14 Things Men Hate Their Girlfriends Doing, Especially on St. Valentine's Day

There are many things that women do that can drive their boyfriends insane. No matter how much a man loves his girlfriend, there are many habits she has that annoy him. While some of them might get over those things and accept them, it could be the reason others break up with their girls. Here is a list of behaviors to avoid this Valentine’s Day.


Many girls do this because they are convinced their man won’t love them if they eat too much or get fat. However, taking food from his plate because they did not order enough for themselves drives men crazy. They hate it. It might not seem like such a huge deal, but he was probably looking forward to that particular meal, and now his girl took half of it away.

In the show ‘Friends’, Joey hated when this happened and often said, “Joey doesn’t share food!” While he might be a little too obsessed with food, he also loved women. Most guys might not be that intense about this situation, but it is still annoying. It’s important for girls to be comfortable eating around their men, especially this February 14th.


Communication is vital in any relationship, but it’s important to remember that some men need time to themselves. It’s either to relax after a hard day of work or to think about certain matters. This does not mean that he is cheating or becoming distant. Everyone needs time to think for themselves. A girl that tries to start a conversation during these moments might have a hard time keeping her man this Valentine.


There is a reason why everyone chooses to date someone else. Movies and books have given some women the idea that a man might change his personality after falling in love. However, in real life that will not happen. Men hate women who complain about their habits all the time. It’s alright to work together towards bettering each other, but women cannot expect to change everything.

Unfortunately, some girls might be trying to create their image of the perfect man in the one they currently have, and this is unreasonable. No woman would appreciate this kind of attitude from a man in return. Nagging is the worst thing a woman in a relationship can do. However, there are some behaviors that are unacceptable, so it’s important to find the right man.


While some girls take a lot of time getting ready and pretty for their man that is not a reason to be late to everything. In fact, most people do not like unpunctuality because it is disrespectful. Wasting someone’s time is a serious matter, and it’s important for both parties to take each other’s feelings into consideration at every opportunity.


While teasing and having fun with each other is an important part of every relationship, no man wants his girl to bring him down at any given moment. If a man takes the time to share his past with his girl, then it’s because there is trust between them. However, if she breaks that trust by gossiping about it to others, then that relationship is going south. A guy will not appreciate having him look foolish.


Some women love having intimate moments with their boyfriends but they do not wish to take it further. They engage in foreplay that will not go into the bedroom. If this is the case, it’s important for girls to tell their men in advance because some guys have confessed that they hate being left hanging in that sense.


Jealousy is green-eyed monster, and unfortunately, all girls have tried spying in their boyfriend’s lives to see if there is something they do not know. This has become easy with the advancements of technology and the boom of social media, but men hate women that do not trust them, especially if they have given no indication that there is something going on. Some girls like to start drama with this behavior.


This is the age of modern technology, and it’s hard to get people to let go of their smartphones. However, it’s important to think about each other’s feeling. No girl would enjoy a man that cannot have dinner without looking at their phone all the time. Couples have to spend time with each other, and men do not appreciate someone that does not seem to enjoy their company enough to put down the phone.


Some women care too much about their image and breaking a fingernail that was recently manicured is a nightmare for most. Men tend to not care about this, and they might listen to their girlfriends complaining without a second thought. Some girls get fixated on inconsequential matters, and a guy will definitely hate it because there is nothing to do if it happens.


Women tend to think that men are more confident than they are, but the truth is that they need just as much encouragement about everything as girls do. A boyfriend might tell his girl that she is beautiful, but she might not think to say something back because girls don’t know that guys need to hear it too.

On the other hand, some girls cannot take compliments from their men and need too many reassurances. This is something he will hate. It’s important for women to get that if a man has chosen to be with her, then he finds her attractive, and she has other qualities he finds pleasing. Compliments can make or break a relationship.


Women have this thing called intuition, so they can sometimes tell when something is up. Furthermore, they have enhanced empathy, and they are more aware of people’s emotions. Sadly, men are not necessarily like that. There is a huge chance that a man will have no idea why his girlfriend is angry at him. They cannot read women’s minds, even if girls think it’s something obvious.


Regarding women that need too many reassurances, some girls ask their boyfriends if they look fat in an outfit, but there is no real answer to that question. A boyfriend that answer with “yes” is in for a fight, and another that says “no” might not be telling the truth. It’s time for girls to stop asking this question of men, and decide for themselves if they love how they look in the mirror because that is all that matters.

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Some girls will manipulate their men to get things done their way, but that create danger in any relationship. Guilt trips are something that all men hate, and no woman would appreciate it either. A couple will inevitably have many decisions and opposing views over time, but if they compromise on every matter instead of exploiting guilty, they will be better in the long run.

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This goes back to the aspect of expecting a man to read his girl’s mind. It’s not going to happen. Some men might pick on stuff quicker than others, but they will hate that their partner did not come forward with the truth in the first place. That is called “playing games”, and no one likes that unless they are dramatic. If he took the time to ask his woman if something was wrong, then she needs to tell him.

What do you think of these things men hate? Honestly, no women would like them either, so it’s best for both people in the relationship to be as straight forward and communicative as possible, but also to give each other enough space to be themselves. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who have had a hard time with their men. See you next time!

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