Aquaman Sequel Is Officially Happening And Here Are The Most Daring Things Fans Would Love To See

It’s not surprising that ‘Aquaman’ will be getting a sequel after grossing more than $1 billion, but the announcement did take a long time. It’s the most successful DC movie ever, including Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batmans’. The post-credits scene perfectly set up a sequel that could be even better than the first one. Let’s get into the details.


Unfortunately, there is still no word on the future of ‘Justice League’, but there are many DC projects coming this year, and the ‘Aquaman’ sequel in the coming years is bound to expand Arthur Curry’s narrative, especially now that he holds the trident of Atlan and will rule Atlantis with Mera at his side. Furthermore, Ocean Master and Black Manta are the villains, but other threats are also on the horizon.

‘Aquaman 2’ could take many different directions, but it’s still unclear which one Warner Bros. will choose. What is probably evident is that Jason Momoa’s Arthur ascended the throne of Atlantis after getting the trident and the king’s armor. However, Arthur is yet unclear on how to rule a kingdom, and he might not be able to handle it despite the movie’s happy ending.

There is also a chance that other underwater beings are not pleased to serve under the rule of a man who deposed the former commander of the military of Atlantis, and Xebel might oppose as well. The sequel should show a more significant power struggle as Arthur has no idea how to be a king for people he only just met. He might end up losing the throne by the end of the next film.


Mera is the best person to handle the biggest issues regarding Atlantis as she also knows a lot about the surface world. She is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she could be the person guiding her people into trusting Arthur’s rule. He might be fighting to keep the throne, but Mera will be vitally important. In the end, they might decide to make her queen, just like the comics.

However, it seems that she will be Arthur’s support system and guide, and they will build their relationship as they work together to make Atlantis and the rest of the world better. Mera also knows all about the politics of Atlantis, which will come in handy when trying to maintain the underwater kingdoms united. She could also use her power to force peace.


His mother’s presence is going to make Arthur more confident about his new life as King, mainly because Queen Atlanna has experience at leading. However, she will also teach Arthur how to use the trident better during a fight. While he was great against Orm, he could only win on the surface, and Atlanna was able to defend her family and face the Karathen.

Therefore, some training sequences are to be expected for the sequel as well, so that Arthur will indeed become the master of the trident. Atlanna has been away from Atlantis for many years, so she might not know the current state of affairs to help him with politics, and although Mera, and Orm, learned from her lessons as children, that was a long time ago.

It would not be surprising to see Mera and Atlanna on different sides during a problem, and Arthur would have to choose who is right. Not everyone will get along and live happily-ever-after, or there would be nothing exciting to watch. Atlanna could end up losing her son once again in the next installment.


Just like in the comic books, defeating Ocean Master does not mean he is gone forever, and even before Arthur told Orm that they would talk when things were settled, it already seemed like he would be back to face his brother. Orm wants to wage war against the surface world for their carelessness against the sea and because they are vile. That opinion will not change just because there is a new king.

Even King Nereus said that the war against the surface would happen at some point, and maybe others share this mentality, like the people of Xebel. Orm has been a staple in the comics as he searched for weapons and objects that could make him better and that ensure Atlantis could succeed during the war he wants. However, ‘Aquaman 2’ could have Orm and Arthur joining forces to battle something else.


After the post-credits scene, Black Manta was seen injured but still alive, and his suit of armor infused with Atlantean technology is still working. His ability to make more weapons out of nothing could have him gathering a whole army against Aquaman for the sequel. In the comics, Black Manta is Aquaman’s greatest enemy because Orm was always just a rival.

He is not likely to give up his thirst for vengeance anytime soon after Arthur let his father die. Black Manta could decide to wage war against Atlantis as revenge and end up killing Arthur’s mother to make it “an eye for an eye”. Furthermore, Black Manta has also found a new friend that will help him understand the underwater world better.


Despite his few appearances in ‘Aquaman’, Dr. Stephen Shin could be instrumental in Black Manta’s revenge. He saved Black Manta to have him kill Arthur, but he is also adamant in exposing the underwater world that no one above water wants to believe exists. The movie version of the character seems more odious than the one seen on DC’s ‘New 52’.

