15+ Animals Whose Size Is Nothing Like Most Of Us Would Imagine

Sometimes we ignore how incredible is Mother Nature and the beings that live on it. Our planet is full of animals of impressive qualities and sizes, and you are about to see them on this list. So, if you consider yourself an animals lover, these facts will impress you like nothing else. Let’s see!

1. This is the Leatherback sea turtle, and probably you never imagined they could be this big. The ocean is full of mysteries!

2. What would you do if you found a giant rabbit like this one? He is the size of a dog! We can’t imagine how many carrots he eats by day.

3. Look at this adorable, tiny horse. His name is Tank, and he can be found at Animal World and Snake Farm in New Braunfels, TX.

4. This horse owns a record Guinness for being the tallest horse on earth. His name is Big Jake and is a Belgian Gelding horse.

5. This bunny is so cute that it looks like it came out of a Disney movie. He is so tiny that probably you could grab it with just one hand.

6. Probably, many people would be very scared of this giant dog, despite his adorable face. His size is impressive!

7. Sorry for disappointing you, but this is not a giant pancake. Surely, this huge stingray has scared many sailors in his life.

8. This frog is so tiny that it is hard to imagine how it looked when it was just a tadpole. Don’t you think it is cute?

9. Meet the Attacus Atlas moth, one of the largest moths in the world. This surely would be the worst nightmare for many people.

10. This bird is so tiny that you easily could grab it with just one hand. Its small size allows it to fly quicker than other birds.

11. Coconut crabs are so big that people tend to be scared of them. As their name indicates it, they usually climb trees to eat coconuts.

12. This animal is known as the Brookesia micra chameleon, and this picture shows us how little it is.

13. Here it is the scariest bat of all. Its size makes it look terrifying, but he only eats fruits, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

14. Have you ever seen a dwarf crocodile? Here is a picture of one. This is something you don’t see every day.

15. Here is another picture of a Leatherback sea turtle, and it demonstrates to us how colossal these animals are.

16. These are the littlest monkeys you will see in your life. They are so tiny that they could hold two of them with just one finger.

17. As you may already know, some rabbits can be as big as a dog, and here is another example.

18. This dog is so big that we can’t imagine how complicated it is to take him to the vet. At least he looks very meek.

19. Did you know that at some point starfishes are this little? By the way, experts recommend to not get them out of the water.

20. This dog is mixed with a wolf, and that is why it is so big. Also, it looks very fierce, but as you can see he is pretty loving.

21. This pony is so little and this dog is so big that they both seem to be the same size. Besides, they have similar looks!

22. Here is a comparison the skull of a wild boar (left) and an adult wolf skull (right). This gives us an idea of how big wild boars are.

23. This will help you realize how colossal are gorillas compared to human size. The hand of this person looks so tiny! 

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24. This is a Salt Water Crocodile compared to a woman. You must be very brave to try doing something like this. 

25. Humpback whales are one of the biggest animals on earth, so it is really impressive to see their size compared to a human.

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Which one of these animals did surprise you the most and why? If you enjoyed this list, share it with your friends so they can see these creatures as well. Also, we invite you to continue reading our related articles and stay tuned for more interesting articles like this!

Source: Bright Side


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