23 Everyday Things The Royal Family Is Stripped Of Despite Its High Status

Whether one is born into or marries into the British royal family, one thing we can all agree on is that being a Royal sure has more than it’s own fair share of perks. But it also comes with a lot of weird restrictions, some of which we commoners may never really understand. While some of these rules are strictly enforced, others are merely guidelines to the daily lives of the royals. Here are twenty-three everyday things that are banned or frowned upon by the royal family:

1. Monopoly

Members of the royal family are not allowed to play monopoly. According to Prince Charles, it gets too vicious, and so it has been added to the list of things banned in the royal household.

2. Screen time

Royal babies are not allowed to have iPads or iPhones. These gadgets are reserved for the adults of the family. However, we are sure there is no shortage of traditional toys and sources of entertainment to keep the royal babies busy and happy.

3. Autographs

There are a lot of celebrities who are tired of giving autographs to their fans, but the royal family is not one of them. The members of the royal family are expressly forbidden from giving autographs to avoid forgery.

4. Eating with the queen

When at dinner with the Queen, everyone needs to take a cue from her royal highness. Once the Queen is done eating, everyone is done eating. Eating after the Queen is done eating is forbidden. Sorry, slow eaters!

5. Touching is a no

When out on public events or formal occasions, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to touch a member of the royal family, no matter who the person is. Outside of the formal handshake, any other kind of touching is not allowed.

6. Voting

While this may seem strange, members of the royal family do not vote, and they do have a pretty good reason for this, they do not want to show any form of bias towards any political party in other not to sway the opinions of people. As a matter of fact, they are not allowed to express any opinion on any political issue or even run for any political office.

7. Social media

Members of the royal family are not allowed to have personal social media accounts. Their public persona has to be carefully curated and maintained so having a personal social media account is just not acceptable. They rely on the official social media to relay all the information they wish to share.

8. Permission to marry

When you are a member of the main royal family, you must seek the consent of the queen before getting married to anyone. Being a royal is not something that is taken lightly so of course bringing someone into the fold requires the express approval of the queen.

9. Mom and Dad

While it is common knowledge that the brits are a “mom” and “dad” kinda people, royal children are expected to call their parents using the fully “mummy” or “daddy” regardless of what age they are.

10. Shellfishes are not the ideal meal choices

The Queen takes her health and the health of the royal family members very seriously, and since shellfishes are known to carry and spread a certain amount of different diseases, Royals avoid any exotic meals containing seafood.

11. Nicknames are frowned upon

Harry, whose real name is Henry, might have gotten away with it but you shouldn’t find any other member of the royal family being called by a name other than their given names.

12. Asking for dessert

‘Pudding’ is the universal name for all things desserts in the royal household. So when asking for dessert, the appropriate thing to ask for is ‘some pudding’ and the available dessert (pudding or not) would be brought to you.

13. No garlic for royals

The Queen does not care for garlic, and so you won’t find them in the royal kitchen. Chefs are forbidden to use garlic in meals being prepared in the palace.

14. Wearing wedges around the queen

The queen doesn't like the way wedges look. Probably because she can’t quite figure out why a shoe cannot choose to be either heeled or flat! Frankly speaking, we can’t either. So it would be unquestionably wrong for any member of the royal family to go in front of the Queen wearing wedges.

15. The rule about nail polish

No doubt the Queen loves all things bright and bold, she has been seen in the most neon greens and brightest pinks; however, extending this love for color to your nails is a no. Women of the royal family are strongly discouraged from wearing bright and colorful nail polish. They simply stick to clear or opaque pinks.

16. Hats and tiaras

The heads of the women in the royal family never get much rest. Or air for that matter. In most events, women are expected to wear hats during the day and exchange the hats for tiaras in the evenings. Except for unmarried women; unmarried royal women are not allowed to wear tiaras!

17. Black outfits is a must when travelling

Yes, black is slimming, but that’s not why every Royal is required to pack a black gear when traveling. Queen Elizabeth II was out of the country when her dear father died, and she had to return to the United Kingdom immediately. Unfortunately, she had no black outfit in her suitcase and had to wait for an outfit to be brought to her in the plane before she could step out. It has since then been a rule that every member of the royal family must pack a black outfit while traveling, in case of an unfortunate incident.

18. Showing too much skin

There are possibly more than a hundred rules regarding clothing that the Royals have to follow, but as you may have guessed; showing too much skin is on top of the list. As a royal, leaving out some cleavage or putting on display too much legs is a huge no. We’re not mentioning names, but we may know a royal or two that have gotten away with bending this rule.

19. Public display of affection

A touch here and there or an innocent kiss once in a while won’t get anyone in trouble. But members of the royal family are expected to keep their emotions and any physical display of affection to a bare minimum when in public.

20. Travelling together

One of the perks of being a member of the royal family is that they get to go all over the world. On royal duties or vacation, royals travel all the time. But not together. One of the rules regarding travel insists that two royals in the line of succession are not allowed to travel together. This is because they don't want an unfortunate accident to cost the crown more than one heir. However, this rule was set from back in the day where planes were not so reliable. Nowadays, it’s a bit more flexible.

21. Boys and their pants

Boys are not allowed to wear long pants. Yes, we know it’s weird, but that’s what it is. Long pants are for the adults in the royal family. Male children are required to wear short tailored pants. While this is a weird rule; we’re not mad about it because it is about time we saw some rules tailored for the men as well.

22. The queen's dogs

The Queen's corgis may not have to follow the rules, but the people around them sure have to. No one in the palace is allowed to yell at the queen's beloved dogs no matter how they are behaving.

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23. Vocabulary

‘A couch’ isn’t ‘couch’ but ‘a sofa,’ there is no ‘sitting room’ to the Royals, but there is a ‘drawing room,’ and they are pretty much the same thing! Royals say ‘sorry’ instead of ‘pardon,’ and they most certainly won't be caught saying ‘toilet.’Instead, they would say ‘lavatory.’

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As the famous saying goes, rules are made to be broken or at least bent a little, and these royals are not above bending or breaking the rules the rules every once in a while, but we still love them just like that! Tell us which of these rules you think was the weirdest! 

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