25 Weird Signs That Carry A Purpose Not Meant In The First Place

Some stores usually use signs to announce their sales or to give important announcements, but others seem not to care and use their signs for hilarious purposes. This list is full of pictures with the most awkward signs ever, and we assure you that they will make you laugh. Let’s start!

1. They had to use drastic measures when Abby didn’t show up to work.

2. We suppose that Joe was the worst employee this company ever had.

3. Sometimes it is necessary to be sassy so people can understand the message.

4. Well, they are the experts on doors, so we guess they are right.

5. For those friends who are always remembering your mistakes and won't ever forget. 

6. The people who made these signs are too creative.... and also love rap.

7. New year’s resolution: use blinkers. Please. Be a better driver.

8. You're about to give the speech that happens when a person dies. There's no way you can lie.  

9. It would be hilarious to know the background story of this sign.

10. Surely, the person who made this pun was very excited for everyone to see the new sign.

11. A surprising way to attract some people's attention.

12. We must congratulate whoever made this because it is very funny.

13. How often do you go to church? The pastor is clearly calling you out for being absent.

14. This is a very unique sign to announce a garage sale. Undoubtedly, they attracted many buyers.

15. Despite this is misleading advertising, they are not technically lying.

16. At least the person who made this was honest enough to tell the truth about his preferences in sports teams.

17. This synagogue made the funniest biblical pun ever, and we can’t help but laugh.

18. This man did exactly what the sign says. They should double-check what they write next time.

19. When the church uses a quote like this to talk about how to be physically attractive.

20. They only wanted to make people go through the other door, but some are too stubborn.

21. They got tired of this person, so they had to take extreme measures.

22. This sign was unnecessary, but they wanted to use it anyway.

23. It would have been interesting to visit this hotel when bears were allowed there.

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24. This sign belongs to a library, that’s why it is smart and funny at the same time.

25. It seems like puns are a popular thing in signs nowadays, and this one, in particular, is hilarious.

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Now tell us, which one of these signs made you laugh the most and why? If you enjoyed this list, share it with your friends to make them laugh as well, and also we invite you to keep reading our next articles, they surely will interest you!

Source: Buzzfeed


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