25 Ingenious Things That All Schools Need To Implement, The Sooner - The Better

For many kids, schools are a synonym of boredom. However, some creative professors have managed to turn these places into something much more fun. In this list, you will see many school inventions that will cheer up any student. Also if you are a teacher, this will give you plenty of ideas for your classroom!

1. Look at this Math class doormat. In case the students are learning about geometry, this will help them a lot.

2. An Imgur user shared this ‘university hack’: ‘This is how my university stops people from leaving with the calculators.’

3. In this school, they painted the lockers as books to encourage the students to read. It is a very creative idea, and it looks great!

4. A Reddit user posted this, and we think it is awesome: ‘My university has a secure charging station where you can safely lock and charge your devices.’

5. This classroom has walls that can be used as whiteboards in case you have an idea and need to write it somewhere.

6. This library has noise-level guides that change color when it gets too loud, so you will know when to lower your voice.

7. Many students go to school riding their skateboards, so this middle school has a skateboard locker.

8. This is perfect to decrease stairs traffic.

9. This basketball hoop will make children throw garbage where they have too. This guarantees a clean school!

10. A Reddit user showed this and explained: ‘My daughter’s school uses these to transport babies around campus.’

11. In this school kids accumulate tokens to get free books from this vending machine. It is a great idea to keep them interested.

12. Look at this creative mural in a school. It is like a library, and it has Fahrenheit 451 positioned on the fire extinguisher.

13. This hallway looks pretty different from other schools, and we can be sure that students love taking pictures here.

14. This is a beautiful path made of stones that were painted by students. It is incredible what kids can do to contribute to their school.

15. Instead of selling sodas or candies, this school has vending machines full of school supplies in case you need one.

16. This is a great idea for students to memorize these formulas. We are sure that they got stuck in their memories forever.

17. A Reddit user posted this curious picture and explained: ‘This cooking class has a mirror above the teacher’s table so the students can see what the teacher is doing.’

18. Here is another creative (and romantic) idea to get students interested in books. Besides, they will get a surprise when they open the packages.

19. We all know that been sitting for hours can be annoying, so a teacher got these comfortable, flexible seats for her classroom.

20. This school library looks so cool and comfortable that students would pass hours sitting and reading many books.

21. Some schools are implementing these new tablet tables, and they are becoming the new technology boom.

22. If you are too hurry to use the stairs, what about using a slide? You can find these at the Technical University of Munich.

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23. A Reddit user posted this and explained: 'My son's homework has a barcode that when scanned takes him to an instructional YouTube video posted by his teacher related to the lesson.'

24. Look at this school's periodic table. It has a little piece of almost every item so the students can see what they are. 

25. With this, no student will forget where to hang the cables of the computer room. A funny and practical idea!

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What do you think about all these creative inventions? Did you have something like this in your school? If you liked this article, share it with your friends so they can enjoy it as well, and stay tuned for more content like this.

Source: Bright Side, Bored Panda


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