10 Cancelled Marvel Movies We Wish Got Made

The MCU has blessed us with many legendary productions and needless to say, we’re super excited that there’s still so much more to come. Unfortunately, though, there’s a ton of Marvel projects that never ended up making the big screen either - and people are still pretty upset about some of them.

From financial troubles to scheduling conflicts, and behind the scenes issues, there are many different factors that can kill a project-in-the-making. We’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 canceled Marvel movies that left us wondering one thing: why?


Based on the awful show that was released, Inhumans didn’t stand a chance in replacing the X-Men in the MCU - although it had much potential to do so. There’s the belief that if Kevin Feige was in charge of the production, it would’ve turned out way better than what we were originally given.

Throughout time, and with experience, we know that both Kevin and the Marvel Studios’ movie division do an amazing job at interlacing a large story together.  Giving directors the chance to add something unique of their own into the individual movies, we would’ve ended up with an epic Game of Thrones-esque movie. But unfortunately, we were disappointingly served with what looks like a super cheaply made TV show.

9) BLADE 4

With this series, it was the timing that screwed everything over. 'Blade' was released at a time when comic book movies weren’t doing very well, and struggling in popularity, to say the least. Of course, an unforgettable performance was made by Wesley Snipes, starring as the Daywalker, and the first two movies helped bumped him up to an official movie star category. However, the studio decided to interfere with the idea of Blade and changed the original setting of 'Blade: Trinity', with the purpose of bringing in new characters for future spin-off movies.

Living in a world where vampires have taken over was the original idea behind 'Blade: Trinity'. It definitely had the potential to turn into a fourth movie, after the King and Whistler spin-off commercial proved to be disastrous. But, bridges were burned and Snipes’ relationship with Goyer was destroyed for good.


Finally, Marvel had a production that they were able to take pride in, once the X-Men came out. It was a total hit - and thanks to its success, Marvel was able to make some money after the financial struggle they were going through for so long in the ‘90s. However, when Marvel made a deal with Artisan Entertainment, it, unfortunately, didn’t turn out to be as successful as both parties had hoped for. One of these properties was actually a theatrical Iron First movie.

Before the Netflix show, Iron Fist was unknown to the general public. This problem could’ve been easily solved if the movie had already been introduced and if more time and effort was put into the production. However, Marvel never ended up taking it too seriously, which was the ultimate downfall of the project.


2005’s 'Fantastic Four' was a financial success - and you can bet that Fox Studios was going to try and take advantage of that while they still had the chance. They released the 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' which pretty much flopped; but, the character was intriguing enough that a spin-off was in the works based on solely the Surfer.

Silver Surfer is actually extremely popular, but there hasn’t been one good movie filmed about him yet. And even though the spin-off would’ve been based on a failed movie, the film had some great potential. This is simply due to the fact that the Silver Surfer is a very powerful being and someone who’s had plenty of action-filled adventures in store for him. His contemplative nature, too, would’ve added some extra drama that audiences would’ve loved.


Considered to be one of the least powerful superhero movies, Tim Story’s 'Fantastic Four' wasn’t a huge success. This is once again accredited to the meddling of studios; Fox had a different goal in mind. They were more interested in turning the film into basically a B-rated movie, aiming for the younger audiences, and turn the entire project into a merchandising success. If Peyton Reed headed control of this instead, we’re sure the movie would’ve turned out drastically different.

Essentially, Reed’s vision didn’t include the origin stories of the Fantastic Four and would’ve actually been similar to The Avengers circa 2012. Apparently, Peyton was very inspired by the climactic “Battle of New York” from the movie, which most likely means we would’ve seen something similar in his version of the Fantastic Four. This scenario sounds a lot better compared to what we were actually given.


Like we mentioned earlier, the ‘90s were a difficult time for Marvel, as they were stuck in some financial trouble due to the minimal success and general interest in comic book movies. Thankfully, 1998’s 'Blade' turned the bad luck around, and Marvel released a film that finally became successful. X-Men’s financial success followed shortly after, and Marvel was able to confidently made the decision that the right path would focus on movies. After entering their deal with Artisan Entertainment (which, you might remember from earlier on, wasn’t very successful), the two planned on producing many of their properties into a combination of different things - feature movies, TV shows, and direct-to-video movies.

One of these productions included the Power Pack, which was supposed to be based on a group of pre-teen heroes. The group was made up of four siblings, and every sibling had their own unique power that was given to them by an alien being. Of course, this would’ve been a lighter movie, but would've still turned out to be a fun adventure, similar to 'Big Hero Six.'


The X-Men brand was a massive success - in the early 2000s, the movies were insanely profitable, and audiences were loving it all, including 'X2: X-Men United'. Fox decided that it would be a smart idea to continue making X-Men Origins movies, and wanted to focus on Magneto. However, it was a poor decision on their part as the projects just went downhill after that.

This was unfortunate because many people were interested in getting more of a backstory on Magneto. In 'X-Men' and 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' we only slightly got a glimpse - and this glimpse showed us that it would’ve been amazing to see how his tragic past in the Holocaust shaped the powerful and infamous Magneto we saw in the movies.


Lots of people are still bitter about this one. And, to be honest, we are too. Gaiman and del Toro were supposed to pair up to write a Doctor Strange movie. Apparently, Gaiman approached the master of modern gothic, and received a positive response - Guillermo was super interested in the idea as well. However, Marvel never ended up putting the project into realization.

Many believe that this would’ve been the perfect pairing. The combination of Academy Award-winning Guillermo del Toro’s genius, gothic horror themes (that most often include monsters), and Neil Gaiman’s beloved metaphysical comic book, The Sandman, would’ve created something that looks exactly what a Doctor Strange movie should.


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After 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' was released, the floodgates were opened - the movie introduced several new villains, and the studio was soon building towards the creation of the Sinister Six. Rather than appearing as rivals to Spider-Man, the six would’ve got their own film. It seemed like things already started rolling for production, especially when we consider that the Green Goblin and Rhino were already players in the universe. However, the failure of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' made Sony abandon the project.


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'Spiderman 4' was supposed to be the best movie in the series, after the excruciatingly painful experience that was 'Spider-Man 3' - even Sam Raimi was super disappointed. However, he never ended up finishing the script, and the project was instead turned into 'The Amazing-Spider Man'. According to some revealed concept art, the Vulture (John Malkovich) was depicted as a prominent villain, Mysterio was cameod by Bruce Campbell, and Anne Hathaway was to play in the role of Felicia Hardy.

Unfortunately, because Sam had no interest in 'Venom', 'Spider-Man 4' had to be abandoned - thanks to studio interference, yet again. Judging from his first two Spider-man movies, we believe that this one would’ve been nothing less than successful. Not to mention that the casting sounded pretty epic too.

Although these concepts were already abandoned, we're keeping our fingers crossed for some of them, and hoping that they're going to get picked up again in the future. Which abandoned Marvel project would you want to see come to life? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: CBR, ScreenRant


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