What We All Might Be Missing About Tony Stark And Thanos' Relationship

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was a huge cinematic event with many battles against Thanos and his Black Order, but there is one particular fight sequence where the Mad Titan faced Iron Man that seemed to mean more. It was if Thanos and Tony had met each other before, and Tony had this urge to stop him that was fiercer than all the other heroes. Here are the details.


After a lengthy battle where the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange were seemingly defeated by the four Infinity Stones in Thanos’ possession, he and Tony had a stare down that was particularly significant. The Mad Titan then called him by his last name “Stark”, and there is no real reason why he would know that at this point as it was the first time they met each other.

Tony naturally asked him if he knew him, and Thanos said yes, but he also added, “You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge.” This moment was epic for fans because they got to see how impressive the stones could be against a myriad of superheroes and their different powers. Even Doctor Strange’s skills with the mystic arts could not stop the Mad Titan.

The fight and the conversation with Tony were crucial for the film, but it’s hard to understand how Thanos knew who Iron Man was. Of course, it spawned many fan theories regarding their possible previous meeting or how the Mad Titan might have discovered who his biggest foe on Earth was because it seems that Tony took this battle more seriously and felt more responsible than the rest of the characters.

One fan theory suggests that Thanos met Tony through time travel as it has been speculated for months that ‘Avengers: Endgame’ will feature going back in time to reverse the effects of the Decimation or to obtain the Infinity Stones that have appeared in various points of the MCU timeline. After the end of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, many believe that the Quantum Realm is going to be the conduit for time travel.

Therefore, the theory says that they met each other when Tony went back in time to stop him from getting the Infinity Stones. The issue with this notion is that it means that Iron Man did not succeed in stopping the Mad Titan at all because the battle scene is happening again, and they might even be stuck in a loop. This idea cannot be the real reason Thanos recognized Tony.

In the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ digital release, the Russo brothers’ commentary track explained exactly how Thanos met Iron Man, and it happened during the first ‘Avengers’ film when Tony went to space with the nuclear device to have it explode far away from the surface. Thanos saw him at that point, and when they truly met on Titan, he recognized him.

He knew he was the real reason why the Chitauri invasion had not worked and how the portal made with the Tesseract had been destroyed. The comments from the Russos also talk about Thanos’ words regarding “being cursed with knowledge”, and the crux here is that Tony and the Mad Titan are actually very similar to each other in several ways.

One of their main similarities is that they both look into the future too much, and they have an idea of what comes next as well as how to achieve their goals. Furthermore, the real problem they both have faced regarding their wishes for a brighter tomorrow is each other. Tony has been blocking Thanos’ efforts to invade Earth and kill half of the universe's population.

Meanwhile, Iron Man cannot rest easy until he makes sure that the planet is saved from any future invasions and the threats of villains. Thanos does not want to be thwarted once again by a mere human with armor, and Tony does not want something else to wreak havoc on Earth. They both can actually recognize each other because they have been - even indirectly - fighting one another for the past ten years.

They are each other’s greatest enemies, even before they actually met on Titan. That is why Tony responds to Thanos’ words with, “My only curse is you.” Of course, it’s also curious how Thanos knew who the man behind the Iron suit was, and there are several reasons why this is plausible. The Mad Titan is incredibly smart.

No one would be able to command big armies across the universe to do his heinous bidding if he was not bright. If Thanos has his mind on the future, then he is probably always thinking about whoever might stop him from achieving his goals and trying to discover how to cripple them before he even had to face them.

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The movie made it clear that Thanos respects Tony, and he is the only Avenger, apparently, worth of that admiration. It’s interesting that he compared himself to a mere human instead of thinking of himself as a God like Thor or even a giant, fearsome creature like the Hulk. In fact, Iron Man was the first Avenger the Mad Titan ever met in the comics.

However, it’s nothing like what was shown in the film. Additionally, Thanos was not even the current version that people have gotten to know. When the Mad Titan appeared for the first in the Marvel comics, he was drawn utterly different so that readers could relate to him more. He was skinny and less imposing than what was developed later on.

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Furthermore, the fact that Thanos was seen for the first time in an Iron Man comic from the 70s draws more emphasis that Tony and the villain have a connection. It’s interesting that the Russo brothers are not making up stuff as they go, but instead using what is already in the printed works to build their storytelling. It’s richer that way.

Let us know what you think regarding Thanos and Tony’s connection and how it could play out in ‘Avengers: Endgame'. The upcoming film might show more of their “cursed knowledge”. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who cannot wait for the next movie. See you next time!

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