"Inside 'OutDaughtered': Things That Are Often Kept Away From The Public "

In 2015, Adam and Danielle Busby became the parents of quintuplet girls in the U.S. The news of the surviving girls received so much love, that they landed a reality show titled ‘OutDaughtered’ on TLC. It follows the lives of the couple, their eldest daughter Blayke, and the five girls named Olivia Marrie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige. Let’s find out more about this huge family that makes parenting seem so simple!


It might sound like the plot of a romantic comedy, but Danielle and Adam met when they worked together at Target. It wasn't love-at-first-sight by a long shot, as Adam blew off their first date to spend time with his friends. Danielle even wrote on their blog, 'It's a Buzz World,' that: "At this point, I'm thinking, this guy… who does he think he is, ditching me… I'm done with him."

Luckily for Adam, Danielle gave him another shot, and they dated for two and a half years before Adam proposed. They got married six months later and soon enough were pregnant with their first daughter, Blayke. However, Danielle didn't expect five girls in her second pregnancy. During a certain point, she had to eat 4,500 calories each day.

It wasn't easy for her because she was always exercising and watching her diet, but Danielle found a way to avoid unhealthy cravings. "I had not one craving ever because I worked with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that allowance —especially ice cream shakes!"


Having multiple babies can be dangerous, and five is an incredible number. Most of those babies are born underweight and have to be watched for months before being able to leave the hospital. Modern medicine has thankfully advanced a great deal, but the chance of the quintuplets surviving was low. The first known quints to make it all alive were born in 1934.

The couple had to wait a week before getting to hold their babies for the first time. Dannielle said, “It was an emotional downpour. It's been hard to see your baby in the isolettes, but that moment where you finally get to touch your baby and hold them, there's no better feeling than that." Both parents were even afraid of changing their diapers because premature babies are so small.


Danielle and Adam conceived these kids with fertility treatments, but their doctors weren't very happy with the number. "At first they didn't want us to have all five.” Most doctors recommend reducing those kinds of pregnancies to give the other babies a better chance, but the couple couldn't do it, and they were born at 28 weeks.

Despite being underweight two months after their birth, the girls were all healthy, making this event truly miraculous. However, the real battle started after the birth of their daughters. Adam revealed that he suffered from postpartum depression, although the disease has always been associated with women.

"Showcasing how human we really are has really struck a chord with people, and I think in a strange way, we're helping others realize they don't have to have it all figured out either,” he said to People, hoping to raise awareness about his problems. He learned that many dads go through this, but aren't open about it. Through his interviews and the show, Adam has allowed people to become more aware find out more about the issue.


One child can be extremely expensive, but having six children of whom five are using diapers must be a serious struggle. The Busby's have managed it. Danielle quit her full-time job when she got pregnant, and Adam was left as the sole breadwinner of the family. "We budget and we do what we can to make ends meet and make it work,” Danielle revealed.

"God has always provided, no matter what the situation. … He's protecting and guiding us and providing … and that's how we've done it!" Of course, we can assume that their show has helped them out tremendously, although no one knows exactly how much they earn. It’s said that they might be bringing in around a million dollars every season.


While it hasn't been easy for Adam as the only male in his house, it's given him an opportunity to learn about girl fashion and hairstyles - all done for his daughters. "Usually the mom takes on most responsibilities having to do stuff like fixing hair, picking out outfits and matching hair bows with outfits for the girls. When you have six of them, you find yourself right in the middle of that. I'm better with a round brush than Danielle!"

Furthermore, Adam knows that he needs to set a great example for the sake of his daughters. "It's a huge responsibility being a dad of a little girl. Instilling confidence in her and truly showing her how her future husband, her future boyfriend, should treat her — and teaching her not to accept anything less than that. That's my mindset every day."


She's always stayed in shape, but working out while raising six children is not an easy task. While Danielle thought she stayed in great form during her pregnancy, having to eat such a large amount in one sitting was hard on her body. However, this mom doesn't have time to go to the gym and figured out how to work out at home.

"I've customized my routine to fit in with my daily schedule. To build strength, I do sit-ups and push-ups every day. And forget about the Stairmaster — I utilize our staircase for daily workouts too, on top of the 'workout' I get bringing five babies up and down the stairs all day." Pushing the stroller with all the babies is also a great workout.


The couple revealed that they have to keep a schedule in order to manage their daily lives, but it's actually easier than it sounds. Danielle thinks her career helped her achieve a great routine. "In my previous job I was a coordinator, and a lot of my job was planning and scheduling and organizing — and I was good at it.” Although it has been hard, she said:

“When I say I was created and made for this, I honestly was. When I was given five babies, I just had to take those skills and adapt it to baby things."


