15+ Design Solutions That Would Make Our Lives Easier In An Instant

Designers always have a different way of seeing things. Where you see an ordinary item, these artists see an opportunity of creating something that people will never forget. In this list, you will see the most creative objects ever made, and some of them are so cool that you will want to have them right away.

1. Look at this paper plane-shaped bench. It can be found on the observation deck of an airstrip in the USA, and it is pretty original.

2. Forget the ordinary restrooms signs and look at what it is popular nowadays. This restaurant uses shadows to indicate the men’s and women’s bathroom.

3. In this cafe, they had an original idea to identify the bathrooms using coffee cups. We are sure you have never seen anything like this before.

4. The man you see inside the car is a barber, so we must praise the person who had the idea of making that advertisement.

5. This electric company wanted to be recognized by everyone, so they put this giant electrical outlet at the front of the building.

6. The owners of this house got tired of their boring bushes and decided to turn them into a train. Now their home is the most popular in the neighborhood.

7. If you buy this clock, all your friends will envy you. This will add a different touch to your house and also it will make it look cooler.

8. A Reddit user posted this and commented:  ‘This paper came with my refrigerator to let me know that there are some sounds that are “OK” during normal running.’

9. These key holders open their eyes when you hang your keys. If you buy one, you will never lose keys again.

10. These cans have an artistic design that forms a body when you stack them. They look so cool that it would be great to collect them.

11. Who wouldn’t want to have this at their house? This bamboo sink looks incredibly natural and sophisticated.

12. This pool table on a cruise ship moves with the waves so that the balls won’t lose their position and you can play without any problem.

13. These big padlocks are made to chain bicycles, and we must admit this is a great idea. 

14. More than a child’s bike, this looks like modern art. However, we don’t know if kids would appreciate having such a classy toy.

15. This truck makes you think they are transporting a giant loaf. But if you look more carefully, you will realize it is just an advertisement.

16. Look at how beautiful is this sink! The architect Victor Vasilev designed it, and its minimalistic design is truly exquisite.

17. Tired of running to cover your vehicle when it starts raining? You should try this automatic car umbrella.

18. If you have a friend who loves playing Mario Bros, here is a perfect gift for them, especially if they need slippers!

19. The tube of these caffeinated mints has the same design and shape of a battery. Those mints will literally charge you up.

20. Mini Coopers are basically the most iconic cars from the United Kingdom, so the 2019 version has tail lights that are patterned after the UK’s flag.

21. Here is an umbrella holder that also looks like a folded umbrella. If its creator didn’t call it ‘umbrellaception,’ he lost a golden opportunity.

22. Finally, someone created this! A plug that doesn’t cover the other electrical outlet. It might seem dumb, but this is incredibly helpful.

23. Despite what it might seem, this is not a portal to another dimension, but a modern and futuristic stairs design.

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24. This tabled of Christmas chocolate is made of several tiny Christmas trees, and it is probably the cutest design we have seen.

25. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you will love this cup that doesn’t need a coaster. This should be the best invention of all!

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Now tell us, which one of these impressive designs did you like most and why? It is amazing what creative people can design, so share this list with your artistic friends and stay tuned for more entertaining lists like this.

Source: Bright Side


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