16 Special Makeup Tricks That Help Women To Get What They Want

Everyone knows that beauty products can be very expensive so, what can you do if you need a specific product, but you can’t buy it? Here you will find some awesome makeup tricks that will save you in any hurry. The best thing about this is that you will learn how to turn your most basic products in those that you really need. Let’s start!

1. Tinted brow gel

If you don’t own a proper pigment for your eyebrows, you can create your own. The only thing you will need will be aloe gel and some eyeshadow of the same color of your eyebrows. Scrape the eyeshadow and mix the powder with the gel. Now, just apply it as you think convenient.

2. Eyeliner

If you ran out of eyeliner, you could use liquid lipstick in replacement. Look for a fine brush and use it in the same way you would use the eyeliner. No one will ever suspect what you actually did. Besides, this will help you to match your eyeliner with your lipstick! Surely you will look great.

3. Create your own contour

Sometimes you don’t have all the brushes you need and let’s be honest, there are so many types of brushes that it is a bit annoying to buy them all. Instead, you can turn a basic brush into a contour one. How? Squish it using bobby pins. In this way, the brush will become flat, and it will be perfect for contouring.

4. Fixing lipstick

Sometimes you apply too much lipstick, and it overpasses the border of your lips. There is no need of saying it, but it looks terrible every time it happens. Of course, fixing it is also difficult because you don’t want to spread the lipstick all over your chin, so the best thing you can do is contouring your lips with concealer and problem solved.

5. Foundation

Running out of foundation when you are about to go out could be any girl’s nightmare. However, you still can use what it is left in the bottle if you mix it with face cream. It might not be the best solution but surely will get you out of a hurry. Try this and see how it works!

6. Adjustable eyeshadow brush

If the only eye brush you have is too big to apply the eyeshadow, use a little rubber band to make it thinner. As you can see, there is no need of buying several brushes. You only need to know how to get the best from the ones you have.

7. ‘Balloon blender’

In case you don’t have a brush or a beauty blender to apply foundation, did you know that you can use a balloon instead? First, make sure it is clean. Second, inflate it a bit. Now, just apply your foundation on it and then over your face. This cheap trick will make you look amazing!

8. Renew your mascara

Don’t throw your empty mascara bottle yet! You still can get some product from it. How? Just add a bit of lens solution to the bottle and shake up. In this way, you will be able to use mascara until you buy a new one. Remember that despite how much this trick might help you, the best you can do is buy another mascara.

9. Clear lip balm

Did you know that you can create your own clear lip balm? You don’t have to spend many dollars to have one. Buy a generic clear lip balm and microwave it for 30 seconds. Look for an empty lipstick and put a flower inside it, then pour the lip balm in the empty tube and let it chill for 2 hours. The result will amaze you.

10. Lipsticks

If you have several almost empty lipsticks, you can empty them and pour them inside another plastic container so that you can use them without any trouble. Also, you can pour several lipsticks in the same container, so you can get rid of all the unnecessary tubes.

11. Fix your makeup

Every girl knows that when it comes to makeup, there is nothing worse than throwing your highlights palette or any other cosmetic because there is a part of it that's broken. If this happens to you, calm down. There is a solution! Pour all the powder in a recipient and add a bit of alcohol. You can remove the excess with a paper towel and done, you will be able to use it in a couple of hours.

12. Empty lip gloss

In case you run out of your favorite lip gloss, there is a way to still get product from it, and it is so easy that you won’t believe it. Fill a bowl with hot water and submerge the lip gloss on it. Wait five minutes and done, you will be able to keep using your favorite lip gloss for a while.

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13. Broken powder

Here is another trick that might save your makeup (and your wallet). If for any reason you break your powder, don’t throw it right away. Pour rubbing alcohol on the powder and use a spoon to grind it up and compact it again. Wait until it gets dry, and after that, you can start using it again.

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Now tell us, which one of these makeup tricks seems like the most useful for you? Also, tell us how did it go if you followed one of these hacks. Don’t forget to share this practical article with all your friends so they can learn what to do in those cases as well, and stay tuned for more helpful content like this.

Source: YouTube/5-Minute Crafts GIRLY


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