Doctor Strange Will Definitely Play An Important Role In 'Avengers: Endgame'

'Avengers: Endgame' will have a lot of answers to the questions many of us Marvel fans have with the disappearing heroes. It looks like Doctor Strange will be playing a significant role in the upcoming movie. A lot of MCU loyalists were taken aback with the final scenes in the 'Avengers: Infinity War' movie. It was unlike its previous sequels where the film may start and continue with the heroes taking a loss, but still manage to come out as champions at the end of the film.

It's not like 'Infinity War' wasn’t as action-filled as expected. The battle with Thanos was a great one. The heroes fought their best and would’ve dealt with Thanos, if not because the Infinity Stones were used to their disadvantage.

Talking about the final war with Thanos, although we may not have been seeing the millions of possibilities of the future through the eyes of Dr. Strange, all we could do is notice some of the things he did. Did you observe that it seemed like the Sorcerer Supreme activated the time stone before handing it over to Thanos?

Well, magic is undoubtedly a tricky thing, and Jamie Foster tried to explain their seemingly magical technology during 'Thor: The Dark World.' But in Dr. Strange, we got to see another side - time travel. His skills are relatively new to the MCU. 

And from the show, we came to find out that every time he uses magic, there is a price to be paid, as emphasized by Mordo. But with time travel, Wong warned the Doctor that not only is he manipulating time, but he is also changing the space-time continuum; we witnessed this in the movie. The conclusion? Anything he does comes with a price.

Back to the reason why Dr. Strange is the big guy here. We know he always has something up his sleeve and that's why it's easier to believe he kept an enchantment on the time stone. Let's do a recap. Remember when Ebony Maw tried grabbing the Eye of Aggamoto from the sorcerer during the invasion of New York?

So, he cast a spell on the stone, that no one else could touch it other than himself, (Maw has a scar to prove that). On his death, the chances of ever retrieving the stone from the eye are even slimmer. It shows that he could've done the same this time before he handed it over.

Proof of that could be the fact that it seemed that Thanos injured himself when using the Infinity Gauntlet. One last trick from Strange? Okay, we also see the way the stone glowed when he handed it over, and the way it gave out green rings similar to when the magician uses it, unlike the other rocks that give out only a colored light when put to work.

Not only can Strange visit millions of possible futures in a second; astral projection also seems to be his thing. So, it is likely that he remained there physically while his astral form was busy in some other dimension and what not. And there's infinite time with the time travel, so perhaps, he’s just trying out endless possibilities. We thought Strange perished before he could tell Tony Stark about the one good future he had seen, but maybe we are wrong, and he did manage to pass this message across.

If you're not looking into magic, and with the disappearance of Dr. Strange, the quantum realm is the only other shot at visiting the future or different timelines. Maybe he is stuck in one of those. We wouldn't be surprised. A proof that there will undoubtedly be more of the quantum realm, is that Scott Lang was present in the trailer of the 'Avengers: Endgame'.

And of course, you have to recall that it seemed that Scott was stuck in the quantum field due to the decimation of those that would've helped him out. And up till this point, we’re still shocked as to how he got out. But the good news is good anyways, and we need more of that.

It's obvious that Tony Stark too was very vital in the survival of the world, as Strange gave up the stone to save him. Knowing Dr. Strange, it is possible he timed handing over the Time Stone in such a way that he ensured Scott remained trapped in the quantum realm. And also, he could've created a time loop.

With the Time Stone and Dr. Strange gone, the only way time travel may be possible is through Antman’s time vortex. And Hank Pym too did not survive the decimation, so that leaves just Scott. Of course, if they had used this earlier, coupled with Scott's ability to shrink, they could've beat Thanos.

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Yeah yeah, Dr. Strange promised Thanos no tricks when he handed over the stone, but please! If the all-powerful Dormammu couldn't sense that he created a time loop when he defeated him, we think Thanos too wouldn't have known. And that leaves room for an endless loop. Perhaps the team would go back in time and stop Thanos from even collecting the infinity stones in the first place.

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If there's one thing we are sure of, its time travel. But the question is - if a tiny change in time could massively affect the MCU, is it worth it? Especially when it's unpredictable? Well, we sure know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided us with hours of constant action, suspense, and thrill. They would surely find a way around all this. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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