Worst Grammy Award Dresses That Some Celebrities Might Feel Really Bad About (And Some To Be Proud Of)

The Grammys are one of the most expected nights of the year. It is an occasion to recognize the best musicians from the industry, but also everyone wants to see their favorite artists shine in the red carpet. Although some of them managed to look really well, some others didn’t try that hard to impress the public, so let’s see who were the best and worst dressed of the night.


1. Camila Cabello

The ‘Havanna’ singer surprised everyone wearing a sparkly pink gown. The dress highlighted her best attributes, and she made her best poses for the cameras. Her dress was made by Armani Privé, and she matched it with a ponytail. It was one of the most vibrant dresses of the night.

2. Alicia Keys

The R&B singer looked incredibly great in a red gown by Armani, showing that long sleeve dresses were a trend on this occasion. Alicia Keys is known for her naturalness because she tends to avoid using makeup and also wears her curly hair. Of course, she is a big inspiration for many women out there.

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley’s outfit was very different from the typical things that women wore in the gala. She wore a sleek black pantsuit, and also a pair of high heels with her initials at the back. This little detail turned her outfit from lowkey to trendy, and it wouldn’t be weird if shoes like this become popular this season. She definitely is a trendsetter.

4. Shawn Mendes

The popular singer opted for a classic style: a dark-blue suit. Of course, he didn’t need more than that to have all the girls screaming his name. He also posed on the red carpet alongside Miley Cyrus, and they looked adorable together. Later, they offered a great performance that everyone loved.

5. Lady Gaga

Another of the most commented dresses of the night was Lady Gaga’s gown. She wore a silver, shining gown made by Céline, which fitted her perfectly and caught everyone’s attention. Also, she matched her dress with over 100 carats of diamonds by Tiffany & Co and wore a pair of silver high heels as well.

6. BTS

The famous K-pop band was present in the ceremony and decided to wear coordinated black tuxedos. Although every tuxedo looked similar, they all had different details. This was the first time the Korean band attended to the Grammy awards, and surely they didn’t go unnoticed, especially for their colored hair.

7. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada never stops amazing us. Her incredible good taste was shown in the Grammy Awards when she walked the carpet in a romantic, pale-pink gown with a flowing, feathered train, and the dress also featured sparkly embroidery at the sides. Also, she definitely looks better as she ages, so probably many women are hoping to look like her at her age.


1. Jennifer Lopez

We are used to seeing JLo wearing the best outfits of all, but this occasion was an exception. Despite how nice looked her gown, the hat she used seemed a bit out of place. Maybe, if she had worn the dress without any hat, she would have looked better. Of course, she was criticized for many fashion gurus.

2. Kylie Jenner

Everyone knows that fashion is not always about the most common clothing, but Kylie’s outfit was a bit confusing. The makeup mogul wore an oversized Balmain pantsuit, which included gloves and a bedazzled belt. Despite it was something pretty different to all we have seen before, this outfit didn’t favor her a lot.

3. Katy Perry

The pop singer’s gown was divided into two parts. The top half was simply breathtaking and looked great on her, but the bottom half was a whole different story. Many people said that this gown designed by Balmain looked like a futuristic cupcake, and also many took this dress as a joke. Hopefully, she will have better luck next time.

4. Heidi Klum

The supermodel’s gown was a white Stephane Rolland tuxedo dress, which caused a lot of different opinions. While many adored how she looked, others hated the ruffled sleeves. However, Heidi Klum could wear a trash bag and still look beautiful. Also, the pictures showed that she was having fun and enjoying the moment, so good for her.

5. Cardi B

Cardi B’s gown was one of the most criticized of the night. If you want to know why just take a look at the pictures. Her dress was inspired in Venus, and it was designed by Manfred Mugler. Of course, it was a bit eccentric for the occasion and memes didn’t take long to come out. However, she can be sure that everyone will remember her after this.

6. Jeannie Mai

Known for hosting the E! Live Red Carpet, now Jeannie will also be remembered for wearing the riskiest outfit of all. She used a white Balmain jumpsuit that had transparent parts, so she seemed to be half naked. However, many fashion experts said that the jumpsuit didn’t fit her as it should and that it would have been better if she used another outfit.

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7. Tierra Whack

The rapper is known for her crazy and uncommon outfits, so of course, no one could expect less from her. She didn’t go unnoticed and had every color of the rainbow over her. She wore a colorful fur coat and matched her makeup using the same colors. Her gown made her stand out, but honestly not for good reasons.

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What do you think about all these gowns? Who do you think it was the best and worst dressed? Luckily, the awards season is only beginning, and there are many other shows and galas everyone is dying to see. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your fashionista friends and also, don’t forget to stay tuned so you can keep reading interesting news like this.

Source: USA Today, Insider


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