not learn its true value until much later. It was discovered at West Middlesex Hospital’s flea market, and the ring seemed to be custom-made. She bought for 13 dollars and went about her day.

While fake diamonds or gemstones nowadays can look amazingly real, in the 80s, most fake items could be spotted easily. The woman in question took a liking to that ring because it was so pretty and could pass as real. However, she was not an expert in jewelry, but there was something telling her that she should buy that ring that looked way better than other items at the sale.

For her, it was like a ring from a movie because of its huge size, and that is how she assumed that it could not be real because diamonds that big are worth incredible amounts of money. No one expects to find something so valuable at a flea market. However, since it looked great on her finger, it was a symbol that if she worked harder, she might be able to buy a real one later on.

Naturally, it became her favorite piece of jewelry despite its cheap prize, and she felt like a princess while wearing it. Since she only paid a small amount of money for it, she was not afraid of wearing it all the time, even on days when she simply ran errands to the grocery store or the bank. However, 30 years later a stranger approached her.

She was leaving work after a hard day and stopped at the supermarket to purchase things for dinner. At the checkout line, a mysterious man was looking at her too much, especially at the ring. She took her stuff quickly and ran toward her car. But, she saw that the man was following her and had not bought anything at the store.

The woman started walking faster, hoping to avoid a scene and then had to jog to her vehicle because he was too close. She worried about this strange man’s intentions and tried to swerve between cars to get rid of him, but he was also just a bit too close for comfort. Finally, the woman stopped, turned around, and decided to confront her stalker.

She was ready to fight him if it came to a confrontation. The woman asked what he wanted, and he revealed that he wanted to take a look at the ring she was wearing. Clearly, she had been right about feeling a strange gaze at the checkout line. However, since the man had scared her terribly, she would not let him see the piece of jewelry.

The woman asked him to go away because she was angry about his actions, got into her car, slammed the door, and took off speedily. As she left, she heard him yell, “It doesn’t belong to you!” After calming down a bit, she started to analyze those words, and how would a strange man know something like that? She had purchased the ring fair and square at a flea market.

However, the woman started thinking that she should take the ring to be appraised, and so, she went to the Sotheby’s, the famous auctioneers, to discover if it was worth something. Something must be going on if a stranger was willing to scare her for it. However, she was hesitant about being mocked for thinking she possessed something valuable.

To her surprise, after 30 years with the ring, Sotheby’s revealed that it was a 26-carat diamond that could be traced back to the 19th century. The head of Sotheby’s auction at the time, Jessica Wyndham, gave the woman more information about the ring. It seems that it used to belong to the royal family many years ago.

Wyndham noticed that the cut of the diamond was typical of the 1800s, and it resulted in duller-looking diamonds that what people like these days, which is probably the real reason why no one noticed a real diamond in the middle of a flea market. Modern diamonds reflect light in a certain way because of the cut, and this one was mistaken because of it.

Only a real expert would have determined that the gem was real, mainly because its size is so impressive. They had to test to discover its origins and that normally takes more time. According to the auction house, the ring was worth around $450,000. She decided to sale the ring, which was bought for $851,000.

However, some people did not believe the woman’s story, claiming that it was probably stolen. One person said, “A ring like that doesn’t just end up in a flea market being sold for a few bucks. Somebody somewhere paid a lot of money for that ring and maybe even had it custom made decades ago. You don’t just lose track of a thing like that and accidentally throw it out.”

It’s not the first time something this fantastical has happened, though. A man bought a ring in the 80s as well from the trunk of a car that sold jewelry. It was worth around $15, and it spent years in their house, mostly forgotten because it was supposedly not valuable. However, another family member told them to check it out.

The ring was dirty, but after a thorough cleaning, it was revealed to be worth around $350,000. However, the band the diamond was one was very cheap, which probably fooled people into thinking the rock was worthless. It was also a 26-carat white diamond, and it unbelievable to think that something that insane has happened several times.

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Most of the world’s diamonds come from Sierra Leone in Africa, where most of their people are poor. One pastor named Emmanuel Momoh took a second job mining mineral when he wasn’t in church. He discovered a huge rock, a 709-carat diamond. However, the conflict with diamonds in their country has often led to bloodshed and even more pain for their people.

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The pastor could have tried selling it or taking it out of the country, but he decided to help the nation by giving it to the government. It was locked away in a safe and protected from criminals that would kill anyone for it. The diamond should be ready for auction soon, and it’s expected to be worth around $50 million. It's known as the Peace Diamond. The pastor will receive some part of the profits.

What do you think of these remarkable stories? Would you have given away a diamond that big? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love reading about amazing discoveries. See you next time!

Source: TravelFuntu, Youtube/ODN


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