15+ Crazy Phenomena That Are Impossible To Believe Until Realizing What's Behind

We see tons of images day after day, and every time it gets harder to be surprised about something since we already have seen it all. However, our planet always finds a way to shock us, with its beautiful views and unusual situations. This list is full of pictures that will leave you with your mouth open and will show you that the world we live in is a wonderful place.

1. This is a hydrothermal vent in Ethiopia, and the color of the "blue lava" comes from the bright blue flames of burning sulfuric gases it when it erupts. It is as beautiful as dangerous.

2. This ‘waterfall’ is made with actual books, with more than 5000 units to be exact, and it was made by Alicia Martin.

3. Thanks to the reflection of the water, this island in Disney looks exactly like a kaleidoscope. It looks so magical that it is hard to believe it really exists.

4. We know this looks like grass in the wind, but actually, these are tons of shells. Although it looks beautiful, we are afraid it wouldn’t be nice to take a walk over there.

5. At first sight, it is hard to figure out which one of both buildings is at the front and which one is in the back.

6. This street art can be found in Australia, and walking on it is a unique experience. Also, it looks photoshopped but it’s not.

7. This sinkhole in Guatemala is so deep that you can’t see its end. It is inevitable not feeling chills all over your body just by seeing this photo.

8. Look at this incredible coincidence. Someone noted that the butter stain on the knife looks like many little trees.

9. A beach in Bora Bora offers this incredible landscape, and a man had the luck of jet skiing there.

10. When this glass broke, no one expected it to fall in this way. Surprisingly, it fell down perfectly.

11. For some reason, fire came out through this faucet and people had to take a picture of it before running out.

12. Before clearly noting that someone needs to clean this kitchen, we can’t ignore how this coffee stain looks like an eye.

13. The underside of sawfishes is so funny that you won’t resist laughing at them. They even look a bit grumpy.

14. Despite this seems like a box with clouds trapped inside, it is a mirrored building that gives this curious effect.

15. We don’t know what he was trying to pay, but surely this is a very successful crab with a big fortune in dollars.

16. This types of keys that have holes instead of cuts are not so common to find, but some doors use them.

17. Probably you never have seen a wild Pacific lamprey from this perspective before. They are pretty interesting animals.

18. This is an impressive masterpiece! This man made a giant wood-carved octopus, and everyone was astonished by the result.

19. Sometimes we forget how fierce nature can be, and this picture of a 29 ft wave is a good reminder of its wildness.

20. Going to a place and having no bench to sit can be a bit annoying. However, that’s not the case of this park.

21. The temperature was getting lower and lower, but this pair of cute Japanese monkeys found a way to stay warm.

22. This must be one of the funniest pictures ever. Look at how scared is that dog of a frog! His face says it all.

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23. These aren’t little eggplants, but long grapes. They aren’t so common, so probably this is the first time you see them.

24. A guy washed his brushes in the sink, and the paint started looking like a Pollock painting. He wasn’t expecting that!

25. We usually see bats hanging, so seeing this upside-down picture give us a new perspective of how these animals look.

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As you can see, our world is full of beautiful details that we often ignore. Which one of these pictures did surprise you the most? If you enjoyed reading this list, you can go and check our other related articles; surely they will entertain you!

Source: Bright Side


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