Miley Cyrus Makes a List Of Everything She Loves About Liam Hemsworth As a Gift For His Very Special Day

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been filling headlines lately since they recently got married and now they are one of the cutest Hollywood couples. Despite their highs and low, nowadays they have a healthy and beautiful relationship. The singer is so full of love for her new husband that she even made a list of the things she loves the most about him. So if you like these two, you will definitely enjoy reading this. Let’s start!

We all knew they were going to be soulmates since we saw them together in 'Love Song', the movie where everything started. 

They had a lot of chemistry on the screen, and no one could ignore that, not even them. Soon, they realized they were meant to be more than just coworkers. 

So, it didn't take a lot of time to start seeing them together. They quickly became the couple of the moment, and both seemed so in love.

They look so great together that we even feel a bit envious of them. Both are talented and incredibly good looking. 

However, things weren't always nice, and they had a lot of ups and downs. And what no one expected, suddenly happened. They broke up. 

It was a dark time for both of them, and it was pretty evident that Miley's erratic behavior had something to do with it. 

But, who can blame them? We all have gone through the same issues, and many times those situations get the worse from us. 

Everyone was a bit shocked after seeing all the type of things Miley was doing. And regarding Liam, he was being more reserved. 

However, the dark times passed, and suddenly we were seeing them again together. They started posting selfies, and this cheered up the fans. 

The day everyone realized they were back together it was the best day ever. Fans started believing in love again.  

Everyone was so happy for them. They are more mature now, and they are still in love, so of course, things are going to be different this time. 

And to make things even better, suddenly Miley revealed that she and Liam got engaged. Literally, it was the best news in a long time!

Miley's and Liam's engagement filled all the headlines and people couldn't hide their excitement and happiness.

They soon started planning the wedding. At first, the plan was getting married at Miley's Malibu home.

However, they had to change the plans at the last minute because of the California wildfires, so they had to improvise something else. 

They opted for a pretty low-key wedding at Miley's home in Nashville. And despite everything was secret at the beginning, soon they posted their wedding pictures on Instagram. 

The couple got married in December of 2018, and they were really happy for finally tying the knot.

Of course, people's reaction was immediate, and they received tons of congratulations, not only from the fans but from other celebrities as well. 

Luckily, nowadays they are stronger than ever and are willing to live this new adventure called 'husband and wife'. 

Now, probably they will become a 'relationship goal' for any married couple because they don't stop being romantic with each other.

Recently, Miley posted a super sweet text where she talks about the things she loves about her husband, and this will make you like them even more. 

On his birthday, she dedicated him the sweetest words ever. They know each other since ten years ago, so she had a lot of things to say.

She left very clear that she feels so lucky for having him, and even added a funny comment about his socks. 

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Basically, they do a lot of ordinary things together but their love for each other turn every detail into something romantic.  

And we have to agree with Miley here. If people loved each other as they do, this planet would be a better place.

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What’s your favorite thing about Miley’s and Liam’s relationship? Tell us more about it in the comments section. If you liked this article, share this with some other fans so they can read this as well. Also, we invite you to keep reading our related articles and stay tuned for more exciting content like this.  

Source: Diply


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