Iron Man Is No Different From Thanos: 10 Things That Make Us Think So

You probably have heard the line “we’re more similar than you think” in a villain-hero conversation or battle so many times that its already a cliche. Sometimes good heroes do have some similarities with the bad guy. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heroes have sometimes shared one or two things in common with the villains they fight. When it comes to Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, he might have a few things in common with the Mad Titan:

1. Cursed with Knowledge

Tony was shocked to find out Thanos knew who he was. Plus the Mad Titan knew and understood the power of the Infinity Stones and managed to get the rocks that took decades to gather. Even though he got them by threats and intimidation, he still attributes it to the weight of the knowledge he has. Tony’s role in the MCU is centered around him being the one with the know-how and the brain to bring pieces of equipment together to overcome the threats to earth. It is that kind of genius that he uses to transform technology available to make the best armors that earned him the title: Earth’s Defender.

2. Risk Takers

If there's a phrase for this duo, it’ll be: “The Higher The Risk, The Higher The Reward.” The battle of New York City ended with Tony almost killing himself when he drove a nuclear missile through the portal like a Major T. J. "King" Kong, into the mother ship of the Chitauri ship. And Thanos on the other hand, not only lost his ”Black Order” to his enemies in the fight to save the planet but had to give up his favorite daughter too in order to achieve what he believed in.

3. Bullheaded

Yes, they sure love doing things their way. And we can learn a thing or two from Tony’s stubbornness because even though he signed an agreement with the government, he made it very obvious he wasn't good at taking orders. He didn't join the great cause out of the goodness of his heart; he had his agenda when he found out about his parent’s murderer. Even love couldn't stop him from doing things his way. Just like him, Thanos swore to never give up on his quest to do what he thought was right (after seeing Titan die) even if it meant wiping out half of the earth's population.

4. One love

Yes, we know they love themselves first. But if there is one other thing they share, its the fact that there's this one person that they care about, and would do anything for them... sorry, almost anything. Yes, just one. For Tony, its the all enduring, assistant turned CEO and fiancee, Pepper Potts, who has stood by him for years. Even though Thanos has seemed like a one person warrior all through his destructive plan, we were surprised to find out he loved something, or in this case, someone. The big guy had tears in his eyes when he threw Gamora off the cliff after Redskull told him he had to sacrifice the one thing he truly loved.

5. More harm than good

Even though both parties feel like they're doing good in their own way, sometimes they end up doing more harm instead. In as much as Thanos believes he's doing the right thing, the number of deaths lying in his wake show otherwise. While Iron Man may not be as destructive as the Mad Titan, he doesn't precisely lay flowers wherever he goes. And the whole reason he even became Iron Man after escaping the ten rings was built on undoing the damage of a fortune that thrived on selling things that blow stuff up. The urge to destroy something was his motivation.

6. Lament about the destruction caused

We all know that these two are in constant guilt for the destruction they cause. Well, not Thanos, but the damage Stark caused, especially when he created Ultron, still torments him and he even admits his fault to his crew. Unlike him, Thanos cannot admit guilt, if he sees nothing wrong in what he did. However, after watching his planet Titan crumble, he decided to save the universe from himself.

7. Relentless

They both are relentless when it comes to pursuing their mission. For Thanos, even if it means losing his loved one or erasing half of the population, he sure wasn't going to give up. Stark, on the other hand, is also relentless, and although the team keeps growing, instead of spending a lifetime with beautiful Pepper, he finds ways to go back to the crew to save the universe. It is probably this nature of his, that will protect the world, as stipulated by Dr. Strange before he turned to dust.

8. Thanos and Tony think they are the good guys

Yes, having gone through all they have, it's normal for them to think this way. At least Thanos and the heroes have a common aim -  protecting the universe. The difference is that Thanos believes in doing it at all costs, which may involve killing more than half of the people on the platent. Hence, his approach to saving the world makes people feel the need to protect themselves from him.

9. Self-starter

Tony Stark inherited a billion dollar arms technology company that provided him with the necessary resources to flourish his genius. But even at that, he grew himself outside his father's well-known achievement to become Defender Of Earth with many successes from the Arc Reactor to discovering a new element, Badassium, that even his father couldn't. Thanos, on the other hand, was just another titan who couldn't convince his people to follow his ways. Now he’s not only been powerful enough to wipe more than half of the population, but he’s also the first to wield more than one infinity stone.

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10. Burdened

Thanos’s most significant burden is his inability to save his homeland and fights for getting that part back. Tony also carried the weight of being earth's protector even though he wants to retire and spend his life with Pepper.

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So, that's it! They ended up being more alike than you thought? Who knows - they could've been friends in another realm. Would you belive in that?  Let us know your opinion in the comments below. 

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