33 Common Mistakes To Lose a Boyfriend Right Before Valentine's Day

Some women are obsessed with Valentine’s Day, but there are several behaviors that could make them lose their boyfriends. Men like confident women, but also those that are just good people in general as well as attractive. There are many things a woman can do that will make her man lose interest, so check these out to avoid getting dumped this season.

1. A woman that speaks badly about everyone even those she considers her best friends. Some women are double-faced, and they will talk trash to their man about others, thinking that there is nothing wrong with that attitude.

2. A girl that sees another woman as her rival. Unfortunately, for some people, life seems like a race against others, and it seems that some women have a tendency for competition. That is not attractive at all, especially if they act on those impulses.

3. A woman that makes fun of something that was impactful to him. If a man took the time to tell his girl about something important, he does not want to have it thrown at his face, or being teased about it. Men have feelings too.

4. A girl that drinks too much, gets reckless, and sometimes has a horrible personality. Unfortunately, alcohol can have the worst effect on people, and some women don’t know how to measure themselves in these moments.

5. A woman that starts talking about pregnancies and kids just when they have started dating. Some girls like to plan ahead, but their men might not be ready to talk about that kind of commitment so early on the relationship.

6. A woman that has no concept of what is happening around her regarding the news. Despite what some women think, men like to have important discussions with men, and major world events are important.

7. A girl that cannot stop worrying about her appearance. While maintaining a clean look is reasonable, someone who cannot get over their looks and has to check the mirror all the time can be exhausting. Furthermore, looks are not everything.

8. A woman that will look at her smartphone while her man is trying to talk to her. This is just disrespectful. No one should have to talk to someone that cannot let go of their phone for one second. If this happens, she is letting him know that she is not interested.

9. A girl that has bad breath and does not clean up well. While a vain woman that worries about her looks might be tiring, a girl with horrible hygiene is a huge turn off for any man.

10. A woman that cannot talk to him about the same interests. Any couple will have different likes, but they have to find a common ground where they can talk.

11. A woman that looks at almost every other man that is around her. A man wants to be the center of attention of his girl.

12. A girl who only talks about herself and does not care to ask about him. Men really do not like narcissists, and they like women that want to get to know them.

13. A woman that has no life outside her man or their relationship. Both partners should have different interests.

14. A girl that cannot get when she does not get her way during a game. Some women are not great at losing, but men don’t like throwing any game all the time.

15. A woman that interrupts his thoughts. Men like to express themselves, and girls have to give them their time instead of trying to take over the conversation.

16. A woman that only cares about the most expensive things on the menu or a store. These are vapid women that some men will avoid at all costs.

17. A girl that cannot spell to save her life. While this might not be a problem to men that are not great at grammar, a smarter man will want an intelligent woman.

18. A woman that is obsessed with photographs and selfies. This is another example of women that might be too narcissistic, and those that force their men to take pictures are worse.

19. A girl that hates animals in general and makes a scene whenever one is close. While some men do not enjoy being around animals either, they don't like women that freak out over nothing.

20. A woman that cheats on her man. Even if the man she is with at the moment is not her “exclusive boyfriend”, he will take notice that this girl does not care for commitments.

21. A girl that does not have ambition. Some men are driven, and they need to have a partner that matches their goals.

22. A woman that says she is “fine” when she actually angry. Men hate dishonesty and women that think they can read minds.

23. A girl that does not let him have a guys’ night. These kinds of women are too controlling and jealous. A man needs time with his buddies every once in a while.

24. A woman that issues ultimatums to get her way. Some girls use manipulation and guilt to get their men to do whatever they want, and that is not alright.

25. A girl that cannot see the silver lining in anything. Men need women that can see the positive aspect of life because sometimes they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders.

26. A woman that won’t make the effort to like his friends or family. The people around a man are just as important as his girl, so they will definitely leave a partner that dislikes them.

27. A girl that is not fun in the bedroom. Some women just lay there and expect their men to do all the work, and it’s no exciting for them.

28. A woman that will turn down men based on a specific aspect. Some women will not date men that are too short or too fat, instead of seeing beyond that, and men hate it.

29. A girl that gets jealous of everything. No man wants to be with a woman that tracks him down or does not allow him to befriend other women.

30. A woman that does not enjoy and belittles a man’s taste in music. Everyone has their own likes, and it’s important to respect them in all relationships.

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31. A girl that will pick a fight out of nowhere for no reason. Men do not like problematic women. While some arguments can lead to passion, too much fighting can negatively affect a relationship.

32. A woman that will compare her current boyfriend to other men. Guys do not like being compared to others in any way. It’s also disrespectful.

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33. A girl that does not see how amazing she is. Men don’t like having needy women that they need to reassure all the time. Confidence is the key to beauty!

What do you think of these facts that men do not like about women? These kinds of women might find themselves without a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day if they do not change their behavior. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who need to do better in relationships. See you next time!

Source: Thought Catalog


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