10 Things Fans Need To See Before Big Bang Theory Ends

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has entertained audiences for more than ten years, and as its 12th and final season comes to a close, there are many scenarios that fans would love to see. Some people want to see Rajesh finally finding his true love, and even Sheldon becoming a father. Let’s take a look at 10 things the show needs to resolve before they go out with a bang!


The sad owner of Comic Center, Stewart Bloom, became more important on the show in later seasons - but it’s time for the character to have a little bit of his own happiness before the series ends. Stewart has been used as comedic relief with his unfortunate life, and as a nanny for Howard and Bernadette’s children. It’s about time that he caught a break.

Luckily, his store became popular Neil Gaiman's tweet, and he hired a new female employee named Denise, who is now his girlfriend and shares his love for superhero artwork. Things are looking great for him at the moment, and fans would love to see more happiness for the depressing comic book nerd.


Sheldon Cooper is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite character on the show. His catchphrase “Bazinga” was popularized on all kinds of merchandise and was the source of much laughter in numerous episodes. Sheldon used it to indicate when he was joking or pranking someone. However, the infamous, made-up word has not been spoken since season five.

The show would simply not be the same if the term didn't exist, but Sheldon dropped it years ago without explanation. It would be great fan service for the showrunners to include it in one of the final episodes before everyone has to say goodbye to this quirky, group of nerds and the pretty blonde across the hall.


Howard and Bernadette have two children, but the main couples on the show have yet to become parents. Leonard really wanted kids, but Penny has made it clear that she doesn't want any. And, it seems like now they are fine with that decision. However, thanks to ‘Young Sheldon’, the prequel spin-off, fans know that Amy and Sheldon will eventually have children.

Although, the series wouldn't be able to show many moments of Sheldon’s fatherhood because there are very few episodes left. Also, ending a sitcom with a pregnancy or the birth of a new baby is almost tradition. They could give a glimpse of a few years into the future and how the gang is doing then.


Howard Wolowitz has a master's from M.I.T., and as an aerospace engineer, he went to the International Space Station as well. However, a running joke on the show (especially for Sheldon) is that Howard is only one in the group that hasn't obtained his doctorate. He was seriously mocked when Berdanatte got her Ph.D. and a better job than him.

It would be fantastic to see the women-obsessed polyglot finally earn his higher degree and actually receive some praise from Sheldon. Moreover, it would be great to see more about his projects at the university. After the military took Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon’s quantum gyroscope away, the show has not focused on anything regarding their careers aside from Sheldon and Amy’s super asymmetry theory.


‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been known for incredible cameos, especially from celebrities that embody things the guys enjoy. Mark Hamill officiated Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, the late Stephen Hawking was on the show many times, and ‘Star Trek's’ Will Wheaton has a recurring role as himself. Another famous cameo was the late Stan Lee, who meant so much to the main characters who loved comic books.

The series announced that several stars will appear again, and new ones will make their debut. Everyone is looking forward to William Shatner’s appearance because Sheldon is going to lose his mind. It would also be amazing to see a cameo from a celebrity in a current TV show like ‘Game of Thrones’, which will release its final season this year as well.


Since the beginning of the show, Sheldon has been talking about winning a Nobel Prize for his contributions to science, and every fan has expected it to happen at some point. What no one expected is that Sheldon would collaborate with his girlfriend for it. Well, no one expected Sheldon to ever have a girlfriend in the first place. He and Amy deserve it.

Right before their wedding, they came up with the theory about Super Asymmetry and have developed it through Season 12. Some researchers recently proved it, but they will be battling against the couple for the Nobel Prize because Sheldon was not willing to exclude Amy from the running. Since this is a sitcom, he and Amy will definitely win.


While most of the main characters are paired up, Raj is the only single one left. This is mostly blamed on the fact that the adorable Hindu nerd had trouble speaking to women. When he got over that problem, Raj started dating more - but, all his relationships ended. Eventually, Rajesh told his parents that he wanted an arranged marriage, although that had failed a few seasons before. And then he met Anu.

Everything was ready for their Valentine’s Day wedding, but he and Anu fought, and eventually decided to date before getting more serious. It was disappointing that fans didn't get the colorful Indian wedding they were promised. On the other hand, Anu might not even be the right person for Raj, but everyone is rooting for his happy ending anyways.


For the past 12 years, the showrunners have never revealed Penny’s last name, and it soon became a running gag that she didn’t have one. After she married Leonard, she might have taken the name Hofstadter, but that's also not confirmed. Fortunately, series co-creator Bill Prady promised that her maiden name will be revealed.

On the contrary, executive producer Steven Molaro actually said the exact opposite. There are less than ten episodes left on the show, so it’s hard to imagine when the subject might pop up. While it might not be significant to learn Penny’s name, it would be a treat for many fans that have stayed loyal to the sitcom all these years.

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The show never revealed Howard’s mother, only her voice. When the voice actress, Carol Ann Susi, died, they made several episodes about his mother’s passing. Another detail about Howard is that his father left when he was 11 and never returned. But, he actually got to meet his younger brother in season eight, so his dad might still be alive.

Sheldon accidentally read a letter that Howard’s dad had sent, but it was never opened. After the letter was destroyed and the rest of the gang discovered what it said, they told him several made-up, heart-warming scenarios alongside the original content, so he would never know which one was true. Meeting his father would be a great way to close up his character.

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The show started with Sheldon and Leonard living on the fourth floor of an apartment building with a broken elevator. A few seasons later, they revealed that it was a result of a rocket fuel experiment mishap where Sheldon saved Leonard’s life. The main characters have been walking up and down those stairs for 12 years, and it would be nice if they got to use the elevator again.

No matter what, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is a classic that will be fondly remembered like ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’. Let us know what else you think should happen in the last few episodes. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who feel like they identify with Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. Purr, purr, purr!

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