11+ Mysterious Finds That Only The Internet Was Capable Of Solving

Humans are curious creatures by nature, so if you consider yourself as one, this list will give you a lot of satisfaction. Many Reddit users posted these pictures of weird or unusual items without knowing what they were so that other users could figure out their purpose. You will be surprised by knowing these curious finds! Let’s see.

1. This symbol means ‘Do not climb,’ and is used to identify poles that are damaged so technicians can be aware of the potential risk.

2. This golden pin it's a Surveyor 1 probe, and it was given to the workers of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to celebrate Apollo’s success in the early 60s.

3. Someone found this in their car antenna, and Reddit users told them that those are potter wasps nests.

4. Many people don’t know what these tiny things are. They are plastic buckles and are used to secure straps around big packages for shipment.

5. These are explosives used to cause avalanches purposely, so if you ever see one of these, don’t dare to touch it.

6. This is a splitting maul and the moving pieces on the opposite side of the head help to split the wood.

7. It is hard to figure out what this little piece is. However, Reddit users explained that these are butterfly clips and they help to secure things like brushes and nets to poles used in pool cleaning.  

8. Someone saw this in the waters of the Netherlands. It is called Marker Wadden project and consists of creating islands to restore the biodiversity of Lake Markermeer.

9. Despite this looks like a fossil fang, it is the fossilized cast of the inside of a rudist shell, and it belongs to the late-Jurassic period.

10. A Reddit user thought this was a green apple, but he realized it wasn’t when he gave it a bite. Actually, this is an unripe persimmon.

11. This might look weird, but its purpose is pretty ordinary. This is a type of brush for barbecuing, and the links in the chain are to hold the sauce.

12. This vintage craft tool is a punch needle, and it is used to make decorative rugs. It looks a bit primitive, we know.

13. At first sight, you might think those are hover seats, but actually, they are riding trowels and are used to give a smooth surface to concrete floors.

14. Here is a car that looks like if it came out from ‘The Jetsons’. It is a custom '60s Spaceliner. These cars were made during the hype of the space-age style.

15. This is for bottling beer, and it is known as the bottling tree. You sanitize the bottle and put them on this rack to let them drip dry right before you bottle the beer.

16. Many would think this is an alien egg, but it is a smooshed golfball.

17. These aren’t natural mini waterfalls. They are human-made and have multiple purposes like measuring the river's speed.

18. This high school gym has this sound system called Soundsphere. Sorry for disappointing you, but it is not some space age-y device.

19. This is very common in Japanese bathrooms. If you press that button, a sound of running water will cover up sounds you may be making that might embarrass you.

20. This tiny tube is a glow stick used by fishermen to attract certain species. Of course, they use it at night.

21. A Reddit user asked what was this thing in his car, and the community told him that it was a magnetic mount for a cell phone or other devices.

22. You may find a bright red cord like this in accessible washrooms. They are made to alert people in case the person using the toilet falls.

23. These weird plants are usually known as ‘ghost plants’. However, they look like some kind of mushrooms.

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24. You should be worried if you see something like this growing in your house. It is known as Stemonitis and grows on rotting wood.

25. This wooden toy was confusing for one of the Reddit users, and it's actually a kind of clacker rattle. Kids needed toys before plastic was put into use. 

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