7 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best Thing For Valentine's Day (and 5 Ways To Fix It In Case Boredom Strikes)

February is here, and with this romantic month, one of the most polemic dates of the year: Valentine's Day. For some people, it is the perfect occasion to show their true love to their soulmates, while for those who are still single, it can turn into the most infamous holiday. 

But the truth is that you don't have to feel pressure to find your better half just to spend the day with someone. In fact, it is fantastic to be single on Valentine's Day. Aren't you sure about it? Don't worry! Below, we have some reasons to convince you. And in case you want to find someone for that exceptional day, we have some pieces of advice for you. Take a look!  


Let's be honest; being in a relationship can be worth it for some but truly expensive, and the cost increases on February 14. First, you need a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, the chocolate treats, the bouquet, the love card, and any other presents you want to give to your significant other. 

Well, not having a bae for Valentine's means you can feel grateful that you can keep all that money in your wallet. Your bank account won't be aching either. And the best of all is that you can spend all those bucks on something you genuinely want such as a trip, a concert ticket, or some clothes. 


And putting money aside, we cannot forget that preparing the perfect Valentine's Day is stressful. It often involves elaborate planning for the restaurant, the food, the type of flowers, and every single detail to make sure that you soulmate feels loved. Are you single? Be happy because there is no stress for you.


One of the best things about Valentine's is the fact that you can buy as much chocolate as you want for a fraction of the price you usually find it throughout the year. Get all the types that you like the most, and forget about having to share it with anyone. With a bae, you have to let him or her eat that caramel chocolate you really wanted just because it is Valentine's. 


Inevitably, no matter how much money you can spend on a special date and how elaborate your plan is, there is always a big chance that your soulmate's expectations are too high, so he or she can end up very disappointed, or it could also happen the other way round. 

Keep calm because one of the great benefits of being single is that you don't have to worry about feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Those sentiments can hurt a lot, and things can end up pretty bad, but you're saved from all that! Isn't it nice? 


Being single on February 14th means it is merely another day when you can do whatever you want. You don't have to feel forced to have dinner, watch a cheesy romantic movie, and all that while you are all dressed up and strive for being extra lovey-dovey. 

Enjoying bachelorhood means you can just cuddle in bed with your blanket while you binge-watch Netflix. Moreover, you don't have to go through the annoyance of seeing the movie your lover wishes. That hassle is eliminated from your life as you don't have to worry about anyone else but you. 


Ironically, Anti V-Day falls also on February 14, so if you are not celebrating Valentine's Day, you can rejoice on this other holiday, and it is even better when you do so with your squad of single girls. Go to a party with them or watch a movie at home while wearing pajamas and eating all the pizza you want. You'll be so glad not to be dating!


It sounds a bit corny, but you can actually meet someone on February 14 as it is a day when love is in the air. Just keep your eyes open to spot a cute girl who is in front of you at Starbucks, or that handsome clerk helping you at a store. If you were in a relationship, you wouldn't have that incredible opportunity. 

So you only have to be bold, ask for a phone number, or talk to that person at a party. And talking about this, there are a couple of tips you can implement if you truly want to get rid of your bachelorhood in time for Valentine's Day. Although it is only a couple of days away, you can still make it if you...

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Finding the love of your life on Facebook or Instagram has become more frequent these days. You can start liking your crush' post so that can lead to a private chat. Just make sure that his or her status is single; if that's the case, then the coast is clear for you to be a love enchanter. 


Make it easy for others to strike a conversation with you, and you can do so if you let them know you're accessible. Change your chat settings to "on" and make your profile visible. Don't think that it would look desperate or needy. You're only giving some permission to those possible wooers. 


You have to get to know people, and you can also do it outside the cyber world. Organize casual parties before February 14 inviting some of your single friends and their single pals as well. A relaxed environment makes talking easier and more comfortable, which could lead to something else, even a date. 


Don't think that having, let's say, five dates a week is overwhelming; in fact, the more, the better. When you're looking for a job, you want to get as many interviews as possible until you find the perfect match. The same applies to your love life. In order to achieve the ideal number, try mixing drink, dinner, and lunch dates, and even coffee ones.

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We know that finding the perfect person is no easy, so it doesn't hurt to get some help from your BFF to play the matchmaker. You can even make a pact to set each other up. If she knows you well, the chances are that she can find a good prospect for you whom you can be truly compatible.

Or at least she or he can spot someone you can have a good night with. Of course, don't forget to go into this situation with an open mind, but you should absolutely try it. Instead of waiting for an imaginary Cupid, grab the arrows and give them to your bestie to get someone for February 14. 

Whether you want to be single or not on Valentine's Day, there are good reasons for both statuses. What is more important is your happiness, so just do what is best for you. If you liked this article, share it with your single friends, and stay tuned for more interesting news. Until next time!

Source: Her Campus, Dating Advice, Odyssey, Seventeen


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