He was part of Arthur’s upbringing, but his desire to discover more about Atlantis, and eventually his rage over being belittled by the rest of his peers over his research, drives him to betray Arthur and his friends. Whatever Black Manta will do in the next film, Dr. Shin will be the brains of the operation, but he could end up regretting his actions.


King Nereus supported Arthur in the final battle after he returned with the trident, but that might have been a smart political move as he knows when to pick his battles. Although he is Mera’s father in the film instead of her husband like the comics, he still could be a threat to Arthur because it did not seem like he was happy kneeling before an outsider.

Arthur could end up marrying his daughter, but not everything is going to be cheery. If Black Manta, Ocean Master, and Dr. Shin want another ally in their battle against Arthur and Atlantis, King Nereus could help them by getting the inside scoop thanks to his daughter. Whatever happens, it could seriously blindside Arthur if the villains get it right.


In terms of the production itself, many people want director James Wan back for ‘Aquaman 2’ after he breathed new life into the DC Universe. Warner Bros. also wants him to return, and according to some sources, Wan will make his decisions once he sees the script. It’s not surprising that Warner Bros. wants him back as desperately as they did with Patty Jenkins for ‘Wonder Woman 2’.

The colorful kingdom of Atlantis has finally paved the way for a less dark DC that proved to be a failed endeavor after all the Zack Snyder films. ‘Aquaman’ finally surpassed Nolan’s 2012 trilogy finale which brought in $1.24M, and while predictions said that ‘Aquaman’ would get big numbers, the success of the movie has been incredible.

Before Nolan’s trilogy, Tim Burton’s 1989 ‘Batman’ was the highest-grossing DC movie, and it will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Therefore, ‘Aquaman’ being on the top spot is the first time that Batman will be in second place. It’s not surprising that Warner Bros. is moving fast with ‘Aquaman 2’, and James Wan is also the first director to bring billion-dollar results for two different companies.

‘Furious 7’ gathered $1.5 billion for Universal in 2016, and fans are waiting for the announcement that he will return to the sequel. Fortunately, it seems that Wan is invested in the underwater world that is so fantastic it has been compared to Middle Earth, the Jedi Galaxy, and even the Wizarding World. There is a lot of ground for the filmmaker to explore.

He has proven that his work can reach amazing international levels because only 28% of ‘Aquaman’s grossing came from the U.S. It’s the first DC Comics film to be so accepted worldwide. Most people would not believe that he started his career in horror with R-rated and low-budget projects. His first film, ‘Saw’, was completed in 18 days with a $1.2 million budget.

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It gathered $103 million around the world, and Lionsgate released six sequels, although Wan was not the director. For the first couple of sequels, he got credited as producer, but as the story strayed from his original view, Wan distanced himself. After that, he directed the original and the sequels for ‘Insidious’ and ‘The Conjuring’, commenting:

“I think the sequel to Insidious is kind of my reaction to Saw, where for my own reason I wasn’t as involved in the sequels, and so I felt with Insidious, I think it would be good to shepherd it and keep it more in track to the vision I had when I made the first film so that it doesn’t detour too far. I never set out to make sequels to any of my films I direct. If they happen, that’s great because that means people out there love it and they want more of it. But I always felt with Insidious we created this really interesting world that we can explore more…”

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‘Aquaman’ took a lot of work with 172 days just for photography with shots of Queensland, Morocco, Italy, and Canada. Therefore, it’s likely that he will continue with the sequel. After the success of ‘Furious 7’, Warner Bros. chose him to work on a superhero movie, and Wan even considered working on 'The Flash' but ended up choosing ‘Aquaman’ for the challenge of a character with a bad reputation and the potential for a fantasy world.

Let us know what you think about ‘Aquaman 2’ and what should happen between Mera and Arthur to keep their romance alive. If James Wan really chooses to continue with the sequel, it’s bound to be amazing. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love Jason Momoa. See you next time!

Source: Uproxx, Screen Rant, Deadline


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