An Artist Shows How Celebrities Would Look Like With Their Younger Selves And It's Amazing

Ard Gelinck is a Photoshop master who has managed to create the most moving pictures ever. His latest project consists of creating photos were celebrities appear with the younger versions of themselves. This makes us think about all the dreams they had when young, and how many things they have achieved today.

1. Here we can see Freddie Mercury, lead singer of one of the most incredible bands of all times: Queen.

2. Did you know that Amy Winehouse was a ballet dancer when she was just a kid?

3. Both versions of Tina Turner are incredibly happy for this encounter.

4. Many years have passed since Harrison Ford played Han Solo for the first time.

5. Robbie Williams currently looks very different from his days as the singer of a boy band.

6. We all can agree that George Clooney has aged fine as wine.  

7. Both versions of Daniel Radcliffe are very well known.

8. Who would have imagined that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be so successful someday?

9. It is impossible to forget Emma Watson since she portrayed Hermione in ‘Harry Potter’.

10. Ed Sheeran has been a creative person since he was just a kid.

11. Surely, young Julia Roberts would be so proud of her actual version.

12. For Sting, the days of dressing in ripped clothes were left behind.

13. Tom Cruise has worked very hard to get where he is today.

14. Here is Michiel Huisman, and you must remember him for his role as Daario in Game of Thrones.

15. Many thought that he wouldn’t have success, but currently, Justin Timberlake is one of the most successful singers.

16. If there is something we can be sure of, is that Johnny Depp has earned more style along the years.

17. Here we have one of the most beautiful women of all times: Jennifer Aniston.

18. Mick Jagger has never stopped being one of the most incredible rockstars.

19. Michael J. Fox still looks as his iconic character Marty McFly.

20. Nowadays, Bruno Mars is everything that his younger self dreamed of becoming someday.

21. Sylvester Stallone still preserves his fighter spirit.

22. After many years on the business, Paul McCartney still is one of the most admired musicians.

23. We wonder if Tom Hanks ever imagined how successful he would be someday.

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24. Nowadays Cher is 72, and she still looks as cheerful as her young self.

25. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, Brad Pitt still drives his fans crazy.

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This incredible project made Ard Gelinck earn thousands of followers on Instagram, exceeding more than 25,000. Now tell us, which of those pictures was your favorite and why? Share this list with your friends so they can enjoy this as well, and stay tuned for more similar content.

Source: Bright Side


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