Disappointing Photos That Reveal What Royal Life Is Really Like

When we think of the British Royal Family, all that comes to our minds are luxurious castles, fancy cars, an enviable wardrobe, and elegant weddings. Although these aspects are all true, the blue-blood family from the UK is not that different from us, the commoners, in other areas. 

Actually, we have some pictures to prove to you how being a royal is indeed, but we have to warn you that they might disappoint you. From embarrassing moments caught on camera to daily life activities and behaviors, we bring them all to you in the following article. Scroll down to find them,

1. Whether you are a royal or not, we do what our body asks us to like, for example, sneezing. What is so annoying is cameras catching you in the middle of it.

2. Being the son of the heir to the British throne doesn't mean you don't have to do some dirty work. If not, ask Prince Harry, who is talking out the trash here.

3. It must be very exhausting to have cameras on you all the time, let's say, for almost 60 years. Well, this is how much the Queen has had to endure. Ugh! 

4. Many people know that the monarch is not a fan of cell phones, social media, or selfies, and still, she has to cope with youngsters trying to get a photo with her.

5. You know you cannot gossip with anyone without having the rest of the world trying to hear what you are saying. Can't a girl tattle in peace?

6. Although you can have anything you want, you still get sad and shed a tear from time to time. Thankfully, mommy is always there to comfort you.

7. However, it doesn't mean that mommy Kate is not going to scold you and hold you when you are trying to throw a tantrum. Motherhood is the same everywhere!

8. Being a royal doesn't exclude you from having to wake up early in the morning and go to school, even when you want to be at home playing with your toys.

9. Your older brother takes advantage of his age to get the window seat when you are traveling by airplane. Sometimes, being younger sucks, right, Charlotte?

10. However, you soon forget it because you can still get the window seat on one of daddy's car. Just look at that happy face and that Windsor wave!

11. You can try your best to succeed in a competition, and you certainly win, but then your wife is the one who gets the trophy; who knows what else she gets!

12. It doesn't matter how much money you spent on that fashionable hat for Wimbledon; you have to take it off if you are told to, and still show a smile after it.

13. Ironically enough, on other occasions, you are required to wear a big, fancy hat, regardless of how windy it is. It must be very hard, right?

14. You have all the money in the world to purchase designer clothes, and yet, mommy and daddy make you wear an old-fashioned, hideous gown for your christening. Life is unfair!

15. You have to be picture perfect at all times. If not, photographs like this one with weird poses can come out. Are they trying to pray or what?

16. Even when you suck at sports, or simply don't like them, you have to try them anyway. We think someone is about to break a nail. Ouch!

17. Your babe kept you up all night, but you have to attend specific mandatory engagements anyway. Just look at the Duchess' glance. She certainly wants to be somewhere else!

18. And you have to go to work no matter what, come rain or shine. The good part is that you can have your spouse hold the umbrella while you do your thing.

19. You can have tons of chauffeurs at your disposal, but sometimes you have to drive yourself to go to a place. If you don't believe it, ask the very Queen of England.

20. And what is even worse, every so often, you have to use public means of transportation like, let's say, the train. At least in England, this transport is not as crowded as in China.

21. But even when you get on a train, it is not that you are going to have a VIP entrance or something similar. You have to board as any other commoner would. 

22. And at home, you have to do the gardening and plant your own trees by yourself. We never thought that being a royal implied so much physical work. 

23. No matter if you have your own private chef at the palace. You still have to go to the supermarket and buy your groceries for dinner (kidding!). We hope the Queen didn't find any line to pay. 

24. And when the chef is on his day off, you have to cook dinner and have it ready when your hubby gets home from work. Do you think it was yummy?

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25. You can have a lot of assistants and secretaries to help you out, but nobody is going to take your shoes off. There should be a particular person tasked to do that!

26. As a royal duty, you have to visit a lot of museums, exhibitions, and art galleries, although you might have no idea who the artist is. Just pretend you know him and carry on.

27. You have to put on your best brave face when touching weird animals so that the rest of the world doesn't notice you're scared stiff.

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28. And when you travel, you also have to try any food you're given, or you might be considered disrespectful. Meghan must be saying: "I hope my husband doesn't die after drinking that."

29. Being a blue-blood member doesn't mean you cannot trip and fall to the floor. You only have to do it with style! Don't worry, Charlotte; nobody saw you, just us!

30. Some people are just born with two left feet, but that doesn't save you when you are a royal. Sometimes, you just have to look weird when dancing. 

We know; perhaps part of the magic that you felt is gone now that we have seen the members of the British Royal Family like ordinary people. But in the end, they are, right? They only have a "little bit" more money than the rest. Share this eye-opening article with your fellow royal fans, and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Source: Business Insider


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