What Happened After Nancy Was Kidnapped By Uber Driver

Nancy: We’re MILES AWAY from LA... the taxi driver just turned down the music... he’s whispering... that he likes girls like me and that driving fast TURNS HIM ON a lot... God... Amy, I think he is high...or drunk and he’s swearing all the time!

Amy: The police are on the way to the highway, sis.

Nancy: I can’t believe it... he’s driving superfast! sis, if anything happens, I want you to know that I love you...

Amy: Don’t think that way! you’ll be fine, okay? listen to me! the police going to use a spike strip...

Nancy: Use WHAT??

Amy: They are going to stop the car. You have to fasten your seatbelt, this is gonna be tough...


Amy:That’s a thing police put on a road to blow out a car’s tires

Nancy: Oh shit... OH SHIT... I can see the police cars ahead! Amy, I think I’m... gonna...

2 minutes later

Amy: Nancy? hey! NANCY? are you all right?! I don’t like the silence!...

Nancy: I think I am... my god...

Amy: ??

Nancy: I think I was unconsciousness for some time...

Amy: Where the hell is the driver??

Nancy: The car stopped... he took something from the glove box - I think it was a gun…!

Amy: NO WAY!

Nancy: He told me to get out of the car but my head was so hazy... I couldn’t move an inch and then he left! Amy… he ran into the forest and so did the police... they all had guns!

Amy: My goodnes...

Nancy: I think... I think I just heard a gunshot...and another one... there is a goddamn gunfight in the forest!...

On the next day 

Nancy: Thanks for coming to the police office last night, sis. I would have gone crazy there on my own...

Amy: That is what sisters are for. I’m sorry that I left you...had to take my son to a kindergarten.

Nancy: Come on...

Amy: I’ll be back in an hour.

Nancy: Stop it, sis, I’m fine

Amy: What did the police say about the taxi driver?

Nancy: They cornered him in the forest and shot him dead.

Amy: OMG

Nancy: Two police officers died there...

Amy: I can’t believe it... who the hell was the guy??

Nancy: They are trying to identify the guy... he was probably this maniac who is wanted for kidnapping and raping women.

Amy: God...but how could Uber let this happen?!

Nancy: The guy that the police were looking for used different taxi services with fake names. If this is the maniac they were looking for, he has already kidnapped 7 different women!

Amy: Unbelievable...

Nancy: I know... Jesus... it’s over...

Amy: It is! I’m just so glad you’re alright, Nancy! So glad you’re safe now! When will you get home?

Nancy: I’m leaving the police station right now, sis.

Amy: Do you want me to pick you up?

Nancy: No cars, thanks... this time I’ll take a subway.

Later Nancy receives the message from the unknown number 

Unknown: Hello, Nancy How are you feeling?

Nancy: I think I’m fine. My head aches a little...who is this?

Unknown: We met some time ago. Yesterday. Seems like you didn’t enjoy your time with me...

Nancy: Amy?..

Unknown: Why did you call the police? Hmm? You didn’t want to stay with me?

Nancy: If this is one of your not-clever-at-all-jokes... then please stop ... I’m afraid

Unknown: I’m not Amy.

Nancy: Who the hell are you?..

Unknown: You KNOW who I am. Would you be so nice as to talk to me for a while?

The phone call, Nancy picks up and hear man's voice

Unknown: You thought I was dead. However, I’m not. I don’t like anyone ignoring me. Remember I have your home address? I’ll be there as soon as possible, Nancy.

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