Marvel Superhero Actors "Marvelous" Salaries: Ranked

It comes as no surprise to all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans that the stars of the franchise are taking home big money. But, it wasn't always like that. Disney has always had a reputation for paying their actors way below their pay, especially during their first movies with Marvel. But the trick is, the longer you stay, the more valuable you become.

That's why many people were shocked when the Hollywood profile that was done on Brie Larson. Marvel's latest and first standalone female superhero, reports that she'll be walking away with a whopping 5 million dollars. That’s more than most Marvel superheroes ever made for their first MCU movies. So, what kind of money did the Marvel stars really make when they first started?

Chris Hemsworth started with $150,000 for the first installment of 'Thor'

Blue eyes, a dashing smile, and a body that indeed does belong to a god. It seems like many people are confused as to why Chris got as little as $150,000 playing the god of thunder in Thor 1 (2011). Sure, he had little credit to his name at the time - but with a face and a body like that, who really needs credit? The answer is: Marvel! The news is Thor has been taking home $15 million since 'Thor Ragnarok.'

Robert Downey Jr started with $500,000 for 'Iron man'

Some would argue that he's the most crucial Avenger. But, it wasn't like that from the beginning. Way back in 2008, Downey was just repairing his career and reputation following his substance abuse scandal. It’s no surprise that Marvel got him at a cheap rate of $500,000 to play Tony Stark in 'Iron Man 1.'

However, following the box office success of the movie, Robert received a dramatic increase and his pay was changed to $2.5 million. After becoming one of the most important stars of MCU, his salary was bumped yet again to $50 million for the first 'Avenger' movie, and $80 million for 'Avenger: Age of Ultron.' He's also been paid $10 million for his appearances in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.' 

Chris Evans started with a million dollars for 'Captain America'

Chris Evans was far from being a new face when he played 'Captain America,' and being a superhero wasn't new to him either. He'd previously appeared as Johnny Storm in the 2000’s version of 'Fantastic Four', which is why he’d earned more than his colleagues in his first MCU movie. Even so, $1 million is nothing compared to the $15 million Chris has been earning since 'Captain America: Civil War.' 

Chadwick Boseman started with a promising $2 million

King T’Challa started his opening with Marvel at $2 million - and rightly so. With 'Black Panther' becoming one of the biggest Marvel hits of all time, we can only imagine the rewards Boseman would be raking in from this point on.

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Scarlett Johansson started with a low seven-figure amount

Scarlett isn’t new to the Marvel franchise, and after playing 'Black Widow' in seven movies, she’s finally getting a stand-alone film. Though we don’t have a title yet, we do know Disney is making it worthwhile. The actress has been taking home a whopping $15 million, compared to her previous low, seven-figure salary.

Captain Marvel is next

'Captain Marvel,' which is set in a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shows Brie Larson appear as Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force fighter pilot.  She becomes one of the world's most powerful hero in an all-new adventure for Marvel Comics fans. The movie is scheduled for release in March 2019. Although Brie’s superpowers remain a mystery, her pay doesn't - she's the only one to earn $5 million on her very first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. 

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Source: Pulse

What do you think about the actors' salaries? Do they deserve to earn more from the get-go, or does everybody need to work their way up? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to read our other amazing articles about the Marvel universe!


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