Meghan’s princess: did photos of Meghan Markle’s babyshower reveal the gender?

Meghan’s back! Following her flight to America, we all knew the Duchess was up to something special. Finally, news broke that Markle was coming to NYC to celebrate what’s probably one of the most special events in her life so far - her royal baby shower. 

From flower-arranging lessons to relaxing in the most expensive penthouse in the U.S., the celebration was as lavish as anyone expected it to be. But what is even better is that judging from the photographs of the baby shower, many speculate the predominant colors gave the unborn royal’s gender away. We broke down exactly what went down during the Duchess' mini-getaway. Take a look!


After the stress of adjusting to a lifestyle that was entirely new and foreign to the American actress and enduring all the drama with her biological family, the seven-month pregnant Duchess enjoyed a well-deserved break. Before heading to Morocco with her husband, Meghan spent some quality time with her closest friends.

And of course, the 'Suits' actress is making the best out of her time spent in New York. From drinking tea and feasting on delicious macarons at her favorite SoHo bakery to shopping for baby clothing at Bonpoint, Markle has been given a chance to revert to her old self once again - and she’s soaking up every minute of it.

As we all know, Meghan has been ruffling some royal feathers ever since she joined the blue-blood family. Although she’s royalty now, the Duchess of Sussex made it clear many times that she’s going to do things her way regardless of the Anglophile traditions. In a Vanity Fair report, a source stated: 

"As an American, she was very excited to have a baby shower thrown for her. I think she’d have felt she was missing out if she didn’t have one. It’s been such a fun time for her; she is with her oldest friends in the city she loves and really enjoying herself.”


Even before the baby shower, the mother-to-be splashed out on her means of transportation to her homeland. The Duchess left for her unannounced trip to New York on Friday, February 15, on a private jet that cost over $100,000 but was covered by a close friend in Toronto! 

On Monday night, fans spotted the Duchess even though she tried to go by unnoticed. Meghan covered herself up with a big black coat and a gray cap. Her hair hung loosely which further obscured the view of her face. Kensington Palace did not divulge any details about the five-day trip other than stating only it is "privately funded."

The night before, Meghan spent a night out on the town on Tuesday evening with close friends Williams, Anderson, and Mulroney during her getaway, by Insider's report. Donning a $3,085 navy Victoria Beckham coat, the Duchess made her way to Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar - a restaurant that’s frequently visited by celebrities, and here’s the best part.

Firstly, it’s a well-known fact that Meghan’s husband is a devoted polo player, so the restaurant theme is hilariously ironic. Secondly, the bar menu even has a drink named the "Prince of Wales." The $22 cocktail is made out of High West Rendezvous Rye, Cherry Heering, honey, pineapple, and Champagne. Coincidence? 

But the restaurant is also known for its impeccable menu variety and delicious food. It satisfies Meghan's cravings for her beloved avocados with her favorite $28 crab and avocado salad, to something more pricey like a $70 ribeye steak with hand-cut fries. 

Apparently, some of the other celebrities that love visiting this A-list hotspot includes the likes of President Trump. The day proved to be one with lots of socializing for the Duchess, as she also reportedly went out for lunch with her former 'Suits' co-star, Abigail Spencer, earlier on. 

On Tuesday afternoon the Duchess got pictured leaving the luxurious hotel soon after her former 'Suits' co-star and friend, Abigail Spencer, arrived. According to Hello! Magazine, the two friends had a change of plans because the place wasn't private enough, and the women couldn't properly catch up on their business. They moved to Café Boulud at the Surrey Hotel, instead.


The exact date of the shower was unclear at first, with some reports suggesting that the event took place on Tuesday, February 19, when in fact it happened this Last Wednesday. However, one thing we knew for sure was the location of the baby shower - and you can bet that it’s absolutely stunning. 

With Meghan’s close friends Amal Clooney and Serena Williams hosting, according to Tatler, the baby shower took place at The Mark Hotel in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, in a $75,000-per-night penthouse suite with stunning views over Central Park, one of the most expensive suites in the whole country. 

According to lifestyle magazine Elite Traveler, the Mark Hotel penthouse is the largest in the U.S. and the world, as it ties in with the $75,000/night Royal Penthouse Suite of President Wilson Geneva in Switzerland. The suite is spread over two floors and includes five bedroom, four fireplaces, six bathrooms (no waiting time!), two powder rooms, plus a 2,500-square-feet private rooftop terrace.

And, the best part - Serena took it upon herself to cover the cost of the bill. It sounds like we all need a Serena in our life! Even though the tennis player reportedly hosted the event, Meghan’s close friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin was also on hand to spruce the Duchess up for the special celebration.


