Will Smith's Genie Has Fans Going To Ignore The Movie After Trailer Drops

Since months ago, people have been waiting to see more of the new live-action remake of the ‘Aladdin’ movie. Everyone got really excited when the actor Will Smith announced he would be playing the genie, but now that a first look of the character has been revealed, people are doubting if this movie is going to be a success.


Weeks ago, the first image of Will Smith as the genie came out, but he looked like a normal person. In other words, he didn’t have blue skin. Everyone started to freak out since the blue skin is one of the most remarkable traits of the character, and the actor even had to clarify through his Instagram account that everybody needed to chill out because he would have blue skin.

Finally, it was known how the actor would be personified in the live action movie that will premiere in May 2019. During the 2019 Grammys Awards, a new trailer of ‘Aladdin’ was released and showed what everyone wanted to see, the blue genius played by Will Smith. However, although everyone finally saw what they were expecting for so long, the reactions were a bit negative.


Will Smith also posted a brief part of the trailer on his Instagram account besides a picture of the blue character, and captioned the post saying: ‘I told y’all I was gon’ be blue! Y’all need to trust me more often!’ in reference to all the worried comments people had said before. The movie is directed by Guy Ritchie and will have Mena Massoud as Aladdin, and Naomi Scott as Jasmine.

But getting back to all the stir caused by the trailer of this movie, there was a lot of people who expressed through social networks like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, how worried they are for Will Smith’s character. In resume, the CGI concept doesn’t convince the fans, and they think that the new design of the iconic genie could have been better.


Basically, the critics are about how scary he looks as the genie. People have said that he looks like the monster of some nightmare, and a Twitter user even said that ‘Will Smith as the genie looks like what one of those kids from the 90’s Fruit Gushers commercials would look like if they never found a cure for their fruit curse’.

Of course the memes didn’t take long to invade the internet, and currently, this topic is the joke of the moment for many people. For many, Smith's appearance as the iconic character ‘has destroyed their childhood.’ And some others even said that probably it would have been way better if the genie was black.


Also, people are commenting on how poorly made the character looks, and they didn’t hesitate at replying the official Disney tweet of the video with a lot of negative opinions. Besides, people don’t stop comparing Will Smith with Robin Williams, saying that ‘no one will ever do that role better than him,’ although William’s character was a cartoon.

However, despite all the negative critics, there are people saying that they will give Will Smith a chance. Fans filled Will Smith’s Instagram post with tons of positive comments, telling him that they can’t wait to see him on the big screen. Someone even commented: ‘This looks so good! Can’t wait to see it! You’re going to be an awesome genie.’


It is interesting to see how at the beginning people were disappointed for not seeing Will Smith with blue skin, but now that they have seen him, opinions are more mixed than ever. This might be because people are emotionally linked to the original movie and Robin Williams as well, but hopefully, this new movie will surprise all the fans out there.

Let’s remember that the original ‘Aladdin’ that was released on 1992, it even won an Oscar for Best Animated Film, so if it is true that there is a big expectation to meet, surely Disney will know how to overcome themselves with this new live-action movie. Also, this is not the only live-action movie that the Mouse House is preparing; ‘The Lion King’ will be premiered in a couple of months, as well as ‘Dumbo’.


Anyway, many think this movie might be included as another successful blockbuster in Will Smith’s filmography since the actor basically turns everything he touches into gold. Some of his most famous movies are 'Bad Boys,' 'Men in Black,' 'Wild Wild West', and 'I Am Legend'. But not having enough with his actual fortune, he recently started working with Netflix, which may increase his fortune dramatically in 2019.

Currently, his net worth is of approximately $300 million, but despite all the things he has achieved, he keeps doing new things, and he is always trying luck in new projects like his YouTube channel. Also, he is considered as one of the nicest celebrities, so the public adores him. That’s why it is so hard to imagine that there might be some people who will refuse to watch ‘Aladdin’ only because they hate how the genie looks.

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Luckily for the fans, this was just a trailer so it exists a huge possibility they will be refining the CGI character for the finished film. Don’t forget that on many occasions, the movie ends being way different than the previous trailers. So, if you hated how Will Smith looks at the genie, just pray and hope for the best.

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What do you think about the genie’s appearance? Do you like how he looks or not? Tell us more about it in the comments section. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends to see what they think about this, and stay tuned for more entertaining content like this. Surely you will love it!

Source: Insider


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