15+ Couples Whose Sense Of Humor Towards Their Spouse Went Way Too Far

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that everything will be nice all the time, and of course, you will experience highs and lows, but things become easier if you face them with a good sense of humor. This list is full of couples who understood that laughing is key in every relationship, and now they even make everyone laugh with their occurrences. Let’s see!

1. A Reddit user posted this and commented: ‘My wife’s face on our wedding day compared to the day when she met Rob Lowe.’

2. There is no better way to announce your pregnancy to your significant other than including an echosonogram inside a book called ‘Happy little accidents’.

3. This story restored our faith in love: ‘On our first date, I jokingly told my boyfriend I loved Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park so much, I wished I had a giant painting of him. Four months later on my birthday, he gave me this painting.’

4. If you are very mad at your couple, here is a very cruel and evil way of showing how strong your anger is.

5. This man’s wife captured this picture and then used it to bother him every day. According to him, this is the least manly shot ever.

6. Husband and wife were taking some pictures of their baby, but he took this shot where you can see his wife running to get out of the picture. Her face is hilarious.

7. And here goes the award for best boyfriend of the year! A Reddit user posted this picture of what his boyfriend made for her, and now she can watch Netflix while taking a bath.

8. A boyfriend tried to make a pillow of his girlfriend’s dog to give it to her, but the result was everything but nice.

9. This guy couldn’t resist trying his girlfriend’s extensions, and of course, he had to take a picture of that moment.

10. This girl shared her thoughts about her relationship, and it is hilarious.

11. A Reddit user posted this and commented: ‘I didn't want a cat, but my wife did. So we compromised and got a cat. Best. Compromise. Ever.’

12. A man made this for his wife when she got up at 3:00 am to breastfeed their baby: peanut butter apples.

13. The boyfriend of this girl took this picture because he thought the cat’s expression was the funniest thing ever.

14. This is the type of things that happen when you get married.

15. Probably, this couple had the best wedding ever. They got married in a bounce house! What can be better than that? Nothing.

16. Forget about typical marriage proposals. This guy proposed to his girlfriend at 55 ft below the sea!

17. A Reddit user shared this funny anecdote: ‘Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom last night and I woke up to a lint roller refill.’

18. A man received this as Valentine’s day gift: an illustration of him with his girlfriend and their cat.

19. This is probably the best gift you could ever give to your boyfriend, and this guy was really lucky for receiving it!

20. Do you see some infiltrated here? The wife asked his husband to please edit the footage of their wedding to turn it into a meme.

21. A husband got a surprise when he opened the fridge and found this. The funny thing is that his wife waited for two days for him to finally open the refrigerator.

22. This wife was feeling flattered until she found out what his husband really meant.

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23. This woman was asking his husband to get her a pillow, so he thought this was the best he could do. After that, she didn’t need any more pillows.

24. When you are married, you start feeling really concerned about how the other person looks and you want the best for them. That’s why this wife made this.

25. Also, when you get married, you must understand that you have to live with the other person’s singularities, like the love this man feels for his dog.

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Have you ever done something this funny with your couple? Tell us more about it in the comments section! If this list made you laugh, share it with your friends so you can brighten their day, and stay tuned to keep reading more entertaining lists like this.

Source: Bright Side


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