15+ Genius Designs That Could Instantly Improve Our Lives

Designers are in charge of making our lives more comfortable, and sometimes their inventions are pure gold. We decided to create a list of the best things designers have ever created, and we guarantee you'll want them in your life immediately. Let’s take a look!

1. This is an unusual crosswalk that looks like it's floating. The person who made this must be very creative.

2. These are the best seats ever; not only are they comfortable, but they also have plugs where you can charge your phone.

3. The design of this water bottle is so cute that you won’t want to throw it away when you're done.

4. This library has abstract seats where people can sit and read a book. Many curious readers are attracted to this library’s atmosphere.

5. These creative trash cans from South Korea are designed as coffee cups. Did you know that South Koreans are obsessed with coffee?

6. This vending machine is so cute that many Instagrammers stand by its side to take pictures. The color is so vibrant and pretty!

7. If you think it's complicated to exercise while watching a YouTube tutorial, think again - this phone stick is all you need.

8. In this electric car station, they had the great idea of putting a solar roof so your car can charge whilst under it.

9. Sometimes, your balcony might be too small for a real table so this design is perfect. You can drink something while enjoying the fresh air without any discomfort. 

10. Nowadays, phones are so big that it's sometimes hard to hold them with just one hand. Luckily, this phone ring will prevent you from dropping it.

11. Although this was made for disposals, that doesn’t mean it has to look trashy. This waste bin at an airport looks very classy.

12. This is not the typical bench you will find in a park. This one works with solar energy, provides Wi-Fi, and also has chargers to plug your phone.

13. This picture shows pure creativity. A bench in the form of a banana peel that looks inviting with its bright yellow color. We wonder how comfortable it is, though. 

14. Look at this toilet roll holder. Looks easy to make and it also gives a natural vibe to your bathroom.

15. If you tend to eat just one half of an avocado, this plastic cover will help you preserve the other half for a longer time.

16. At the San Diego airport, there are bathrooms that pets can use. Is this not amazing?

17. Also, this airport in Atlanta has a park where you can take your dogs for a walk. This helps them release stress.

18. Can you believe this pen is made out of air pollution? It's great because it helps reduce contamination.

19. If your coffee cup doesn’t fit in your car’s drink holder, you will love this cup adapter. Now your drink will be safe.

20. This is how the baggage claim area looks like at the Antalya Airport. Of course, kids love this shark’s jaws.

21. This is the best way to transport your cat. This backpack has holes to let them breath and is comfy enough for them to take a nap.

22. They made this green wall using only plastic bottles, and it looks beautiful. This shows that it's important to recycle old watter bottles.

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23. An open theatre in Goa has a wall made out of glass bottles - we think it's great that they're reusing these materials.

24. Green spaces to enjoy in the middle of the city. A trend that defines what cities of the future should be like.

25. Instead of adding a normal roof, people have started putting hammocks to have a special relaxation space at home. Some hotels have adopted the idea as well.

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Now tell us, which one of these creative inventions would you like to try? Isn't it amazing how people come up with these new ideas to make our world a better place? If you liked this article, share it with your friends so they can check out these awesome creations as well.

Source: Bright Side


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