15+ Times People Took "Winter Matters" In Their Own Hands Cause They Are Fed Up

Despite how nice looks winter in movies, this season can be really uncomfortable for many people. Yes, it is funny when you play with snowballs and make snow angels, but you start hating the cold when you just can’t stop shivering through the whole day. In this list, you will see how people are dealing with these cold months, and some of them surely will make you laugh. Let’s see!

1. He didn’t say it explicitly, but this man currently desires to be a bear.

2. This man took desperate measures to get rid of snow in his front porch. At first, everyone told him that buying that flamethrower was nonsense, but he proved them wrong.

3. Having your street covered in snow might be annoying, but it has a lot of benefits, and one of them is that you will be able to ski there.

4. This kid was so happy for his creation, but he didn’t realize that it was falling right behind him. At least he got this picture to remember the moment forever.

5. Hopefully, the family who lives here could escape before their house got buried under the snow. However, they had the perfect excuse to stay at home curled up in bed.

6. Despite how low temperature can be, people still have to attend their jobs. In this city, people made a tunnel so they could get to work.

7. It is totally acceptable if you want to do a Christmas photo shoot with your family, but please, don’t make it as weird as this one.

8. She knew that her cat would be back at any minute, but what she didn’t imagine was that he was going to break the snow wall to get in.

9. The snow level got so high that a kid made this sign to remind himself where his uncle lived because he couldn’t see the path anymore.

10. It is hard to imagine how this occurred, but what we do know is that it must have been really annoying to get rid of this giant ice waterfall.

11. Guess who is going to be late for work. However, he has the right to not getting on time, and if someone dares to nag him, he can show them this picture.

12. If there are people who know how annoying winter can be, those are the Game of Thrones characters. Basically, they complain about it during the whole show.

13. In this season, everyone can be a weather reporter. You don't need a lot of imagination to guess what it is going to happen each day.  

14. They wanted to go out of their house, but the snow had other plans. We would like to know how they did to leave.

15. Also, people are desperately calling for other seasons to arrive, and this graffiti summed up all.

16. Literally, no one can’t stand this season anymore. Of course, it has its positive side, but it should be over soon.

17. Even cars suffer in winter. Luckily, the owner of this vehicle worried for him and covered it with blankets to warm him up.

18. This is what we call dedicated sports fans! These ladies and gents are not bothered by the weather at all! Would you sit outside in the snow to support your favorite team? 

19. Sometimes the weather can be so cold that this can happen with your food. Would you like to taste these frozen noodles?

20. If you have a Jaguar, then prepare for an adorable moment when your hood ornament appears to grow fur. 

21. These balloons were frozen and eventually started deflating. Here we can see the husk of their former selves.

22. This is a very unusual picture. The ice from a car's bumper remained intact while the vehicle reversed and drove away.

23. Dogs can feel cold as humans do, so this woman decided to wrap up her pet, and he looks so cute with that coat!

24. This fence has become something beautiful but also looks pretty dangerous with its sharp trimmings.

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25. No point in flushing this toilet because the water inside has frozen solid. The only way to solve this issue is to heat up the water inside or take a bucket and flush it manually.

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Now tell us, what do you hate most about winter? If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends so you can complain together about this season. Also, stay tuned to keep reading more entertaining lists like this. Surely you will like them!

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