15 Obligations Imposed On Royal Kids From The Moment They Are Born

We cannot imagine how excited Duchess Meghan and Duke Harry would feel now that they are closer than ever to become mom and dad, and we're pretty sure they'll be awesome, modern, and loving parents. But as royalty, there are some rules and regulations that these parents-to-be need to instruct their offspring. 

The good thing is that the new royal baby has some well-prepared cousins to give him or her a hand throughout the way. Without further ado, here we have the practices that Meghan and Harry will have to teach their bundle of joy to make sure he or she doesn't miss a beat. You won't believe the things that the baby can't do. Take a look!


As children, many people had to sit at a little table particularly for kids during holiday dinners. And it turns out that this is also a common tradition among royalty, but a way more strict one. As CheatSheet explained, royal kiddos cannot sit with the grown-ups until they manage the "art of polite conversation" in formal events. Fortunately, baby Sussex will have cousins to chat with. 


It should come as no surprise that high-quality education is a must among royals. Prince Harry attended the prestigious Eton College and then the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, whereas Meghan obtained a bachelor's degree in theater and international studies from Northwestern University. With such examples, there is every likelihood baby Sussex will follow suit. 


Part of being a well-prepared royal is to learn multiple languages to carry noble duties effectively. After all, royalty needs to meet with dignitaries and influential people from across the globe. According to the Telegraph, the Queen is renowned for her excellent French, while Prince Charle once spoke a message in five different languages. 

Moreover, Prince Harry was heard speaking Arabid while in Dubai.  And the little ones in the family, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George are learning Spanish with their Spain native babysitter. The chances are that the new member will also learn at least one foreign language once he or she is old enough. 


Royal kids cannot wear whatever her or his parents please. They must have a particular closet that follows the noble traditions and the English aristocratic style. That is the reason why Prince George always puts on shorts (except at weddings), and Princess Charlotte tends to don smock dresses with Peter Pan collars.

Her style also includes Mary Jane shoes and hairbows, and all should be in neutral colors that match her parents' outfits. With this in mind, Meghan's firstborn, no matter whether it is a boy or a girl, will have to adhere to proper attire since the debut and for every public outing. 


Being part of the monarchy means having a lot of contact with the public, greeting and talking to hundreds of people. Therefore, as his or her parents, baby Sussex has to master the famous royal wave, which has been dubbed the Windsor wave for being so iconic in the British monarchy. Just ask Charlotte! With her early age, she got the royal greeting down pat. 


Should Meghan and Harry have a baby girl, she won't be able to don a tiara until she walks down the aisle. People have the idea that all princesses sport a diadem only because of their titles, but it turns out it doesn't work like that with the British monarchy. 

As etiquette expert Grant Harrold explained to BBC, tiaras are only for married women as they are "a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband." Therefore, Charlotte and the possible new baby girl will have to wait some years to glitter with a diadem. 


A royal must take care of his body, and that includes a healthy and balanced diet since the first years. In fact, according to what former royal chef told Recipe Plus via Babygaga, the Queen banned junk and genetically modified food in her family. Perhaps, Meg and Harry won't be that strict since they are both foodies, and after all, any kid loves sweets and snacks, right? 


Children typically don't work but do have responsibilities they need to fulfill. And as blue-blood members, those obligations increase considerably. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have to instruct their offspring on the importance of royal duties. The yearly calendar is riddled with coronations, weddings, birthday parties, and other engagements that even children cannot skip. 


Kids nowadays have their own Twitter and Instagram but not when you're a royal. Harry's firstborn will be banned from social media, of course, aside from the appearances on the official accounts of Kensington Palace. However, once the child is old enough, he or she might plug to social media just like Princess Eugenie. 


Everybody gets that any kid can misbehave and royalty is not exempt. We have seen Charlotte and George throwing tantrums during public engagements, and it is completely understandable. Nevertheless, even blue-blood kids are always expected to be on their best behavior and show good manners. Harry and Meg have a big responsibility in this department and will have to be extra patient. 


Prince William once talked to CALM Magazine about the importance of letting kids express their feelings and emotions. He stated, "Catherine and I are clear that we want both George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings." 

Moreover, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are avid advocates of mental health, so it is pretty probable that they will make sure that their baby can speak up about how he or she feels, assuring the kid is emotionally well taken care of. 

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The official royal guidelines establish, "gifts offered by private individuals living in the UK not personally known to the member of the Royal Family should be refused where there are concerns about the propriety of motives of the donor or the gift itself." With this in mind, baby Sussex will have to learn how to say "no, thanks" in a polite way when he or she is offered a gift, even during birthdays or Christmas celebrations. 


The British royal family is constantly in the spotlight, with cameras and paparazzi following them nearly 24/7. Therefore, even the little ones have to learn how to have a good posture, be careful with the angles, and all the aspects that are involved in looking picture perfect. That's part of being a public figure from a young age! 

14. TOYS 

Royal parents want their kids to have a childhood with traditional toys, and high-tech gadgets are not part of the list. Surprisingly, tablets and smart devices are banned in the royal household for the little ones. George and Charlotte are not allowed to use them, and it is very likely the upcoming baby will follow in the cousins' footsteps. 

According to what a source told US Weekly (via Little Things), "This doesn’t have to do with security risks, although that is certainly a concern in such a high-profile family. Instead, the ban reflects the royal parents’ desire to let their kids have an unplugged childhood, far away from the media and attention that will follow them as adults."

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The fifth birthday for a royal kid means not only a big celebration but also a momentous event that opens up a new range of responsibilities. Once these children turn five, they have to start following royal protocols and traditions such as bowing. We have already seen George very polished in this department, but luckily for Charlotte, Louis, and baby Sussex, they are still a couple of years down that road. 

Wow! Little did we know that a royal child had so many things to take care of and that somehow control their lives, but some people might think it is just too much for a kid. What is your opinion about this? Tell us in the comment section, and make sure you check more of our fantastic articles about the British Royal Family. Until next time! 

Source: CheatSheet, Little Things, BBC, Telegraph, Babygaga


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