The Pictures Of Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle That Started A Controversy Leading To A Double Standards Debate

This past Sunday, Americans celebrated the Grammy Awards while the British had the BAFTAs, the biggest night for cinema in London. There were many stars in attendance, including Margot Robbie, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper, who received an award for ‘A Star Is Born’, which he stars in with Lady Gaga. However, something else about that night caught people’s attention.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been attending the award ceremony for years, and this time was no different. They got front-row seats for the event and looked gorgeous while smiling for the cameras. Unfortunately, some people noticed a detail about Kate Middleton’s dress that sparked a huge debate. 

As soon as pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton hit social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, fans noticed that Kate’s Alexander McQueen dress was a one-shoulder gown. However, comments about her wardrobe have been entirely positive, and no one can deny that the Duchess looked better than any actress on the red carpet.

On the other hand, that reaction seems odd because Meghan Markle was seen with a similar off-the-shoulder outfit recently. Last June, the newest member of the royal family joined them at the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the annual Trooping the Colour celebration. Meghan looked gorgeous in a pale pink gown created by Carolina Herrera.

The problem with this dress is that Meghan broke important royal protocol, as women of the family are not allowed to show their shoulders in public, and it was a massive scandal for the press. Every time the Duchess breaks tradition or rules, she is condemned by the media, and this has happened since her engagement to Prince Harry.

A headline from The Sun read: “IN THE PINK Meghan Markle breaks Royal rules at Trooping the Colour event with off-shoulder from Caroline Herrera”. They were not the only ones to notice this wardrobe faux pas, and even fans took to social media with harsh comments about her fashion choice, as if everyone knows royal protocol by heart.

This fan apparently knows that off-the-shoulder is not allowed.

Soon enough, other people started saying that Kate Middleton will always be better than Meghan Markle in these instances because she is “classy” unlike the American actress.

The report from The Sun stated that "tradition usually dictates that Royal women do not wear off-shoulder or other more revealing styles", and another article from Express said that the style was not against the rules, but compared it to Kate Middleton’s wardrobe choices which allegedly always include sleeves.

Of course, it’s clear that that is not true. However, Meghan has been harshly criticized for her dress because of the kind of event she was attending at the time. It was a royal daytime occasion, and Kate’s more demure dress was deemed classy for that reason. Fashion expert Mark Heyes said that a gown that shows the shoulder is more accepted during nighttime celebrations.

Either way, Kate Middleton’s dress at the BAFTAs was met with completely different reactions to what Meghan received last year. People online called her “gorgeous” and “exquisite”, and some headlines even said that the gown was “angelic”. Express’ headline read: “Kate Middleton BAFTAs 2019: Duchess of Cambridge stuns in angelic white on the red carpet”.

Naturally, fans took to social media once again with comments of their own, but this time, they complained about the double standard regarding how Kate is viewed versus the harsh criticism against Meghan for doing the same thing innocently. The truth is that if the former actress had attended the event, she probably would have received just as much hateful comments and headlines, despite what Mark Heyes has said about it being alright during nighttime events.

Another fan was not happy to witness that double standard, and she is calling out everyone who writes “protocol, protocol”:

Another user with a Twitter account dedicated to the Duchess of Sussex was expecting headlines to allege that Kate looked beautiful and was not breaking royal rules by using that Alexander McQueen one-shoulder dress.

This fan took screenshots comparing both Duchesses in headlines where they rocked similar dresses but in different colors. It seems that people are tired that Meghan is apparently breaking all the rules while others know what to wear.

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Meghan wore the black one-shoulder gown designed by Givenchy to the British Fashion Awards, and it truly complemented her growing belly while also making her look regal. Sadly, as it became the norm since her pink dress at Trooping For Colour, she was again critiqued horribly. On the other hand, the former actress probably has staff to guide her in her fashion choices, so there is no reason why they would steer her in the wrong direction.

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Another Twitter user made it clear that her problem was not what the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing, but about the hypocrisy of the criticism. Meghan Markle has received hateful and racist comments before, and this fan is wondering if the media is joining that van wagon because the Duchess is not British and black.

Let us know what you think about the press comments received by Meghan? Share your thoughts with your friends and check our other incredible articles the about Royal Family. 

Source: Buzzfeed, IB Times


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