Woman Finds a Squirrel And Notices Its Teeth Are Badly Overgrown, Decides To Save It

It is very common to think that our planet would be better without humans, but some people do so much for animals that it would be hard to imagine how they could live calmer without these incredible people around them. Jannet Talbott is one of them.

Her labor as an animal activist is brilliant and she has done a lot without receiving anything in exchange. One of her latest feats was when she helped to save the life of a little squirrel, and next, we will tell you more about that.


Jannet Talbott loves animals in a way too deep to describe it, but her affection reflects in her actions. For many years, she has invested time and effort on helping the most vulnerable creatures, and she even owns a ranch in Alberta Canada where she raises horses and also helps animals in complicated situations.

Many of the animals that she helps have been abused in some way. She always rescues them and takes them home until she finds a family willing to adopt. Also, she has many bird feeders that animals can use. However, someday she had to pay special attention to a little squirrel that was in her yard when she noticed that it couldn’t eat normally.

What caught Jannet’s attention was that the squirrel had terrifying, overgrown teeth, and they were so big that almost touched the squirrel’s eyes. Of course, the pictures are a bit shocking, but that’s the only way to understand how serious its condition was. Luckily, Jannet was willing to help the little creature, but she needed a plan.


Jannet was completely moved by her new friend. The squirrel was so adorable that she immediately gave it a name and started to call it Bucky. What a lovely name! After that, she set up a small trap in her garden, right where the squirrel used to look for food. Now, all that Jannet had to do was to sit up and wait for Bucky.

Luckily, in the end, the trap wasn’t necessary. Instead of getting caught, Jannet found Bucky digging around the bird feeder. She was wearing her special work gloves, so she took the chance and grabbed the squirrel without any problem. Now she was able to give Bucky a proper examination, and so she did. That was when she realized that everything was more complicated than she thought.


Jannet was left speechless right after she took a closer look at Bucky’s teeth; she said ‘I literally reached in and grabbed him, and then I think we were both shocked at that moment.’ Then, she put bucky in a plastic container with holes in the top. In that way, he would be safe until she could find a solution. First, she started seeking help through YouTube.

But, why Bucky’s teeth were in such condition? In case you didn’t know, rodents’ teeth never stop growing, they just wear out every time they eat or use their teeth for something. But Bucky’s fangs grown incorrectly, so two of his incisors were growing backward. That’s why they just were getting bigger each day.


Bucky’s condition was so troubled that it was practically a miracle that he still was able to feed himself. Luckily, Jannet found a YouTube video that helped her a lot. The video explained that these animals only have nerve endings closer to the gum line, so that meant it was possible to trim Bucky’s teeth without major complications. In resume, he wouldn’t feel any pain.

Jannet found a cuticle trimmer to cut the teeth and only 10 minutes after, everything was fixed. She later explained that ‘he quickly ran to the branch and he rubbed and rubbed and rubbed his cheeks on there. You could just tell he was so elated to have those teeth gone from his cheek.’ This is such a happy ending for this squirrel!

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Now, Jannet pays extra attention to this little creature because sadly, the situation could be repeated in some months. However, she has high hopes. She wrote on her Facebook page: ‘I watched him sharpen his newly trimmed incisors on a tree branch... fingers crossed he keeps them worn down’.

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Now, tell us if you ever have helped an animal in a difficult situation and what did you do to help them. Learning about stories like this always give us hope, so share this article with your friends and family to brighten their day. Also, we invite you to keep reading our other articles, surely they will interest you!

Source: Diply


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