5 Drama-Full Valentine's Day Break Up Stories That Make Us Doubt Whether It's a Right Day to Celebrate love

Everyone has gone through a break up at least once in their life, and one of the worst parts about it is when it happens unexpectedly. Couples look forward to Valentine’s Day like most other people wait for their birthdays as it is the day designed to make your loved one feel special. A lot of women are obsessed with that day, and even some men have to admit its importance.

Unfortunately, even heartbreak can happen on this day that falls on February 14, and some people have received bad news on what was supposed to be a moment to celebrate love. Those breakup stories might seem like the worst, but there is always a silver lining even in the awful moments, and everyone should remember that they are never alone. Let’s check out these stories.


26-year-old Aimee told her story: "I had a girlfriend in college and I knew I wanted to break up and that our relationship was over, but it was Valentine's Day weekend and it felt like everyone was doing cute stuff, so I felt like I needed to continue the charade. I took her on this nice date, but it was awful and we broke up the next day. Moral of the story: If you need to break up with someone do it, don't feel pressure by Hallmark to stay together."

When two people aren’t right for each other, there is no much either of them can do about it. Sometimes, they try to hold on until the timing is right and that is why Aimee had her Valentine’s Day date, but it was still bad for her. The important thing is not to compromise your own happiness because of society’s expectations.


25-year-old Sara had an interesting story. "My last relationship, my boyfriend and I were cooking dinner together one night and I clicked on his computer to look at the recipe. I saw an email notification confirming a reservation for a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day, and I was super excited he had secretly planned something months in advance.”

“I never told him I saw the email, but I got him a really sweet present and was waiting for Valentine's Day to come around. A week before Valentine's he told me he was going out of town that week to visit family. He had been cheating on me and was going on a Valentine's date with someone else. My friend sent me a picture the other person had posted of them at the restaurant."

Discovering that your partner is cheating is rough on any day, but Sara was excited because she found out he had made Valentine’s Day plans. In modern times, it has become easy to spot a cheater because everyone posts their stories on the internet. However, it was best for Sara to discover early on about his cheating and not when things were more serious.


23-year-old Bec revealed: “We were long distance, and it hadn't been going well for a while but the first break we both had from work and school was Valentine's Day. We both knew it was a breakup trip, but every single restaurant, coffee place, store, everything was decked out in hearts and Cupids. We broke up the first night and I slept on the couch the second night before taking the bus back.”

Unfortunately, everyone gets bombarded with Valentine’s Day decorations, and while single people hate it them the most, there is something to say about couples who are not doing well. Bec might have saved time and broken up on the phone instead of going on that trip where everything reminded both of them that they were not in love anymore.


24-year-old Kat’s story: “I got my ex a ride in a helicopter around the city for Valentine's Day. He hated it the whole time, and 15 minutes into the ride he was shouting to go back down. The second we landed he dumped me and said I should have known he would have hated that. We haven't talked since."

One of the most important things about a relationship is discovering each other’s likes and dislikes. While Kat’s date idea might sound romantic to some people, if her boyfriend was afraid of heights, then they should have done something else. However, it was also wrong of him to not tell about his fear in advance, instead of doing something that jeopardized their relationship.

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21-year-old Annie said: “My sorority has a big Valentine's formal event where you especially invite your crushes and I invited the guy I had been hooking up with for months. He showed up wasted and spent the night trying to make out with a bunch of my sisters. I think he even went home with one. I was so mortified and sad I cried in the bathroom in my dress and made my friends take our Uber to Wendy's.”

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Unfortunately, even if you start off as a casual fling, both parties have to make it clear where they want to go. Inviting a man to her party where other girls would be with their Valentine’s Day crush and then having him not even acknowledge her most have been a horrible moment. Furthermore if one of her sisters went with him, then it was probably time to reconsider her friendships. They say that the only way to find the right person for you is to “kiss a few frogs”, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t be smart about it.

What did you think of these stories? Have you gone through something similar or worse? A real relationship might not be the passionate tale people see on movies, but if there is friendship, honesty, communication, and affection, then it’s bound to be wonderful. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who were burned on Valentine’s Day. See you next time!

Source: Elite Daily


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