"Avengers: Endgame" Confirms Thanos Miserably Failed To Achieve His Main Goal

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ had one of the most surprising endings ever. For the first time in the MCU, the superheroes weren't able to stop the main villain of a story, and Thanos’ plans were accomplished. The ending scene showed him sitting and looking happy on a “grateful universe”; but, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ might reveal that his true intentions did not come true.


Thanos comes from the planet Titan, and he explained that when overpopulation became a problem for his people, he suggested the idea of a planned genocide. That way, the people left would have more than enough resources to go around. Of course, the Titans called him crazy, and unfortunately, his planet was destroyed, becoming that barren land showed in the film.

The Mad Titan was even exiled from his planet for his suggestion and left to his own means. However, Thanos never forgot his idea, so he dedicated the rest of his life to wiping out half the population of every planet. Along with his followers, the Mad Titan went from society to society, killing half the people so that the rest would prosper.

The worst part is that he truly seemed to think that it was for a good cause and that he was being merciful. The Chitauri helped him kill Gamora’s people, and he told his daughter that all the children there have never known starvation and live happily. That was his first attempt, and when it succeeded, Thanos decided to do it all over the universe.

However, going from place to place is exhausting, and there are corners of the cosmos that he probably cannot reach. The only solution was to gather the greatest sources of power in the known galaxy, the Infinity Stones. No normal mortal is able to handle them, much less all at once, which he needed for his ultimate goal.

Therefore, he went to Nidavellir, threatened Eitri into making the Infinity Gauntlet, and then, killed his people while also destroying his hands. After a huge struggle and facing off the Avengers, he achieved his purpose after obtaining the Mind Stone from Vision’s head in Wakanda. Thanos snapped his fingers, and people turned to dust.

The event is known as the Decimation. The Mad Titan truly believed that everyone remaining would do better in the long run, able to enjoy the resources available without worrying about sustainability. However, thanks to the ‘Endgame’ trailer, Thanos might have missed something important that rendered his mission worthless.


Unlike the destruction of Gamora’s people, where Thanos invaded with an army and controlled who would be killed, his actions with the Infinity Stones were different. He claimed that it would be more merciful, and that might be correct because no one suffered physical pain, but the Mad Titan did not kill just people.

According to Marvel president, Kevin Feige, Thanos dusted every living thing, which would also include animals and plants which defeats his original purpose. The ‘Endgame’ teaser shown during the Super Bowl revealed several scenes where Earth was almost in ruins, and the shots are very grim. Instead of being shown for dramatic effect, it might be the actual truth of what's going on in the universe.

On the other hand, Thanos apparently did not take into account population regrowth. In a hundred years, he might have to go back to do the same thing, which has been suggested cannot be done, now that the Gauntlet is apparently damaged. It was implied that Thanos only wanted to destroy the people, not necessarily the resources - but life is life.

Even algae are living beings, and they are a huge source of air on Earth. This could explain why New York looked like a zombie apocalypse, and without proper air, more people most likely died. Also, the skyline of the city was completely dark, which suggests that they might not have power or that there aren’t enough employees to run a power plant.

The lack of power puts the lives of many at risk like hospital patients, children on life-support, etc. Pollution might also be running rampant, so nothing seems okay now. Humans are not prospering in this scenario. Unfortunately, this realization does not reverse the effects of the Decimation. It happened. Now, it is time for the Avengers to fix it.


One of the most accepted theories is that the superheroes will use the Quantum Realm to travel through time. They might do this to stop Thanos from getting the stones or to change things even further in the past so that a new timeline is created. The synopsis of the film says that the Avengers will undo what the Mad Titan did, and fans are expecting another huge fight against him.

Sadly, using brute strength against their greatest enemy might not be enough. The first trailer revealed that Thanos was on a farm just like he was in the comic books, and he even hung his armor as a scarecrow. This suggests that he probably does not know what is happening around the universe. Maybe, the Avengers need to show Thanos that his plan did not come true.

Instead of getting into another epic battle, they could reason with the Mad Titan. He always seemed like a clever guy, and the superhero team might get him to undo the snap himself. If they take him to Earth so that he can see the disaster that it has become, Thanos might regret sacrificing his daughter, Gamora, and he could align with the Avengers to fix everything.

Some fans noticed various weird spaces in the Super Bowl trailer, where Marvel apparently deleted someone to avoid spoilers. If he learns that his way caused more harm than good, there is a chance he could be persuaded into working with the Avengers to reverse things. Thanos could actually be the one to bring Gamora back, which would make for a great scene.


Josh Brolin’s Thanos is completely different from his comic book counterpart, so having him regret his actions could be the twist this film needs. The movie showed a reasonable Thanos with a noble goal in mind – according to him. It’s not insane to believe that someone could inform the Mad Titan about the error of his ways, and he would understand.

Contrarily, comic book Thanos started his quest because he wanted to impress a girl, Death, but she has not been shown in the MCU yet. Therefore, the Mad Titan is doing everything on his own, which gives him the freedom to change his mind. The Decimation is also very different in the comic books. His quest did not impress Lady Death, even when he built a shrine for her.

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He wiped out half the universe due to his grief over the rejection. Adam Warlock discovered that the Mad Titan did not feel worthy of the power of the Stones, and when Nebula betrayed him, Thanos joined forces with Adam, Doctor Strange, and the Silver Surfer to stop her. He later faked his own death to avoid imprisonment and hid on a farm.

It’s clear that the comic book's Thanos was only motivated by selfishness, greed and the desire for a lady. He snapped his fingers because his ego was hurt. While movie Thanos was always a genocidal mad man, he truly believed in his quest and his plans to save the universe. But, people have wondered why he could not create more resources instead of killing living beings.

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The Infinity Stones are supposedly able to do anything. And although Thanos planned to wipe out half the population of the universe, it’s very likely that he killed around 75%, factoring in the people that died in the subsequent accidents, power shortages and the consequences of the Decimation.

In any case, it was a flawed plan that didn't bring happiness and prosperity to Earth. He might have been lying about its effects on Gamora’s planet as well. Let us know if you want Thanos to ally with the heroes in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who loved the ending of ‘Infinity War’. See you next time!

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