The event included precisely what you could picture a pregnant Duchess doing to unwind and have fun. The baby shower started off with a flower-arranging lesson, followed by a dessert-tasting experience organized by Michelin-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. 


The guest list included Meghan’s best friend Misha Nonoo, who is newly engaged, her college friend Lindsay Roth, as well as Markle’s former co-star Abigail Spencer, stylist Jessica Mulroney, Taryn Toomey, Amal Clooney, Priyanka Chopra, Benita Litt, and Markus Anderson. According to what the royal correspondent Omid told Good Morning America:

"Today's baby shower is a reunion of sorts for Meghan. [Guests] include best pal Jessica Mulroney; actress and close pal Abigail Spencer has flown in, and Priyanka Chopra is supposed to be flying in especially for this from London Fashion Week."

But it seems that Priyanka could not get out of her commitments at the Fashion Week as she didn’t make it to Meghan’s baby shower. An Instagram post by the Bollywood star on Tuesday placed her in Beverly Hills, California at the time.

In total, there were around 15 of her closest friends who came together in New York to throw her a baby shower. Although the official guest list for Meghan’s baby shower remains elusive, one person we know for sure that didn’t attend the shower thrown by her friends is mum Doria Ragland. 

Pictured out and about walking her dog in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, Doria strolled around her neighborhood. The yoga instructor snugly dressed in winter boots and a black down parka. Fans soon commented on the implied that Doria didn't attend Meghan's baby shower due to some sinister reason or the other, as one fan tweeted: 

"You guys are so nosy; leave her mom alone. Not surprised you’ll question why she isn’t in New York when you don’t even know that if she did go see Meghan and came back home since you guys didn’t know Meghan was in New York since Friday."


One face that most were looking forward to seeing, however, did not show up was Meghan's sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Though the Duchess of Sussex' close ones were in attendance to rejoice on the nearing arrival of her child, this royal guest decided to miss the celebration.


The Duchess of Cambridge was noticeably absent at her sister-in-law's baby shower not because of any beef, but because she had other pressing family businesses of her own to attend. It is the holiday season which means her two older children are out of school. 

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are on their half-term break; this makes it the perfect time for the Cambridges to enjoy a relaxed school holiday away from the claws of the media. It's also rumored that the family is in the middle of somewhere skiing, along with Prince Louis. 

Another reason that could explain Doria and Kate's absence is that it seems like this shower is mainly for Meghan's American closest friends and not for family members. British journalist Omid Scobie also explained that Wednesday's event was one of the two baby showers the Duchess of Sussex will be getting.

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The recent baby shower was for those who could have a scheduling conflict to travel across the pond for the second baby shower in the UK. Although this type of parties is not common there, it appears that the second one will be in British lands, and there is every likelihood that this one will be graced by Duchess Kate and Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland.   


Perhaps, one of the most crucial details that the baby shower revealed was the possible gender of the upcoming royal baby. Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter explained to Hello! Magazine that keeping the baby’s gender unknown until it's born is a “royal philosophy” and added that many parents in the UK also do the same.

In fact, the same source said that, during the Endeavor Awards earlier this month, Meghan spoke with a guest regarding the gender of their soon-to-be-born baby stating, “We don't know. Yes, we decided to keep it a secret, and then that way... it's one of those things, like, no matter what it is, it's still going to be a surprise.”

However, the color scheme of the party seemed to be pink, judged by all the pink floral arrangements, pink outfits, and cotton candy machine that got delivered to the hotel ahead of the shower. Gayle King looked bright and beautiful in a bright pink dress and purple coat as she arrived.

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The American TV personality held a gift bag colored in fuchsia stripes and polka dots, but other guests arrived with presents in white gift bags, like Misha Nonoo and trainer Taryn Toomey. Jessica Mulroney wore a dark salmon turtleneck, while Amal Clooney stunned in a red jumpsuit with gold heels.

Are their outfits telling us something? While the color theme for the party is suggestive of a baby girl, it is also possible that the royal couple Meghan and Prince Harry are patiently waiting to find out just like the rest of us. So probably we also have to wait a few more months to know the truth. 

The Duchess of Sussex was glowing and looked completely overjoyed with her mini-trip, particularly considering the number of drastic changes and drama this past year. Now, do you think that Meghan is having a baby girl? Let us know your opinion in the comments below, and make sure to stay tuned for more future articles. Until next time!

Source: Hello! Magazine, Insider, TatlerHello! Magazine, Good Morning America, Vanity Fair, Elite Traveler, Insider


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