Aside from the closeness that the couple has with their girls, they are also tight with their extended family. We can only imagine the massive reunions with tons of cousins for their daughters to play with. The other members of the family have been featured on the show, which is one of Danielle's favorite moments. "I love being able to capture moments with them. … I'm glad they're all part of the show, and it's made good memories."


Most people know that the quints were conceived through fertility treatments. Many people are unaware, but their firstborn Blayke was conceived that way as well. They tried for a year after their wedding, but Danielle had problems ovulating regularly and Adam had low testosterone. They went through six cycles of intrauterine insemination before getting pregnant with Blayke.

They wanted to give her a sibling, and after taking almost a year with their first daughter, they thought it was going to take just as long once again. However, that's no what happened. When Danielle started taking Femara, they conceived the five girls after just a few months. Their struggles with fertility were rough on the couple.

Danielle said, "We will never understand why we may struggle through parts of our life, but I do believe there is always good that will come from a struggle. We just have to push our pride aside and not control the uncontrollable things."

"My faith is what has carried me through my struggles of infertility, to the struggle of carrying quintuplets, to the struggle of raising six kids and balancing life.”


It cannot be easy for children to grow up being recorded all the time, and although the quints are too young to understand what's happening around them, Blayke sometimes gets tired. The parents had to agree that the children can go off-camera if they want. "We respect all the kids' wishes and if they don't want to be on camera at certain times, we don't make them. And we'll do that with all our kids.”

Luckily, the cameras are not on all the time. However, there's always a large number of people around, and it can get hectic with so many kids in the mix as well. It’s normal to expect that their household is incredibly noisy. When they were younger, the household was full of lots of crying. Now that they're older, Adam says:

“Yeah, we have five 3-year-olds right now in the house all coming into their own personalities and figuring out who they are. So there's this major struggle between all of them to have their own voice in the house." Fortunately for everyone, the quints have been sleeping through the night since they were six months old.


Sadly, taking care of kids involves doing the same thing almost every day - and it can get tiring for Danielle. The mom stated: "From the second you wake up and get the girls up, it's non-stop. Even when they're napping you're continuously doing something for the house or the family, and that's just how it is. I'll get Blayke up for school about 7:15 a.m. and get on the bus, and then we get the girls up about 8 a.m."

Just like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ (or the more recent ‘Happy Death Day’), it seems like she's reliving the same day over and over again. "You do bottles, milk, breakfast, get them dressed, play, they nap and that's when I shower or do some laundry, constantly the dishwasher, constantly cooking or making food, constantly cleaning up, and they usually go to bed about 7 p.m., and then you start the dishwasher for the night and start over again in the morning.”

Because of this hectic and repetitive routine, Danielle would become exhausted. So, getting to watch each episode on TV was an emotional experience for the mom of five. "I probably get emotional and cry every time I watch an episode because it shows me how much they have changed so quickly, and we're getting the best footage of our life captured.”


Danielle’s motherly instincts come from her own grandmother, who had seven children. Both of her grandparents were very involved in her life, and she described her grandmother as “a very good role model for being so graceful, putting others before herself, making sure all the kids and grandkids were prepared and were spoken the truth about life and God and the journey”.

Sadly, this amazing woman is not around to see Danielle’s kids but she remains part of her memory. And Danielle tries to honor her in whatever way she can. In that aspect, they manage to make even the grossest things like baby poop look cute. They had a poop emoji party for the quints third birthday. The idea came from their big sister, Blayke, who loves the emoji.

"She had the idea of 'don't be a party pooper.' When we decided to join the birthday parties, we thought, 'Well, the quints are 3. And we've pretty much come to the end of potty training. So we'll celebrate no more poop disasters.' So it just blended well with the 'don't be a party pooper' (theme)."

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All five girls essentially look the same, but the parents have found a way to tell them apart. Firstly, they are fraternal except for Olivia and Ava who are identical twins. Olivia wears circle earrings while the other girls wear stars. Furthermore, Ava has longer hair. Hazel is the only one with red hair and glasses. Riley has really blue eyes and a small head, while Parker is the tallest and the only one with straight hair.

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Although most couples try having at least one boy, Adam and Danielle are done having children. They already have six, so no one can blame them. Furthermore, getting pregnant is not easy for the couple as fertility treatments can be tiring and expensive. After the quints were born, Adam was firm in his opinion that the baby factory was closed.

"Our family is complete. All girls, not trying for a boy.” There is also the possibility that if they tried for another, they would end up with one more girl or several. “So it's over. The shop is closed!" Although it would be extremely adorable to see a boy surrounded by his big sisters, it’s clear that the Busby's can't handle any more on their plates.

Having one child is already a challenge, but having quintuplets seems unimaginable. Let us know what you think of ‘OutDaughtered’s Adam and Danielle - are they handling their hectic lifestyle well? Should they maybe be trying for a boy? Comment below and share with your friends to see what they think! See you next time!

Source: The List, Youtube/The List


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