15+ Snow Sculptures To Feel Better About This Year's Winter In The USA

This is more than just your typical snowman. Now that winter is soon coming to an end, we wanted to take a look at some of the most inspiring sculptures that are guaranteed to feed your imagination. After going through this list, we're sure you're going to be absolutely mindblown by the amazing talent these sculptors possess - let's start!

1. Inspired by Japanese culture, this artist decided to turn his inspiration to a beautiful sculpture using only snow.

2. This one's for all the 'Harry Potter' fanatics! Can you recognize this lovable character? The portrayal of our favorite owl is insanely accurate.

3. For this artist, winter is related to two things: snow and bears. Naturally, he decided to mix the two - this was the result.

4. This masterpiece is simply enormous! We can't even begin to imagine how much time and hard effort was put into this work of art. 

5. This one's probably the cutest sculpture ever. Someone thought it was a good idea to make a snow sheep, and we can't say they were wrong.

6. Here we have a shark fighting against a giant squid, and we can’t stop thinking about who would win this fight.

7. Despite how creepy this sculpture is, no one can deny the talent this person possesses. This is so creative!

8. This unknown creature is both grumpy yet adorable at the same time. We're stunned at the wild imagination these sculptors have!

9. This snow sculpture has many small details that make it look super realistic and intriguing - her facial expression shows so much emotion!

10. Because there's no snow in Mexico, someone decided to bring a little Mexico to the snow. These skulls are very characteristic of the Mexican culture.

11. ‘Star Wars’ fans will love this one. Being one of the most iconic sagas of all times, they had to make a sculpture to honor it.

12. A lion that's even fiercer than the dragon that's under him - this work is jawdropping simply for the crazy amount of detail put into the sculpture.

13. It would be interesting to know how they managed to create these snow flowers. This really is a gorgeous piece as well.

14. This person took size, time, effort, and detail to a whole other level. We only wish we could have the chance to experience what it'd be like inside a snow castle such as this one!

15. This artist mixed origami with snow and here is the result. And, they didn’t stop at just one but created several little versions as well.

16. The person who made this has incredible talent! They even made sure to give each pea a different facial expression.

17. What about these giant marshmallows? Would you like to try one?

18. If you had a sculpture like this at the front of your house, you would probably get plenty of visitors coming just to look at this precious thing. 

19. This is the perfect fort for kids! They'll probably want to play there forever. You probably will too. 

20. Who wouldn't want to have a dragon in their front porch? This family even used lighting to make it more dramatic.  

21. In this house, they turned their mailbox into a snowman - and it looks absolutely hilarious with its 'mouth' wide open. 

22. Instead of having an ordinary snowman, this family decided to be different and created this conceptual tree. 

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23. Believe it or not, there are people who will spend their time and effort doing creepy things like this. 

24. Creativity has no limits, and this shark is an example of it. Surely that house became the most popular one on its street!

25. This is a design that kids will love, and your neighbors won't be able to stop taking pictures of it either.

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Now tell us, which one of these snow sculptures surprised you the most and why? We hope this list inspired you to play around with your creativity in the snow as well! If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and stay tuned for more exciting content like this!

Source: Diply, Family HandymanThe Weather Network


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