What Things That We Use Everyday Look From The Inside: From a Baseball To a Boeing 727

Sometimes we are too innocent with the objects that surround us, and we forget that they have to go through a process to be made. When you remind this, it becomes interesting to know how things look like on the inside. Luckily, in the following list you will see the interior of many things, so let’s start!

1. Did you ever imagine that iPad cases could be made of old toothpaste boxes? We recommend you not to throw them the next time.

2. This is how golf balls look on the inside. Despite how hard they look from the outside, it seems like they have a sort of soft interior.

3. If you ever wondered how ships are made, here is the answer. They are built in a meticulous way, and this picture shows the process.

4. Also, bridges are built in parts, and here you can see how it looks the inside of a concrete box girder.

5. Poppy seeds look like thousands of mini eggs and at first, it is hard to figure out what they are, but now you know something new!

6. Even like this, roses manage to look beautiful. As you can see, they are formed by many leaf layers.

7. At first sight, it is hard to realize this is a pine cone. Actually, its shape seems like a bug or some other insect.

8. This video will show you how a baseball ball looks cut in half. This is something you don’t see every day, so it is worth watching.

9. Toilets look way more interesting when they are cut in half. In this way, you can see each part of this object.

10. Can you guess what is this before we tell you? This is an elephant foot. The size of its bones is just impressive.

11. Look at this plastic window. You really didn’t need to know how it looked on the inside but it is interesting anyway.

12. This picture of a helmet cut in half let us appreciate the protective barrier that it is inside of it, and how it is made.

13. This is just impressive! In this photo, you can see how a camera lens is composed. These objects are very delicate so they must be treated with care.

14. Zippo lighters look very elegant from the outside, but when you see their interior, it looks very ordinary.

15. Locks look pretty simple in the outside, but what many people ignore is how complex they are on the inside.

16. Here is the back of a Boeing 727, and as you can see, it has many compartments that are hidden at first view.

17. Purple potatoes look like galaxies on the inside. It is amazing how we can find beautiful details in the most common things.

18. This is a vacuum cleaner and we can't stop thinking about how much this looks like a futuristic weapon. 

19. Here is a portable radio and now that we see what is on its inside, we understand why they are so big. 

20. This old telephone, best known as Touch-Tone, is one of the most interesting things you will see today. 

21. Seeing a reflex camera cut in half help us to understand how complex and meticulous these objects are. 

22. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all these candies cut in half. Which one of these would you like to taste?

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23. This is how the interior of a motorcycle looks. We always ignore how these things work so it is really interesting when we get these views.

24. This picture shows us a new perspective on the most common salad. Of course, everything looks more interesting when cut in half.

25. We are sure you never saw a grenade in this way. Regardless of how delicate it looks inside, this is a very dangerous artifact.

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Which one of these objects surprised you the most? If you liked this list, share it your friends so they can see these interesting pictures as well. Also, we invite you to keep reading our other articles, surely you will enjoy it!

Source: Bright Side


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